Thursday, June 30, 2005

UGH, the past two days of work. *SIGH* I never thought some parts of training could be so stressful. I have been doing these online tutorials and then I have to take a test after each one. The Code of Conduct, Respect and Dignity, and a couple others were easy, but holy shit was independence soooo frickin' difficult. Basically, I have know things like how I can't own stock in a client engagement I am working on, but it's 100 times more complex than that. It probably took me three hours to go through the tutorial. Then I took the most difficult test I have ever taken. I failed the test about six times. Because of the way the damn bastards set up the test, the questions change or at least the wording for each question changes each time you take the test. I began to get a huge headache which didn't help one bit. Even my senior helped me at the end of the day (yesterday), and I still failed the exam. ARGH!!!! I couldn't take it any longer and went home.

I was honestly fearing going into work because I had no confidence whatsoever passing the exam. But, somehow, luck was on my side or maybe my mom was right and praying does actually work. Somehow I got an 80% on the first try of the morning. All I needed was a 70%. WHEW!! I told the other Forensic intern, Geno, that I should have brought a six-pack into work to Then I moved onto my specific Forensic training. I needed to complete Forensic I and II. Because Forensic I didn't want to cooperate with opening properly, I moved onto II. I was moving along OK...finished chapters 1 and 2 fine. Then once again, I couldn't pass the exam after Chapter 3. I couldn't believe it. Again, I couldn't pass one of these damn exams. But somehow when I went back to Forensic I, it opened fine and I was able to complete all 8 chapters by 5:15 and I got out of the office by 5:30. Now, I just need to finish Forensic II next week....somehow. :(

KPMG is cool. They are giving us tomorrow (Friday) off, and they are paying us! Even interns get the day off, and we paid too! What a sweet deal. I am thinking of checking the outlet malls out tomorrow and buying some stuff that I need. They are needs not wants. So far, I have been pretty frugal with my money.

So how is everyone doing? Ena? Houston? Dino? Fang? Rach? Kristie? Anne? Lyn? Yen? Kev? Linda? Jarod? ummm....who else...I can't remember everyone. Hopefully all of you been checking in once in awhile. I have been trying to do the same with your blogs, just haven't been making many comments.

Well I'm going to see if the water is finally running again in my apartment, so I can cook some pasta for dinner. Peace out.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I wanted to blog last night about yesterday, but I was way too tired when I got off the phone with my mom and too damn frustrated and sad about everything, so I will now.

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days ever. It was horrible. I should have known that when I woke and noticed that it was raining, that the weather was an omen of how my day was going to turn out.

I got into work early before 8, and I didn't know exactly when everyone started so I figured 8 would be a safe bet. I went to the 30th floor but I needed a security badge to get in which of course I didn't possess at that point. So, I went up to the 36th floor to the recruiting department to see if my recruiter was in and could help me. I talked to the receptionist and luckily they issued me a temp badge so that I could get in downstairs. When I got inside, no one was around. I found out from another intern that no one really starts until 8:30 but I didn't care at all. It was my fault anyways for not finding out in a previous email to my manager.

I was supposed to receive my laptop that morning, but when my manager called, IT was having problems and said that it would be ready "soon." My phone also wasn't hooked up properly so I couldn't use the phone at my desk. Nothing was working. I needed my laptop so that I could complete my self-studies and other training materials. Without my laptop, I couldn't do anything. So Brian gave me some reading material to look over while we waited from my comp. When I talked to him around 930, the comp still wasn't ready so I asked him if it would be alright to go back to UPenn to get my parking permit during the lunch hour. Since my comp wasn't ready, he just said to go now so that I would still have my lunch time. So it was nice of him to let me do so.

I took the subway to the parking office. I filled out the paperwork, but I didn't know the license plate number on my mom's car. The dude said that he couldn't give me the sticker or the swipe card until he had the plate number. I asked if I could just have both things, go to my car, and call back with the info. But oh now, nothing can be that simple. He said he still couldn't do anything because that was a rule. I persisted but I wasn't getting anywhere and I started getting mad at him and was almost about to yell at him. I decided to call my mom to see if she knew but she said she was going to call me back in 5 mins. I called her back in 6 or 7, and she was on the other line so she still didn't have the info and I began to yell at her because I was so damn frustrated with the situation. It may seem pretty petty, but I didn't like the fact that I should have been at work and not the parking office taking time way from work. After I hung up my mobile with my mom, I asked the parking guy if there was any way they could make an exception, and he said no. So, I began yelling at him and I definitely got the attention of some people in the office. I demanded that I speak to a manager or someone higher up than him. So some fat, old b*tch came over and I explained to her how I was coming from work and didn't have time to walk six blocks to my car get the info and come back. She insisted that I couldn't call the info in which continued to piss me off. I walked off by saying "You people are ridiculous" which I don't think they liked but I didn't care. I felt kinda bad about the situation but my mom told me that sometimes you have to start yelling at people to get the right answer which is surprisingly true.

So, I had to walk six blocks in the hot, humid, rainy weather to go to the parking garage, drive back to the parking office, and give them the plate number. After I got the sticker and card, I drove back to the same parking garage to permanently park my car. I then walked four blocks to take the subway back to work. The whole ordeal took me an hour and a half. It probably seems like a very small issue, but when you're an intern at a Big 4 Accounting firm, you don't wanna be away from the office for over an hour for a stupid reason.

After I got back to work, my comp still wasn't ready....ARGH! So I finished reading the material from earlier. Eventally, my manager took some forensic people out to lunch was cool. We went to an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's which was good. I got the chicken parm. I felt like I didn't contribute much to the conversation, I was pretty quiet for most of the lunch which they probably noticed. Towards the beginning of lunch, an etiquette issue popped up which I didn't know how to deal with since I never experienced it before. I was the only one not to order a Coke or Diet Coke. Because of how the waiter positioned the glasses, it appeared one glass was in front of me and the other near the one manager, Drew. But really, the glasses were positioned in front of Drew and the other intern. So Drew drank from the left glass which was really Geno's. Realizing what happened, I didn't know how to handle the situation. I obviously didn't want to tell Drew that he drank from the wrong glass with everyone else there. So, I sat there in silence trying to figure out what to say. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I finally said something to the effec that the waiter placed his Coke near me or something like that. But after it came out, it just didn't sound good cause I felt like I implied that he did drink from the glass and there was a moment of silence which didn't help or maybe it was just a coincedence. After that though, lunch was fine.

We walked back to the office and of course, my comp still wasn't ready. I had nothing to do which isn't good cause you're getting paid to sit there and day dream...not good. But soon, Geno, the other forensic intern, printed out a case study that we will be going over next week. So I read that which kept me occupied for awhile. Eventually, I didn't have any work to do again, and I just stared at the papers to make it look as if I were working. I left the office at 530.

I came back to my place. I cooked dinner. I made pasta but it took an hour to make cause my stove sucks and doesn't want to work properly. GRRR....I called my friend Jill because she might be coming down to Philly this weekend for the Live 8 concert. Then I began talking to her about all my problems the past couple of weeks, and I thought I was gonna start crying. I probably would have felt better if I did so. After talking to Jill, I called Jeff to talk to him about the concert to see if he wanted to go with me. We have tentative plans to go, it's frickin free! why not?!?! After talking to Jeff, I ate my dinner. I called my mom afterwards to talk to her. I apologized to her from earlier in the day but she knows that I have been going through rough times these past few weeks moving around the world and country and not really having any time to just relax. I talked about all of my problems with UPenn and how much they suck. Earlier when I was talking to Jill, I was honestly thinking that if this week didn't get better that I would quit work, move back to Erie, and do nothing the rest of the summer. *But, my luckily you guys are my motivation for life right now so that I can make the money from my internship to see you guys again.*

By the time I got off the phone with my mom, it was 10 or 1030. I wanted to sleep, but decided to talk on msn so it would make me feel better talking to someone I knew. I finally went to bed around 11:15.

I got up this morning a lil before 7 and luckily the sun was shining a bit. I went into work. I was FINALLY assigned a cubicle with a working phone. I called Rick, the IT guy, to see if my comp was ready but he wasn't around so I left a message. Once again, I had no work to complete without my comp. I asked my senior if she had any work for me to do, and she just gave me a book to look over. When I got back to my desk, Rick called. My comp was ready for pickup. FINALLY!!!! It was about damn time! For some reason, they had problems setting it up even though it should have been set up before. After that I went to tech training around 930 instead of 1030. I kept yawning during the training which wasn't necessarily good, but I was so damn tired. After training, they had lunch for us on the 36th floor, for us trainees. I had a cheesesteak, chips, choc chip cookie, and pop. I went back down to the forensic floor on the 30th. I found out that Ron, the forensic partner, was in the office and wanted to take us out to lunch. AHHH!!! How was I supposed to eat another lunch?!? He's a really nice guy. I chatted with him most of the time walking to the restaurant. I think it was called Marathon Grill. I ate about a 1/3 of my lunch and he was probably wondering why I wasn't eating.

After lunch, we went back to the office. I turned my comp on, and I had problems logging on. I almost had a heart attack, but luckily my senior helped me out. She's been really helpful and nice about everything, she has always been willing to help me out (along with everyone else). I finally got to read my 80 emails which took about an hour. Then I started my self-studies. A senior came up to my floor to see his manager. He saw the name tag on my cubicle and came over. We chatted for a bit which was cool because I haven't seen him since early October. We are supposed to be having lunch tomorrow which will be cool.

I worked on my self studies until 6:30 and then left the office. I got back, read personal emails and sent some, ate dinner, and I am currently blogging and listening to my music from Anne, Moe, and Ena.

I have to call my mom now. Adios!


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Right now it's 11 PM Sunday. I should be preparing for work like ironing a shirt and pants and making sure everything is in order, but since I haven't had internet access for the past couple of days, I have been experiencing blog withdrawal. So, blogging has taken on a higher priority than preparing for my first day of work.

The past two days in Philly have been basically hell and back and then back to hell. Many times I thought I would "go off" on someone out of frustration. But, I haven't cause that's not my style, I don't like yelling at people. But, seriously, could UPenn at least tell us some of the things I needed to know for move-in. I sometimes wish I just found an apartment downtown. Yeah, so UPenn definitely sucks some major d**k when it comes to helping people out. When I moved in yesterday, I was told that I would need an ID card. I already knew this, but the ID office was clsoed of course. I need the damn card to gain access to my building and get my computer registered for internet access. So, I went down to the lobby today and was talking to them because I was about to start screaming at them for their stupidity and then they decided to tell me that the ID office is open from 2-4 so I finally got my ID card.

Now to parking. I had to pay $20 yesterday to park in my car in a garage. Parking was free today since it was Sunday so luckily, no fees. Tomorrow, however, I have to park my car back in the garage which will cost about another $20. At my lunch break tomorrow, with the permission of my boss, I have to come back to UPenn so that I can go to the transportation building to get a parking pass so that I can park in the upenn parking garage which means that I will have to stay at work until 6 or later instead of getting out at 5. Granted this isn't that big of a deal, but why wouldn't upenn ask their parking/transport people to be open today like the ID office when lots and lots of students are moving in. Maybe I'm just asking a lot, but it's also reasonable. These stupid f*cks here knew interns were living here. Did it not hit them at some point that: A) these interns are moving in on the weekend, B) the parking office is closed on the weekend, C) interns work 8-5 which are the same business hours as the parking office so in essense we're f*cked. So it boils down to a conflict not in my favor.

I had dinner with my friend Alan tonight. He's also an intern staying here at upenn. We were talking about how Penn State really spoils us and that maybe we just expect that same out of everyelse and everywhere we go. Honestly though, I have thought about moving out of this sh*thole already. It's definitely not worth the $180/week that I pay. Anyways, about dinner....we went to Chili's. I had a bacon burger with fries. I really prefer the word chips, but no one would understand me. There are a lot of words that I discovered in Oz that I prefer over the US counterpart. For example, why say university when you can say "uni." Why say shady when you can say "dodgey." There are many other examples, too many to list. I prefer the Aussie language, and I find each time I carry a conversation with someone I want to speak Australian but halfway through a sentence I go back to the US way. Little things like this have made my transition back home more difficult.

Back to dinner again, I keep going off on these tangents. I also had a mango margarita which was really good. The waitress didn't card us, which was a surprise.

Now back to upenn. I don't feel like going into every little detail about why I think this place sucks c*ck right now cause I could be here for another hour when I should be preparing for work tomorrow. But at least I will have some good MSN conversation in the near future. But be forewarned, depending if upenn decided to suck like they have been so far or if I had a bad day at work, I will probably be in major B*TCH mode. But, isn't that what are friends are for, so that we can b*tch about why our lives suck sometimes? We always feel better once we get it all out. My friends have done this to me before and they apologize for being in b*tch mode, but I understand because we need to get our frustrations out rather than letting it just continually build up inside.

I'm hoping upenn can get my internet running tomorrow. Of course, they have a popup blocker on this damn comp so I can't sign into msn web messenger. And of course, they have an old version of msn messenger so I can't sign into this either. I just wanna talk to the people that will make me feel better. I have been experiencing blog and msn withdrawal the past two/three days and I want it to end.

I need to check email now, so I'm signing off, until next time...take care...


Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm really getting into the habit of blogging at 1, 2, or 3 in the morning. Right now it's 2:30 AM Thursday night/Friday morning. Take your pick.

Things I have done today (pretty much in this order):

1. Mowed lawn at my mom's work - paid $80 Wooohooo! My mom's boss is really cool, he gave me extra money for my trip to Philadelphia on Friday & Saturday.

2. Called credit card company about bill and subsequently paid bill.

3. Took a shower.

4. Bought international stamps at the post office.

5. Mailed a bday card.

6. Played golf with my friend Phil. I haven't seen him in six months. He studied abroad at Leed's University in England. It was cool talking to him about our experiences. And, finally, someone who understood me. Although he's been home for about five weeks now, he said how it felt quite weird to be home when he first arrived and how it took a lil time to adjust back to the "normal" life here. We had a beer together, on me since he beat me on the last hole, after our round of golf. It was only my second alcoholic drink of LEGAL age. lol.

7. Took a nap.

8. Picked my mom up for work.

9. Took another nap.

10. Packed up for Philadelphia, inc. laundry

11. Watched the NBA Finals. Damn you, Spurs! Good effort though Pistons. Larry Brown is one of the best coaches ever to live, and it was demonstrated by Popovich's gestures at the end of the game.

12. Dad stopped by to say goodbye. We chatted and watched the game.


Tomorrow, or today, I leave for Penn State. It will take about 3 and a half hours maybe longer due to construction. I will finally get my new mobile phone, I've been waiting so that I can get my Penn State discount. I'm staying overnight at my friend's apartment (Jill). Saturday I will drive to Philadelphia, the home of the cheesesteak, and move into my new home at UPenn for the next two months.

Saturday night, I am supposed to be meeting up with one of my friends from Dirty Jersey. One of his friends is playing at a bar somewhere in the city and according to Jeff, there will be "hot" girls. When he told me that, all I thought were "groupies."

Monday, I start working for KPMG Forensic Services on the 30th floor at 1601 Market Street. I'm pretty excited but also nervous cause I hope I don't do anything stupid or f*ck up so that maybe I can get a full-time job. I can't wait to read all of the perverted and sick emails people write at our clients. FYI - be careful what you write in your emails.

Right now, it's 2:41 AM and the dryer buzzer just went off so I gotta bounce...


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The past two days have been pretty good for me.

Yesterday, I went to the mall and Peach Street, which is just a street with a bunch of stores on it, equivalent to something like Bourke St. I bought a jump drive so I can transfer all of my music, pictures, and school stuff from my mom's laptop which I'm still using to my desktop.

Rach, you will like this part if you should happen to read this. I went to EXPRESS. *sigh* They had a sale, pretty much everything was up to 60% off. They had soooo much I wanted to buy. They had white pants, only $20. Dress shirts, only $20-$30. Jeans, same. White linen/cotton shorts, $25. Polos, $20. I could have bought the entire damn store if I wanted to. In the end, I resisted the strong urge to buy something and walked out. It's probably a good thing cause I probably would have racked up a $300 credit card bill. Right now, I am completely broke, and I'm in debt. Thank God my internship starts Monday. I need the money soo bad. I owe my mom over a thousand dollars, and I need to save up for my trip for next summer.

After Express, I went to Wet Seal. And guess what kind of store Wet Seal is......women's. Because I like to wear women's clothing. haha, j/k. But really, somehow Ena found out about Wet Seal and said that I must buy her something from the store. So since it was on the way out, I decided to check it out. They had some pretty cool stuff hopefully that she would like, but I felt completely out of place. It felt soooo incredibly weird to be in a women's clothing store all by myself looking at women's clothing. I can only imagine what everyone in the store thought I was doing. If I were with a girl, I would have felt fine, but I was by myself. The sacrifices I make for my friends...hehe.

After my excursion up to the mall and Peach Street, it was time to pick my mom up from work. We came home, and she cooked taco salad for dinner. Too bad I fell asleep before it was ready, but I just ate when I woke up. Around 10 PM, I went to my friend's house, Jill. I showed her some of my pics from Down Under, probably you if you're reading this. She wanted to smoke a cigarette so we decided to drive around, a surprisingly popular thing to do when there's nothing to do. Her mom doesn't know that she smokes, and she has been smoking for the past year. hello?!? We picked up her friend Jenna from her house and went back to Jill's house to chill and talk....a very uneventful evening. sorry for the lack of gossip everyone. My life is so lame right now.

Today, I woke up at 8 AM to take my mom to work. When I came back I talked to some folks on MSN and just screwed around until about 10. I called my friend Jill about rollerblading. So, I went to Presque Isle State Park with Jill and Jenna to rollerblade. I realized how much I have missed blading. Hopefully, I can go tomorrow by myself just to get away from everyone and everything. But Presque Isle is a beautiful area. There's about a 20 km paved path that goes along the bay side and wraps along the lake. A lot of people visit Erie during the summer to take advantage of the area. We also have 12 beaches, so it's definitely a popular place during the summer. It's sorta similar to St. Kilda Beach with the boardwalk and beaches.

After lunch, I met my dad for lunch at a place called Andy's Pub. I had the special which was a chicken finger sandwich with chips. It was pretty good. After lunch, I came home and took a nap cause I was sooo frickin tired from waking up so damn early. I woke up at 5:00 to take a shower and pick my mom up from work.

My mom and I met my godparents at a Mexican restuarant called El Canelo. It was a pretty cool place, at least it was authentic Mexican food. Our waiter, Jesus, was a really cool and nice guy. He was always joking around with us. I had my first alcoholic drink as a 21 year old. When I turned 21 in Fiji, it didn't mean much at all. But the strawberry margarita was good along with the fajitas.

As good as the food and drink was, the conversation was mediocre to say the least. It wasn't that we weren't talking, but it was the content. My mom and godparents were talking about my cousin who has cancer and will probably die eventually. I'm not that close to her so I haven't been affected by it. Then they started talking about other people who either had cancer, had transplants, or people in our family that have been sick and passed away. Isn't something a lil more positive and happy we could have talked about rather than death. I really hate talking about sickness and death. Just the thought of it makes me really depressed. I thought about speaking up and asking if we could talk about something else. It was kind of annoying.

After dinner, my mom and I came home and I have been talking care of some things like emails and folding laundry. what fun. GO PISTONS. Spurs on going down, Fang!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Today or yesterday was Father's Day. I'm getting into the habit of blogging around 1 AM. I woke up at about 1 PM because my mom said my godparents were coming over to say hello. It was good to see them since I haven't seen them in at least 6 months. They have been very supportive through my high school and uni years.

After they left I watched the US Open and did some more unpacking and re-packing for Philadelphia. This blog is just about as boring as my day.

I made it out to my dad's house around 4:30 so we could spend some time together since it was Father's Day. After about an hour or so though, I fell asleep and woke up around 7. I showed my dad some pictures of everyone. He thought the girls were pretty hot, which I thought was kinda funny. Too bad my dad is way toooooooo old for all you girls. He asked which girl was mine as to mean which girl was my girlfriend which caught me off guard cause I wasn't expecting him to ask me that. I told him none of them which was the truth. Although as some of us know, that's not the full story. lol.

At about 9 PM, I came home and continued with the unpacking and re-packing process. I watched the NBA Finals for a lil bit. Damn Pistons lost the game. All I gotta say is that Robert Horry is RIDICULOUS. If you watched the game, you know what I'm talkin about.

I tried calling Ena for the second day. Ena, pick up your damn hand phone. As you would say, "What the hell, MAN!" Don't worry, I still ove ya. And for the rest of you, don't be jealous that I haven't called you yet. I will soon. I bought a phonecard yesterday so I can keep in touch with everyone.

It's about 1:15 AM. I have one more phone call to make. So I'm out.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

I got home today in Erie today, or I guess I should say yesterday since it's 1:45 AM. I'm not sure how happy I am to be home. Everyone keeps asking me the question. It's definitely good to see my parents whom I haven't seen in over 4 months. My mom cried at the airport which I expected. But after I finished hugging my mom, my dad came up. I didn't really expect him to be meeting me at the airport, not sure why I was under that impression. But, then he had tears in his eyes which I was shocked by. Talking to my mom later about it, she was too.

I came home and unpacked all my crap. I still have all my stuff spread all over the living room floor. I really don't feel like going through everything separating into stuff that can stay here and stuff I need for Philadelphia, but the job will have to be done eventually so my mom doesn't get upset.

Being home for a week now and since I have been insulated from Americans, I've realized how annoying, obnoxious, and ignorant Americans are. When I was in Palm Springs, I was talking to Dino about it, and he laughed. It's kind of funny how I have been just observing people's behavior. Then I say to myself how I can never act like "those" people.

Coming home has been frustrating at times. Each time something frustrating happens, it makes me wanna get on a flight back to Melbourne. They're really small things that are getting to me. I was in Sam's Club today to buy a phonecard so I can start calling everyone. I was about to swipe my credit card when the cashier said they didn't accept Mastercard. Inside my head, I was thinking "Whaaaaat. Are you f*ckin kiddin me. Who the f*ck doesn't accept Mastercard, honestly?" You could probably use Mastercard in Iraq for who knows what. I really thought I was going to flip out on this cashier. It wasn't his fault at all, but I really thought I was gonna start swearing. However, I restrained myself and just kept shaking my head in disbelief. I asked my mom if she could pay for it, and she did luckily. Everyone probably reading this probably thinks I'm absolutely crazy right now, but for someone who has been frustrated beyond belief this past week the situation was pushing me over the edge. I just wanted the damn phonecard so I could call some people tonight.

After that whole situation, my mom and I went out to my dad's house for dinner. I saw my brother too. Some of my dad's friends came over for dinner too, not exactly sure why but I didn't mind. I sorta did in a way cause I just wanted it to be my mom, dad, and bro but oh well. I wasn't exactly in the mood to be social and talk about my time down under. Dinner was good - we had steak, salad, garlic bread, and blueberry pie for dessert. Some typical American food. After dinner I fell asleep on the couch because I was tired and because I didn't feel like By the time I woke up, it was time for my mom and I to come back home.

I have been doing laundry. I will probably be up for the next couple of hours. Just a thought ran through my mind now: why am I doing my laundry when my mom could do it for me? lol.

Tomorrow (or today) is Father's Day. I will be going out to my dad's house again to spend some time with him. We'll probably just watch the US Open together. The US Open is one of the four major PGA golf tournaments. Three of the four are held in the US, and the other is held in the UK. Not much else is on the agenda for tomorrow besides more unpacking.



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its about 2 PM Friday. A taxi is picking me up at 5 to take me to the airport. Originally, I was supposed to leave at 2:15 cause that's when the last shuttle is leaving the resort. Then, I began talking to a hotel employee, and he said that a taxi could take me later at 5 so that I wouldn't have to sit around the airport. I said that I didn't think I could get reimbursed for the taxi ride. But, he surprised me and said that the resort would pay for the taxi. sweet deal.

So, I just got some lunch. I had a little daddy aka bacon cheeseburger at this place, a basket of chips (known as french fries in this country), and a cup of water. The service was pretty slow, but the food filled me up which is a good thing because I won't be eating for awhile. I read the notes everyone wrote to me in my book. Even though I have already read some of them, I started from the beginning and went all the way through. At the end, I thought I was gonna start crying, but I didn't. Probably a good thing with people around. When I got my bill, I realized again why this country sucks. You have to tip, and you basically have to tip for everything. Man, the good 'ol days in Melbourne when you can go to a Japanese restaurant like Shoya, have a bill over $200, and not have to pay one cent in a tip. If that happened here, the tip would have been around $40 or more. While I was sitting after I ate and continued reading the notes to me, I began to think once again how cool it would be to live in Melbourne. As I mentioned in my last blog, I don't feel like I have much here in the US besides my family, which is basically my mom. I don't have much of a relationship with my dad. My one brother lives in Denver, CO whom I rarely talk to, and my other brother that lives in Erie, I only see and talk to him occassionally, usually when I go out to my dad's house to visit my dad.

Yeah, so it would be sooo much better if I were still in Melbourne or better yet, just living in Melbourne. Sh*t, they need accountants just like the US. I could probably get PR relatively easy or so I have been told. Maybe I should look into it. My mom would obviously discourage me since I would only be 10,000 miles away, but it's my life and I need to do what's going to make my happy. The last time I was happy was at Fang and Anne's apartment Friday night and then the next night at Shoya but before I realized how soon I would be leaving....about 9 hours at that point. So, yeah, who knows when I will start feeling happy again. Maybe next summer if I can make it to Sg, Malaysia, Toyko, and Melbourne.

I really don't know what I am going to do for the next three hours. I need to write one of my professors an email, so I am going to do that next. But, I will probably be blogging again in a couple of hours. Peace out.


So I just finished training today (Thursday). Thank God! We definitely went over important information, but some of it was really boring and unnecessary to talk to us about as interns. However, some of the stuff was really interesting like the technology they use to filter millions of emails down to a few thousands. It's pretty crazy. Today, this forensic technology guy came in and talked to us. He discussed this one case where they had over 1,000,000 documents, and they got it down to just 750 documents that were relevant to the case in a matter of days. If you had my background, you would probably understand better but yeah it's pretty cool stuff.

Yesterday got off to a horrible start. It was really weird too cause I woke up thinking it was going to be a bad day for some reason. When I was eating breakfast, someone walked by my table and said hi Mark. I didn't recognize the person. They came to where I was sitting, and put their hand out to shake my hand. Before they did this, I didn't stand up to shake their hand, I just sat there. BAD, very BAD etiquette. Then, I realized who it was. It was my f*ckin boss for the summer. HOLY SH*T. What a major f*ckup!!! I felt like the biggest idiot, and I just wanted to kill myself at that point. Then, a stupid strawberry managed to roll off my plate into my lap. I proceeded to pick it up and put it back on my plate. Second f*ckup. I just watched an etiquette show the day before, and I should have known better anyways. I was pretty disappointed in myself. Luckily, the rest of the day went fine.

Let me tell you about the Marriott Resort. I am staying at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. The Marriott makes the Hyatt look like an ant standing next to a human. The Marriott is RIDICULOUS! All the interns staying at the Hyatt, including myself, went over to the Marriott two nights ago for dinner and again tonight for dinner and a comedy show. Guess what they have inside the Marriott......take some time and think about scroll down....

They have boats inside the damn hotel part. Yes, I said BOATS. What the f*ck? Is that really necessary? I consider it overkill and a waste of money. But, who am I? But anyways, they have two boats to take guests from the lobby area to the restaurants in the resort complex. Maybe I am just overreacting, but I think it's pretty ridiculous.

Today, something interesting happened, and it was definitely the highlight of my day. A frickin' EARTHQUAKE occurred. We were in our technical training aka Forensic training when the room started to shake. I thought it was something above causing the ceiling to shake. BUT, oh no, that was not the case. After about 15 or so seconds, we all realized what it earthquake. Luckily, the buildings we are staying in are built to withstand earthquakes. Also,
I was surprised my mom didn't try calling me, freaking out, to see if I was OK. If you understood my mom, this is definitely something she would do. In short, earthquake = highlight of Mark's day.

Earlier today, I was just starting to feel better about being home. I felt like I did in fact make the right decision to come home early for training. But that all changed tonight. I started feeling down again about being home. Just great. I realized I don't have the support I need surrounding me. Pretty depressing. No close friends. No family. Nothing. I feel like I won't have it this entire summer. My mom won't be with me in Philadelphia. The people I have met here don't understand what I have been going through. One of the other interns I will be working with this summer just came home from Spain about two weeks ago. But, all of his friends are American. What else is new about Americans studying abroad? I really don't understand why Americans study abroad just to hang out with Americans. What's the point of going to the foreign country, just stay in the US and travel or something. But, back to my point. I really don't feel like I will have the support I need this summer. *sigh* I should look into Australia's PR.

Since I am on this depressing streak, I feel like continuing. On the way home to IH last Friday from my final, I was talking to Anne. I was telling her how early in the semester I sent out an email to my friends telling them about how my semester was going and what I had been up to. Not one "friend" replied to my email. Not one. Even the couple who I thought were some close friends, didn't email me back. I was quite surprised. The reason I brought it up with her is because I didn't want the same to happen with all you know who you are...that I wanted our relationships to grow even though we are 10,000 miles away. I didn't talk to my American "friends" back here in the US much while I was abroad. Very little. Even when I was on AIM, it was always me sending the instant messages asking everyone how they were doing. Not one sent the message to me asking me how I was doing. So, yeah, it sucks a lot to think you don't have any friends except for those that live 10,000 miles away. But, I guess I can always make new ones here. Or better yet, maybe I should just hop on a flight and come back Down Under.

Well, I am sooo tired right now. I keep blogging when I am tired. It will probably be the same way throughout the summer. I will come back from work beat, and I will need to blog. Maybe I should just do it at a client on the client's time when I feel fresh. LOL. I bet my boss would love that. They're paying me to blog...haha. Tomorrow (or today since it's past midnight) I leave Palm Springs at 8 PM. I get home in Erie at 9:30 AM Saturday. It will be nice to see my mom who I haven't seen in about five months. I will be able to rollerblade in my favorite place and just be myself to reflect on everything and where my life is going. yeah...

miss and love...


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Today I started my first day of real training. Last night, we had new hire orientation where I was completely lost because they were going over stuff everyone learned during office orientation. I had no idea what the hell TIMEnX was, it's our expense reimbursement/payroll system. There were many other things I had no idea what they were. I felt lost and kinda frustrated from all of it. I got my KPMG Diner's Club credit card today finally....woopy. But, training wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. We learned about our communication styles. I'm a Golden Retriever....awww. The other types I could have been were the Fox, Parrot, or Lion. We learned about listening skills, networking with savvy, and workplace climate. All sound pretty lame, but they're all really important if I want to be a successful intern. They did a good job of trying to make it fun by having us participate in exercises and other hands-on activities. I was expecting them just to lecture us on who knows what.

After training, we headed over the Marriott Resort for the dinner etiquette and fashion show presentations. They put a really funny show on for the dinner etiquette. Once again, they didn't just lecture us on what to do. They had a mock dinner with an intern, manager, and partner. The intern screwed up everything possible to show us what not to do. The fashion show did the same thing like not to wear Abercrombie & Fitch to the office. LOL. I am hoping an intern won't be stupid enough to do such a thing, but you never know.

After both shows, we had dinner, and they had pool tables, table tennis, and volleyball for everyone to play. It was a fun night, and I was able to meet a lot of the other interns. Some of the interns I have been meeting are international students. I have five or so interns from Singapore. They are kinda impressed what I know about SG like JC's and the educational system, and of course I had to bring up the water situation with Malaysia. They seemed like really cool guys. Hopefully I will be able to hang out with them the rest of the week a little bit, but I don't think any of them were Forensic Services' interns, so kinda doubtful.

Earlier today, I ran into one of the recruiters, Bette, from the national office aka DC. I haven't seen her for at least six months since I have been away. She is a really nice woman who is very personable and easy to carry a conversation with. I ate lunch with her, and she asked me about Australia. I told her how I would LOVE to do an international rotation after three years, and she said she could definitely see me doing one which I thought was a nice compliment. What do you think guys - SG? Sorry Fang and other Malaysian friends, maybe no KL. I asked her if it was at all possible to work on an international engagement as an intern, and she said it was highly doubtful.

Tonight, at dinner, I saw Bette again. I ran across her the internships KPMG Singapore offers for overseas students. She said she knew nothing about it which I expected. I told her about my executive board responsibilities with one of my organizations, Beta Alpha Psi, next year. I would have to drop off of the board which obviously wouldn't be a good thing. But, she made a really really good point. If I somehow got this internship, it would be a HUGE career boost. Some board position that lasts one school year is not even close in importance as an internship that could affect the rest of my career and life. I have to send her an email with the webpage with the information so she can look it over and decide what to do. I am really really hoping something can happen. I know the chances are very very slim to none, but I would be the HAPPIEST person on this earth to get such a position. Living in SG for three months would be soooo damn cool. All the Singaporean girls for an American guy.....hahahah....J/K. I would be way too busy working to even notice all the hot girls.

Tomorrow is technical training which means I will be will all the Forensic interns, and learning how to catch the bad guys and all their fraudulent activities. It's about 11:05 PM, and I am beat. Last night I went to bed at 12:30 AM and woke up six hours later. Sunday night, I went to bed at 3:30 AM but at least I was able to sleep in until 11 AM Monday when the damn housekeeping woke me up.

So, I'm out for now. I need sleep. Adios amigos. I will have more on training soon. Love everyone.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Blog for Saturday 11 June 2005 and Sunday 12 June 2005.

Anne had the idea of taking me to a really nice and classy Japanese restaurant called Shoya. I went with Anne, Faith, Lyn, Hiro, Rach, Kristie, Fang, and Dino. I got eel and rice; I don't remember the proper Japanese name. It was recommended by Anne and some of the others. I wasn't wild on the idea at first since the thought of eel just didn't sound good, but everyone insisted that I try it. The food was excellent, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I also got Sake with Hiro.

I'm now always up for trying new things. When I was younger, I always refused to try new foods. At Tokyo Garden a couple of weeks ago, I tried Sushi and Sashimi for the first time. The idea of raw fish didn't strike well with me. The Sushi was very good, but the Sashimi was a lil too chewy for me. Shoya was a great way to end my time in Melbourne with great friends whom I miss more than they probably think.

After Shoya, we came back to IH. I finished packing which was a pain in the ass. I had no room left, and I still had more to pack. But, I managed to squeeze everything into my luggage somehow. I went up to Yen Li's room to take a break and say goodbye. Gary came over too at one point to say goodbye. Finally, I headed over to Anne's apartment with Lyn, and Faith met us there. I hung out for a few minutes before I realized I had forgotten that Niro invited me over for some drinks.

So, I went over to Niro's room. Kristie forced me into doing a shot of Bacardi 151 which I was in no mood to do. I had no intentions of getting drunk whatsoever. She forced me into doing two more shots of a mixed nature, who knows what it was. I called Anne so that the girls could come over and hang out with us. I wanted to spend my time with everyone. Eventually, I went back to Anne's apartment because I didn't feel like being pressured into drinking anymore. Lyn and Faith decided that they were going to bed, so Anne and I went back to Niro's room. She was my sober buddy for the rest of the night. I basically just hung out with her since everyone else was getting drunk. The night was actually kinda funny watching everyone get wasted and acting up.

Finally, the time came for me to head back to my room to get my luggage and head downstairs. Houston and Anne helped me out. Anne woke up Fang, and we packed up the car. I called some people to come down to the foyer so that I could say goodbye. Lyn, Hiro, Moe, Houston, Rachel, Han, Anne, and Fang were all there. Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone. Sorry if I did, but I'm really tired doing this right now. Walking out of IH was really hard. The tears came, and I walked ahead of everyone so that no one would notice. I waved goodbye to everyone once in the car, and we were off to the airport.

Fang drove me to the airport. Anne came along, and I'm really happy she did because I needed the support.

Anne and Fang: each time I cried, it was because something revealed my fate. First, it was leaving IH and everyone behind. Next, there was a sign somewhere in Brunswick for the airport, 18 km. Next, we were near the airport, and I saw a plane taking off. Each said, "Mark, it's your time to go home." But, I didn't want to. I just wanted to turn around and go back to IH.

Eventually, we got to the airport. We got there early enough so that Fang could park the car. I got a blueberry muffin and OJ for breakie and sat down with Fang and Anne. I felt alright when I was eating, at least emotionally semi-stable compared to the car ride. After eating, I sat down between the two of them. We didn't talk much, I didn't have much to say. However, when it came to be 7:15, I decided to go downstairs to security. I lost it again, and the tears came. My fate revealed again. I gave Anne and Fang their goodbye hugs. It was soooo hard to leave them behind. It was soooo difficult to go through security waving goodbye without being able to go back. I just wanted to go back and hug them more and everyone else I left behind.

After going through security, I walked to my terminal and waiting for the flight. Why the f*ck do people have to look at you when you're emotionally upset? Is it really necessary for everyone to look at a person who has been crying because they just wanted to go back to their new home aka IH. I just wanted to say to people, "What the f*ck are you looking at?" so they would stop looking at me.

The flight to Sydney was alright. I still felt like sh*t but how else was I supposed to feel? Getting from the domestic to international terminal at Sydney was a HUGE pain in the @$$. Lugging around 75 kgs was not fun at all, but I made it eventually. Air Pacific at first was about to charge me for being overweight, but I was able to move around my luggage so I would be under the limit. I ate some Macka's for lunch. I had about a 3 hour layover in Sydney before leaving for Fiji.

I made it to Nadi, Fiji. The flight itself was fine. I had another layover, about 3 or so hours. My flight to LA was good because I had three seats to myself so I was able to sleep part of the way. However, I made the mistake towards the end by listening to Anne's music which made me cry. *SIGH* I made it to LA. It felt pretty weird to be back in the US. Getting from the international to domestical terminal at LAX was so muc easier than frickin Sydney.

On the way though, this guy commented on my "nice" hat. I was wearing my Ferrari hat. So, I explained to him how I have been in Australia and so on. Then, he gave me this book. SH*T. F*CK. You gotta be frickin kiddin me. He was one of those brain-washed people who tries brain-washing other people into some religion. I think he wanted to talk to me about meditation, but I didn't give a sh*t. I tried politely giving the book back, but he insisted that I keep it. Finally, I got more vocal with him that I didn't want the book nor talk to him any longer. I was trying to be polite with him which I think I achieved but I was in no mood whatsoever to deal with anyone like him.

Checking into United Airlines was a bundle of joy. *cough, sarcasm* The line was long as hell like really f*ckin long. I was in no mood whatsoever to deal with a long line. I noticed self check-in booths for e-tickets. So, I tried using one, but I couldn't locate my damn e-ticket number on my paper printout. So, I gave up. However, I looked harder and found it. I went back to the booth and went through the procedures. Of course knowing my luck, it wouldn't go well. The ticket of course got jammed. "You gotta be f*ckin kiddin me" was exactly what I was thinking. I tried getting one of the employees attention, but he didn't respond. I was bout to go off on him soon if he didn't realize I needed his help. Eventually some woman helped me out. However, of course again my luck wouldn't go my way. She claimed she couldn't do anything because she wasn't signed into a computer which pissed me off further. Finally, she used one of the other employee's computers. I gave them my luggage. The b*tch wanted to charge me for being overweight. I basically went off on her and told her how ridiculous it would be to charge me. If Air Pacific helped me out, why couldn't United? I told her how I flew from Australia via Air Pacific and didn't get charged. Why couldn't they do the same? She asked for proof of my flight from AUS to LAX, and it was funny how she immediately started sucking up to me once she realized she made a mistake. I had about 4 hours to wait for my flight so I got some lunch, listened to music, and took a nap.

My plane ride to Palm Springs was short, only an hour. I finally made it to my final destination - Palm Springs for KPMG National Training.

On the bus waiting to be dropped off at the Hyatt Resort, I told a girl how I would rather be in IH and Melbourne than in Palm Springs right now. It's how I honestly felt. When I was at the airport in LA for my flight, I called my mom to let her know I was alright. She asked if I wa happy to be home. I said 25% of me was happy, and the other 75% of me would be happier in Melbourne. This girl on the bus said that Palm Springs would be fun. However, she didn't understand. She has obviously never been to Melbourne. She has never lived at IH for a semester. SHE HAS NEVER MADE THE FRIENDS I HAVE MADE.

More on training to come in the near future. In the mean time, I miss and love you guys...


Friday, June 10, 2005

Last night was an interesting night to say the least.

It started off with a drink in the IH foyer until everyone got back from dinner. At this point, it was 10:30 and I had a feeling we weren't going to make it out to the club. People were tired from the week's exams and not feeling the best. Eventually it was decided that we would just hang out in Fang's apartment. The club would have been fun, but just hanging out was probably the best thing to do in the end anyways. It's kinda to have a conservation at a club and just hang out with friends, not exactly the most conducive environment. We decided to meet up at midnight, but right before that it seemed like everyone disappeared from IH which made me a little concerned. Where did Dino and his Malaysian posse go to? So, Houston, Hiro, and I went up to Fang's apartment at 12:15. We were hanging out

I was afraid no one was going to show up which would have made me quite disappointed. BUT. People started rolling in around 12:45 or so like lots of people which was great. First, it was Charissa, Niro, and Regine. Then Mabel, Kevin, Kenny, Rahul (where did he come from), Kai aka pukemeister. Lyn and Faith. Rach, Kris, and Mel. Yen Li, Charlene, Dino, and Rachel. And Fang's housemate, Anne. If I forgot you, sorry. But I do have pics of everyone. It was a great time last night having a few drinks and just hanging out with everyone. It probably was definitely better than going to the club because I was able to talk to everyone.

At some point in the night, it got interesting. The toilet became Kai's new best friend. Poor guy drank waaayyy tooo much. He was soo drunk by the time he even came up to the apartment. Yeah, so to make a long story short, him and Rahul needed some assistance back to their rooms. They will probably have really bad hangovers today. haha. I remember those days. It's funny when you get sick from drinking because you always tell yourself that you're never going to drink that much again. But, you're at the next week skulling drinks.

Once everyone left, Anne, Faith, Lyn, and me hung out in Anne's room. We listened to real music and other "music." hahaha. Only they will understand. Girls: "Mmmmm." We talked until 5 AM on just about everything, including who are the hottest IH girls and guys. lol.

I came back to my room and decided to do some more packing. I called my mom. I considered staying up until 9:30 when Gary, Houston, Kris, and I were supposed to go to Queen Vic Market. At 6:30, I decided I was too tired so I went to bed until 10 when I woke up. Called Kristie about Queen Vic, but too tired. So, it was Houston, Gary, and me off to Queen Vic for my first time. The place was crazy busy with all the shoppers, and the place is ridiculously HUGE. You could spend an entire day there shopping for food, clothing, and who knows what else. I did my last touristy thing - Queen Vic. It's kinda surprising I waited this long to go considering everyone usually goes there within the first week of being in Melbourne.

Tonight, I am going to Shoya (an expensive Japanese restaurant) with Dino, Kris, Rach, Hiro, Fang, and the girl posse that you don't wanna mess with (Anne, Faith, and Lyn). I'm really looking forward to tonight, it will be great way to end my time in Melbourne. Ahhh, I don't wanna think about that right now (leaving), so I'm done with this blog. I will post later tonight, probably around 3 AM or so.


This blog is about today. It's Part Two of my blog from about two hours ago.

So, I woke up tonight at about 11. Studied a little and ate lunch while studying. good times. not really actually. Then it was off to the Royal Exhibition Building (REB) with Jarod, Regine, Charissa, Anne, Debra, and Satome (spelling is most likely off). Got there at exactly 2:00 to read the essay questions. Exam start: 215. The girls meaning Charissa, Anne, and Regine insisted that I would be able to write for two hours and in fact two hours wouldn't be enough time. I thought it was shit considering I felt like I knew nothing about the topics. I knew stuff, but I just had no confidence whatsoever because I've never taken an essay exam before at least not at uni back home. I'm so used to just taking multiple-choice exams. So, I began the exam and I couldn't stop writing surprisingly or at least when it came to the question of Japan being "America's new sheriff in the Pacific." I thought it was a decent essay. I then worked on my North Korea essay which was worse in terms of length, content, quality, etc etc. but I still thought it was good enough for a pass mark. Finally, I moved onto the dreaded question, something along the lines of "In Southeast Asia, there is no sharp distinction between domestic and international politics. Focus on post-1998 Indonesia or the role of Islam." I chose Islam, and I'm an American. What a joke, I don't mean that in a rude or disrespectful way whatsoever. It's just that a Muslim would probably laugh at my ignorance and how crappy I answered the question. I basically wrote whatever came to mind which amounted to one page of I don't know what. I still don't know what any of it means. If I were at that particular lecture, I'm sure that would have helped in understanding the situation. Anyways, I walked out of the REB feeling pretty good considering I walked in thinking I was going to fail the exam and that I would have an "F" on my transcript when I am used to seeing A's and A-'s back home which is equivalent to H1's and H2A's here. I will be so pissed if I don't get a pass mark on the exam. If I get an H3 for the entire subject, I am def gonna drink in celebration.

After the REB, I started looking for Anne. We decided before we went in that we would get gelati afterwards. I eventually found her among the throng of 3,000 uni students. We decided against gelati because of the cool and drizzly weather. But instead, she took me to Foodbowl, a Singaporean restaurant, for Kaya toast. It was quite tasty, I've never had it before. I will def eat lots of it when I go to SG. We eventually made our way back to IH.

I had my last IH dinner with Hiro aka the coolest Jap guy ever. I didn't want to eat my last dinner with just some fellow IH-ers that I occassionally talk to. I wanted it to be someone special. Dino was gone. Houston didn't answer his door. Lyn gone. Anne no msn response. Then I remembered my boy, Hiro. I called him up and luckily he didn't leave yet for dinner. So we ate dinner together which was great.

Tonight is my going away celebration. We will be hanging out in Fang's apartment to start out then making our way to F4, a club in the city. I really hope a lot of people come, it would mean a lot but everyone is really tired from exams including myself but I don't let my tiredness stop me esp. when I am leaving so soon. It just started raining so that won't help much. Now, I need to take a shower and get people's contact information. Hasta Luego Amigos!!!


This blog is about yesterday. After dinner tonight(Friday), I am going to blog about today

Jarod and I went to Pancake Palour for lunch around noon. It was our last time at some male bonding. He is leaving today(Friday) for Sydney, and he doesn't get back until next week at which point in will be in the US. The food was great as usual. Jarod had a two-for-one coupon on the short stack which was a ripper....haha...I can't believe I just used that word, and we also got the Jaimacan pancake dish. I brought my camera with me, but I was a complete retard and forgot to put the battery in before I left. No camera with no battery = no good. But we still had heaps of fun or at least I did. It was nice just chilling with him and takin it easy. But, I was still quite distracted knowing Ena was leaving today, politics final to study, and of course the fact that I would be leaving in 3 days.

After Pancake Palour, I went to Myer in attempt to buy clothing for my internship training so that my mom wouldn't have to ship some to the resort. I tried a dress shirt on, but it just didn't look right. It's so much easier and more fun shopping with woman that by yourself. Women know always know if something looks good on you or not. So, I gave up and decided to leave.

I came back to IH to make my study guide which I guess came in handy for today. It took all afternoon to make that damn thing. I went to dinner, and I took a two hour nap afterwards. I woke up at ten and realized I needed to do some major studying. However, knowing that Ena was leaving this morning at 6:30 didn't help. Ena if you should read this, don't feel bad. If anything it's a compliment about how much I care about you. Anyways, on top of that, I was continually sad about leaving myself. It just felt like everything that could possibly snowball on top eventually did. I tried studying, but it just wouldn't go in. I kept reading Islamization, horizontal contestations, Laskar Jihad, and so on, but I really felt like I had no idea what anything meant. None of it was making any sense to me.

The time came for Ena and I to exchange gifts. I went up to her room first to chit-chat with her and Jarod. Then she came down to my room after she did her laundry. She gave me a Tasmanian Devil stuffed animal and a Tasmanian Devil mug from the Warner Bros. store, presumably the one in Crown. I thought both were really cute. My mom and dad used to call me the Tasmanian Devil, based on the cartoon character (if you couldn't figure that out), because I had a huge temper when I was younger and was occassionally rebellious. The time came for her to leave my room so she could say good-bye to others. After she left, I just broke down, like in tears. Sorry Ena again if you should read this. It was the combination of many things: Ena leaving, me feeling like I didn't know sh*t for my exam today, and knowing that each minute that passes reduces my time here and eventually I will have to leave everything here aka my friends.

After that whole incident, I tried to do some studying but pretty much unsuccessful. Eventually I went back to Ena's room so that she could burn some pics onto a CD. She also burned a CD with some music that I am waiting to listen to on the plane home. Hiro came up to say good-bye, and the three of us hung out. I came back to my room. I looked at the breakup of Indonesia and how Islam has been affected post-9/11. I just kept looking over the words more and more, and it still wasn't making any sense. Eventually Jarod came to my room so that he could look at my reader and start studying. Poor Jarod, some @$$hole in Ohio committed credit card fraud, and he initially couldn't charge his flight to Sydney to his credit card because of the fraud. He stayed here until about 4:30. I stayed up until 6:15. Called Hiro to wake him up so that he could say good-bye to Ena. I went up to her room, but she was in the shower. She said that she would get me before she left. So, I unfortunately fell asleep and then all of a sudden I got a phone call at 7:00. It was Ena, and I couldn't believe I had fallen asleep. I was thinking "Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t." How did I fall asleep when I knew she would be leaving shortly? So I woke up, and I was about to walk up to her room when I thought I heard her voice downstairs. So, I walked down, and she was there. I gave her and Naina a hug good-bye. I was really sleepy, so it didn't hit me that she was actually leaving me for awhile. We will have our reunion next June/July when I go to SG. I'll be damned if someone tells me that I can't go even if it's my parents. I will max out my credit cards so that I can go. I sometimes don't take "No" for an answer, and this is one of those times. I will make it to SG next year!

After saying good-bye, Hiro and I got some OJ in the dining hall since it just opened. I came back to my room at around 7 and hit the sack for a few hours, it would basically be a long nap for me not really good sleep.

It's dinner time now, so I'm going to get dinner. I just realized this will be my last IH dinner, how sad. I won't necessarily miss the food, but I will miss going to the dining hall, sounds weird but anyways, I'm out for now. Returning soon to blog about today.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So, I haven't made any posts since I have made this blog. Well, actually since Huipeng made this blog. I have been waiting for it to be finished until I started posting, but I have give up on that idea. Huipeng has promised that she would finish it, but I still need to tell her what I want on it, so it's not her fault.

Anyways, I never thought it would be so hard to leave Melbourne and everything here. I am going to miss my friends so much - Ena, Rachel, Fang, Kristie, Anne, Mel, Naina, Dino, Houston, HIRO (the coolest Jap guy you could probably ever meet, I love his laugh), Lyn, Han, Kevin, Charissa (although I will see her in the US soon), Regine, Kate, Moe, and all the other Singaporeans, Malaysians, and everyone else. If I didn't write your name, please don't be offended cause I still love you as much I love everyone I have listed. See, I just remembered Jarod, my one American that just proves my point. Anyways, I never thought it would be so hard to leave my friends and Melbourne. It's been heaps of fun, and I wish I had more time. Sometimes, I wish I had stayed in Melbourne on the weekends so that I could hang out with them more. But I can't regret that decision cause I've had lots of fun on my trips and seen some great Aussie places.

So I will be leaving Melbourne on Sunday 12 June, leaving IH at 6 AM...argh. Fang is taking me to the airport, and Anne and Rach are supposed to be coming. I am not loooking forward to that time AT ALL. Although, I don't think I will cry in front of them, or at least I hope I don't do so, I just have this strange feeling like I'm going to burst out crying going through security and the guards will be thinking, "What the hell is wrong with this kid?" Ahhh, this sucks so much. I have to leave these people I love so much, and I've only spent a few months with them. For some of them, I have only gotten to know within the past month or so like Anne, my shopping buddy, who went shopping with me yesterday to help me get Ena's gift. It was a lot of fun since we got to chat the entire afternoon. We went to Max Brenner's, possibly the best or one of the best chocolate places known to man. I have a soufle (spelling is probably wrong), a strawberry fondue, and hot chocolate. I almost felt sick afterwards from all the chocolate.

But, yeah, I feel like I haven't spent enough time here. I wish damn US and Aussie accounting standards were the same so that I could just finish my degree here or something. But, my mom would probably have to start living on the street cause I would make her go broke cause IH costs $7,000 AUD which is f*ckin ridiculous...that's an entire year of living at PSU.

Although, I am very sad to leave maybe it's good. I will go back home with lots of motivation. I will want to be the best intern KPMG has ever had. They will hopefully hire me, I will join as a full-time accountant after graduation. I will become one of the best employees at the firm, I will work my way up to partner status. Then, I can make all the calls. I'll say, instead of you going to Singapore (SG), I'm going cause I haven't seen my old mates in the longest time. One of my goals is to work internationally, so I hope I can accomplish this goal.

But speaking of travelling, I plan on saving every dime from my internship. I will probably only go out occassionally, and I will be very frugle with my money. I want to travel after graduation to Toyko to see Hiro and Moe, Singapore to see well let's see big list: Ena, Rachel, Kristie, Anne, Mel, Houston, and who knows who else, and then of course I gotta make my way up to Malaysia to see Fang, Dino, Niro, Maybelle, Kevin, Yen Li, Linda, and all the other cool Malaysians.

If I don't make it to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia next summer because I don't have enough money, I am going to be soooo SAD and DEPRESSED. I will probably just give up on life....not really, but that's how I will feel. I need to see my friends again, especially in their home countries. I want to meet their friends and families, I want to taste homemade Japanese, Singaporean, and Malaysian food (I will eat out too), and I want to see their countries - do everything I tourist would do.

So, it's about an hour from dinner. I've got this damn politics final on Friday that I need to study for which I don't know sh*t about. I have been studying, but it just hasn't been sinking in cause my mind is on a million other things like missing my friends, missing my friends, missing my friends, going back home, and missing my friends. I really don't give a F*CK about this exam, but I really need to get an H3 somehow. Hopefully, I can read someone's essay....hahaha, j/k. But seriously, I have little motivation to study for a stupid politics essays final when instead I could be hanging out with my friends who I won't see in a year. I would much rather enjoy my last hours here with them talking than studying about the Yoshida Doctrine and why the US government is sooo f*cking stupid when it comes to their policy on North Korea. I believe the former is indefinite times more important, but obviously my future employer (whoever it might be) won't think so.

Yeah, so I think that's enough for now. I will probably post something later tonight when I get sick of studying and realize I haven't learned anything from it.








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