Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I wanted to blog last night about yesterday, but I was way too tired when I got off the phone with my mom and too damn frustrated and sad about everything, so I will now.

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days ever. It was horrible. I should have known that when I woke and noticed that it was raining, that the weather was an omen of how my day was going to turn out.

I got into work early before 8, and I didn't know exactly when everyone started so I figured 8 would be a safe bet. I went to the 30th floor but I needed a security badge to get in which of course I didn't possess at that point. So, I went up to the 36th floor to the recruiting department to see if my recruiter was in and could help me. I talked to the receptionist and luckily they issued me a temp badge so that I could get in downstairs. When I got inside, no one was around. I found out from another intern that no one really starts until 8:30 but I didn't care at all. It was my fault anyways for not finding out in a previous email to my manager.

I was supposed to receive my laptop that morning, but when my manager called, IT was having problems and said that it would be ready "soon." My phone also wasn't hooked up properly so I couldn't use the phone at my desk. Nothing was working. I needed my laptop so that I could complete my self-studies and other training materials. Without my laptop, I couldn't do anything. So Brian gave me some reading material to look over while we waited from my comp. When I talked to him around 930, the comp still wasn't ready so I asked him if it would be alright to go back to UPenn to get my parking permit during the lunch hour. Since my comp wasn't ready, he just said to go now so that I would still have my lunch time. So it was nice of him to let me do so.

I took the subway to the parking office. I filled out the paperwork, but I didn't know the license plate number on my mom's car. The dude said that he couldn't give me the sticker or the swipe card until he had the plate number. I asked if I could just have both things, go to my car, and call back with the info. But oh now, nothing can be that simple. He said he still couldn't do anything because that was a rule. I persisted but I wasn't getting anywhere and I started getting mad at him and was almost about to yell at him. I decided to call my mom to see if she knew but she said she was going to call me back in 5 mins. I called her back in 6 or 7, and she was on the other line so she still didn't have the info and I began to yell at her because I was so damn frustrated with the situation. It may seem pretty petty, but I didn't like the fact that I should have been at work and not the parking office taking time way from work. After I hung up my mobile with my mom, I asked the parking guy if there was any way they could make an exception, and he said no. So, I began yelling at him and I definitely got the attention of some people in the office. I demanded that I speak to a manager or someone higher up than him. So some fat, old b*tch came over and I explained to her how I was coming from work and didn't have time to walk six blocks to my car get the info and come back. She insisted that I couldn't call the info in which continued to piss me off. I walked off by saying "You people are ridiculous" which I don't think they liked but I didn't care. I felt kinda bad about the situation but my mom told me that sometimes you have to start yelling at people to get the right answer which is surprisingly true.

So, I had to walk six blocks in the hot, humid, rainy weather to go to the parking garage, drive back to the parking office, and give them the plate number. After I got the sticker and card, I drove back to the same parking garage to permanently park my car. I then walked four blocks to take the subway back to work. The whole ordeal took me an hour and a half. It probably seems like a very small issue, but when you're an intern at a Big 4 Accounting firm, you don't wanna be away from the office for over an hour for a stupid reason.

After I got back to work, my comp still wasn't ready....ARGH! So I finished reading the material from earlier. Eventally, my manager took some forensic people out to lunch was cool. We went to an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's which was good. I got the chicken parm. I felt like I didn't contribute much to the conversation, I was pretty quiet for most of the lunch which they probably noticed. Towards the beginning of lunch, an etiquette issue popped up which I didn't know how to deal with since I never experienced it before. I was the only one not to order a Coke or Diet Coke. Because of how the waiter positioned the glasses, it appeared one glass was in front of me and the other near the one manager, Drew. But really, the glasses were positioned in front of Drew and the other intern. So Drew drank from the left glass which was really Geno's. Realizing what happened, I didn't know how to handle the situation. I obviously didn't want to tell Drew that he drank from the wrong glass with everyone else there. So, I sat there in silence trying to figure out what to say. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I finally said something to the effec that the waiter placed his Coke near me or something like that. But after it came out, it just didn't sound good cause I felt like I implied that he did drink from the glass and there was a moment of silence which didn't help or maybe it was just a coincedence. After that though, lunch was fine.

We walked back to the office and of course, my comp still wasn't ready. I had nothing to do which isn't good cause you're getting paid to sit there and day dream...not good. But soon, Geno, the other forensic intern, printed out a case study that we will be going over next week. So I read that which kept me occupied for awhile. Eventually, I didn't have any work to do again, and I just stared at the papers to make it look as if I were working. I left the office at 530.

I came back to my place. I cooked dinner. I made pasta but it took an hour to make cause my stove sucks and doesn't want to work properly. GRRR....I called my friend Jill because she might be coming down to Philly this weekend for the Live 8 concert. Then I began talking to her about all my problems the past couple of weeks, and I thought I was gonna start crying. I probably would have felt better if I did so. After talking to Jill, I called Jeff to talk to him about the concert to see if he wanted to go with me. We have tentative plans to go, it's frickin free! why not?!?! After talking to Jeff, I ate my dinner. I called my mom afterwards to talk to her. I apologized to her from earlier in the day but she knows that I have been going through rough times these past few weeks moving around the world and country and not really having any time to just relax. I talked about all of my problems with UPenn and how much they suck. Earlier when I was talking to Jill, I was honestly thinking that if this week didn't get better that I would quit work, move back to Erie, and do nothing the rest of the summer. *But, my luckily you guys are my motivation for life right now so that I can make the money from my internship to see you guys again.*

By the time I got off the phone with my mom, it was 10 or 1030. I wanted to sleep, but decided to talk on msn so it would make me feel better talking to someone I knew. I finally went to bed around 11:15.

I got up this morning a lil before 7 and luckily the sun was shining a bit. I went into work. I was FINALLY assigned a cubicle with a working phone. I called Rick, the IT guy, to see if my comp was ready but he wasn't around so I left a message. Once again, I had no work to complete without my comp. I asked my senior if she had any work for me to do, and she just gave me a book to look over. When I got back to my desk, Rick called. My comp was ready for pickup. FINALLY!!!! It was about damn time! For some reason, they had problems setting it up even though it should have been set up before. After that I went to tech training around 930 instead of 1030. I kept yawning during the training which wasn't necessarily good, but I was so damn tired. After training, they had lunch for us on the 36th floor, for us trainees. I had a cheesesteak, chips, choc chip cookie, and pop. I went back down to the forensic floor on the 30th. I found out that Ron, the forensic partner, was in the office and wanted to take us out to lunch. AHHH!!! How was I supposed to eat another lunch?!? He's a really nice guy. I chatted with him most of the time walking to the restaurant. I think it was called Marathon Grill. I ate about a 1/3 of my lunch and he was probably wondering why I wasn't eating.

After lunch, we went back to the office. I turned my comp on, and I had problems logging on. I almost had a heart attack, but luckily my senior helped me out. She's been really helpful and nice about everything, she has always been willing to help me out (along with everyone else). I finally got to read my 80 emails which took about an hour. Then I started my self-studies. A senior came up to my floor to see his manager. He saw the name tag on my cubicle and came over. We chatted for a bit which was cool because I haven't seen him since early October. We are supposed to be having lunch tomorrow which will be cool.

I worked on my self studies until 6:30 and then left the office. I got back, read personal emails and sent some, ate dinner, and I am currently blogging and listening to my music from Anne, Moe, and Ena.

I have to call my mom now. Adios!


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