Saturday, August 12, 2006

FINALLY time for a post after some requests, namely Fang. I know I'm way overdue.

My new roommate, Justin, and I went to a nearby suburb (Manayunk) Thursday night. We met some fellow KPMG-er's at Kildare's (the bar). Apparently a girl Justin met at the Preakness (like the Kentucky Derby if you haven't heard) was at the same bar. So her and her friend came over. To make the situation even more interesting, the girl who works at our apartment pool as the lifeguard and presumably likes Justin was at the bar also.

So, the lifeguard's friend came over to talk to me as I think the lifeguard chick was talking to Justin. So this black girl and I are now talking for a few minutes and out of nowhere she tells me that I like Asian girls. I'm like WTF, how did you know, how can you tell, etc. etc. Before she gave me her reasoning, I explained my liking for Asian girls was a preference NOT a fetish. To my surprising, she actually understood because being a minority herself (an African-American), she prefers white guys.

So, she gave me four reasons why I appear to like Asian girls. The first two I agree with, the latter two I disagree with. You be the judge. The rundown:

1. I'm skinny.
2. I have dark hair.
3. I have a punk-ish kind of look. Apparently, she derived this from the FCUK shirt I was wearing. (Side note: the shirt got a lot of complements so I plan on wearing it a lot.)
4. I have an alternative look to myself also.

I was very surprised and found it quite hilarious that a total stranger was able to predict from my appearance that I liked Asian girls...who the hell would have thought?


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Leaving in 24 hours for LA and 40 hours for Tokyo.

Me---> anxious, excited, nervous.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Sunday, June 04, 2006

I leave for Japan one week from now...sort of. I leave for Los Angeles next Sunday and then I'm sleeping at my friend's apartment overnight. My flight departs Monday and because of the time differences, I arrive in Tokyo on Tueday mid-afternoon.

Hiro, being the great friend, found me info. about the limousine bus for me to get from the airport to Shibuya where we could have dinner. It was my idea to have dinner the day/night I arrived. Me, being the complete stupid ass, forgot that I would have four pieces of luggage with me - my bookbag, my duffle bag, and two pieces of large luggage. Sh*t Mark, you are stupid. Like I'm sure restaurants would like you to come with luggage in tow....hahahaha. Oh well, my mind has been on sooo many things that I failed to think of this

BUT, I just emailed Hiro to find out what I/we should do about meeting up again. I'm praying that everything goes smoothly, i.e. that I don't get lost getting from the airport to center Tokyo to meet Hiro.

AND, Moe and I are planning on going to Kyoto and Osaka.

AND, Hiro and I are planning on going to Mt. Fuji (not sure if Moe is coming).

JEALOUS? Muuuhahahahaha.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

So after three and a half months of complete and utter laziness, I finally decided to change my age from 21 to 22 along with my location, favourite song, etc. in the "About Me" section. I have continually failed to find a new blogskin. Everything on is so damn feminine-looking. I have been a fresh uni graduate for about a week now. I still don't think it has sunk in yet because I feel like I've just come home for summer break. I figure it will sink in 15 August, my first day of work. According to some reports, this year's graduating class is the best in terms of receiving jobs, nice salaries, and bonuses since the dot com boom. I can probably attest to that.

Back in December, I received a mailing from US Airways asking me to choose free subscriptions to use up my frequent flier miles. I had about 7,000 from traveling during last summer's internship so I'm assuming they were acting in my interest in that this was the best way to use up the subscriptions...since you need at least 30,000 for a free roundtrip flight in the US. So I chose educational subscriptions like The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The Economist. But, I also chose MAXIM - something extra-curricular.

In each monthly issue, MAXIM as a column called "Ask Heidi" who is also referred to as "The First Lady of Sex!" People can write in to her and get their questions answered. The following question and response came from the June 2006 issue, copyright MAXIM.

Question: "My buddy and I have a $100 bet on this one: What's a more popular request among guys who pay for sex - a threesome or an Asian chick? - Sal, 20, New York City"

Answer (by Heidi): "I would say it's 50-50. Asians are really hot right now. The standard thinking about Asian women is that they're great because they're submissive and they do anything, and there might be something to that. But beyond the whole submissive stereotype - and I know plenty of Asian women who don't fit that profile at all - Asian women always seem to have really great skin. That's part of the attraction. They look very clean and presentable in public. Guys want a girl they can bring to a charity function, then take home and get her down on all fours and do the nastiest things they ever thought of. Classy on the town and porno star in the bedroom - that's what guys are after."

This is probably the best column (...hahaha) I've read in a long time. Some of the other funny/amusing questions asked by guys in this issue were: "My friend's little sister is superhot and always coming on to me. Should I nail her even though my buddy would probably kill me?" AND "I recently started dating a women who has a reputation for being a skank. She seems like a sweet girl, but I can't help believing the rumors. What can you say that'll make me feel better about her?"

To any guy that read this post, pick up the next issue of MAXIM. To any girl that read this post, sorry for possibly being offended.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Graduation < 24 hours away. Everyone is sad and depressed. I'm emotionless - neither happy nor sad. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet that it's all over.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here's a link to where I'll be living come August. It's a pretty sweet place, basically brand new. I think we'll be only the second tenants to occupy the apartment.

Here's a look at the floor plan. It's the first one.

For some reason the links don't work, so you'll have to copy and paste.







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