Thursday, June 16, 2005

So I just finished training today (Thursday). Thank God! We definitely went over important information, but some of it was really boring and unnecessary to talk to us about as interns. However, some of the stuff was really interesting like the technology they use to filter millions of emails down to a few thousands. It's pretty crazy. Today, this forensic technology guy came in and talked to us. He discussed this one case where they had over 1,000,000 documents, and they got it down to just 750 documents that were relevant to the case in a matter of days. If you had my background, you would probably understand better but yeah it's pretty cool stuff.

Yesterday got off to a horrible start. It was really weird too cause I woke up thinking it was going to be a bad day for some reason. When I was eating breakfast, someone walked by my table and said hi Mark. I didn't recognize the person. They came to where I was sitting, and put their hand out to shake my hand. Before they did this, I didn't stand up to shake their hand, I just sat there. BAD, very BAD etiquette. Then, I realized who it was. It was my f*ckin boss for the summer. HOLY SH*T. What a major f*ckup!!! I felt like the biggest idiot, and I just wanted to kill myself at that point. Then, a stupid strawberry managed to roll off my plate into my lap. I proceeded to pick it up and put it back on my plate. Second f*ckup. I just watched an etiquette show the day before, and I should have known better anyways. I was pretty disappointed in myself. Luckily, the rest of the day went fine.

Let me tell you about the Marriott Resort. I am staying at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort. The Marriott makes the Hyatt look like an ant standing next to a human. The Marriott is RIDICULOUS! All the interns staying at the Hyatt, including myself, went over to the Marriott two nights ago for dinner and again tonight for dinner and a comedy show. Guess what they have inside the Marriott......take some time and think about scroll down....

They have boats inside the damn hotel part. Yes, I said BOATS. What the f*ck? Is that really necessary? I consider it overkill and a waste of money. But, who am I? But anyways, they have two boats to take guests from the lobby area to the restaurants in the resort complex. Maybe I am just overreacting, but I think it's pretty ridiculous.

Today, something interesting happened, and it was definitely the highlight of my day. A frickin' EARTHQUAKE occurred. We were in our technical training aka Forensic training when the room started to shake. I thought it was something above causing the ceiling to shake. BUT, oh no, that was not the case. After about 15 or so seconds, we all realized what it earthquake. Luckily, the buildings we are staying in are built to withstand earthquakes. Also,
I was surprised my mom didn't try calling me, freaking out, to see if I was OK. If you understood my mom, this is definitely something she would do. In short, earthquake = highlight of Mark's day.

Earlier today, I was just starting to feel better about being home. I felt like I did in fact make the right decision to come home early for training. But that all changed tonight. I started feeling down again about being home. Just great. I realized I don't have the support I need surrounding me. Pretty depressing. No close friends. No family. Nothing. I feel like I won't have it this entire summer. My mom won't be with me in Philadelphia. The people I have met here don't understand what I have been going through. One of the other interns I will be working with this summer just came home from Spain about two weeks ago. But, all of his friends are American. What else is new about Americans studying abroad? I really don't understand why Americans study abroad just to hang out with Americans. What's the point of going to the foreign country, just stay in the US and travel or something. But, back to my point. I really don't feel like I will have the support I need this summer. *sigh* I should look into Australia's PR.

Since I am on this depressing streak, I feel like continuing. On the way home to IH last Friday from my final, I was talking to Anne. I was telling her how early in the semester I sent out an email to my friends telling them about how my semester was going and what I had been up to. Not one "friend" replied to my email. Not one. Even the couple who I thought were some close friends, didn't email me back. I was quite surprised. The reason I brought it up with her is because I didn't want the same to happen with all you know who you are...that I wanted our relationships to grow even though we are 10,000 miles away. I didn't talk to my American "friends" back here in the US much while I was abroad. Very little. Even when I was on AIM, it was always me sending the instant messages asking everyone how they were doing. Not one sent the message to me asking me how I was doing. So, yeah, it sucks a lot to think you don't have any friends except for those that live 10,000 miles away. But, I guess I can always make new ones here. Or better yet, maybe I should just hop on a flight and come back Down Under.

Well, I am sooo tired right now. I keep blogging when I am tired. It will probably be the same way throughout the summer. I will come back from work beat, and I will need to blog. Maybe I should just do it at a client on the client's time when I feel fresh. LOL. I bet my boss would love that. They're paying me to blog...haha. Tomorrow (or today since it's past midnight) I leave Palm Springs at 8 PM. I get home in Erie at 9:30 AM Saturday. It will be nice to see my mom who I haven't seen in about five months. I will be able to rollerblade in my favorite place and just be myself to reflect on everything and where my life is going. yeah...

miss and love...


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