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Blog for Saturday 11 June 2005 and Sunday 12 June 2005.

Anne had the idea of taking me to a really nice and classy Japanese restaurant called Shoya. I went with Anne, Faith, Lyn, Hiro, Rach, Kristie, Fang, and Dino. I got eel and rice; I don't remember the proper Japanese name. It was recommended by Anne and some of the others. I wasn't wild on the idea at first since the thought of eel just didn't sound good, but everyone insisted that I try it. The food was excellent, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I also got Sake with Hiro.

I'm now always up for trying new things. When I was younger, I always refused to try new foods. At Tokyo Garden a couple of weeks ago, I tried Sushi and Sashimi for the first time. The idea of raw fish didn't strike well with me. The Sushi was very good, but the Sashimi was a lil too chewy for me. Shoya was a great way to end my time in Melbourne with great friends whom I miss more than they probably think.

After Shoya, we came back to IH. I finished packing which was a pain in the ass. I had no room left, and I still had more to pack. But, I managed to squeeze everything into my luggage somehow. I went up to Yen Li's room to take a break and say goodbye. Gary came over too at one point to say goodbye. Finally, I headed over to Anne's apartment with Lyn, and Faith met us there. I hung out for a few minutes before I realized I had forgotten that Niro invited me over for some drinks.

So, I went over to Niro's room. Kristie forced me into doing a shot of Bacardi 151 which I was in no mood to do. I had no intentions of getting drunk whatsoever. She forced me into doing two more shots of a mixed nature, who knows what it was. I called Anne so that the girls could come over and hang out with us. I wanted to spend my time with everyone. Eventually, I went back to Anne's apartment because I didn't feel like being pressured into drinking anymore. Lyn and Faith decided that they were going to bed, so Anne and I went back to Niro's room. She was my sober buddy for the rest of the night. I basically just hung out with her since everyone else was getting drunk. The night was actually kinda funny watching everyone get wasted and acting up.

Finally, the time came for me to head back to my room to get my luggage and head downstairs. Houston and Anne helped me out. Anne woke up Fang, and we packed up the car. I called some people to come down to the foyer so that I could say goodbye. Lyn, Hiro, Moe, Houston, Rachel, Han, Anne, and Fang were all there. Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone. Sorry if I did, but I'm really tired doing this right now. Walking out of IH was really hard. The tears came, and I walked ahead of everyone so that no one would notice. I waved goodbye to everyone once in the car, and we were off to the airport.

Fang drove me to the airport. Anne came along, and I'm really happy she did because I needed the support.

Anne and Fang: each time I cried, it was because something revealed my fate. First, it was leaving IH and everyone behind. Next, there was a sign somewhere in Brunswick for the airport, 18 km. Next, we were near the airport, and I saw a plane taking off. Each said, "Mark, it's your time to go home." But, I didn't want to. I just wanted to turn around and go back to IH.

Eventually, we got to the airport. We got there early enough so that Fang could park the car. I got a blueberry muffin and OJ for breakie and sat down with Fang and Anne. I felt alright when I was eating, at least emotionally semi-stable compared to the car ride. After eating, I sat down between the two of them. We didn't talk much, I didn't have much to say. However, when it came to be 7:15, I decided to go downstairs to security. I lost it again, and the tears came. My fate revealed again. I gave Anne and Fang their goodbye hugs. It was soooo hard to leave them behind. It was soooo difficult to go through security waving goodbye without being able to go back. I just wanted to go back and hug them more and everyone else I left behind.

After going through security, I walked to my terminal and waiting for the flight. Why the f*ck do people have to look at you when you're emotionally upset? Is it really necessary for everyone to look at a person who has been crying because they just wanted to go back to their new home aka IH. I just wanted to say to people, "What the f*ck are you looking at?" so they would stop looking at me.

The flight to Sydney was alright. I still felt like sh*t but how else was I supposed to feel? Getting from the domestic to international terminal at Sydney was a HUGE pain in the @$$. Lugging around 75 kgs was not fun at all, but I made it eventually. Air Pacific at first was about to charge me for being overweight, but I was able to move around my luggage so I would be under the limit. I ate some Macka's for lunch. I had about a 3 hour layover in Sydney before leaving for Fiji.

I made it to Nadi, Fiji. The flight itself was fine. I had another layover, about 3 or so hours. My flight to LA was good because I had three seats to myself so I was able to sleep part of the way. However, I made the mistake towards the end by listening to Anne's music which made me cry. *SIGH* I made it to LA. It felt pretty weird to be back in the US. Getting from the international to domestical terminal at LAX was so muc easier than frickin Sydney.

On the way though, this guy commented on my "nice" hat. I was wearing my Ferrari hat. So, I explained to him how I have been in Australia and so on. Then, he gave me this book. SH*T. F*CK. You gotta be frickin kiddin me. He was one of those brain-washed people who tries brain-washing other people into some religion. I think he wanted to talk to me about meditation, but I didn't give a sh*t. I tried politely giving the book back, but he insisted that I keep it. Finally, I got more vocal with him that I didn't want the book nor talk to him any longer. I was trying to be polite with him which I think I achieved but I was in no mood whatsoever to deal with anyone like him.

Checking into United Airlines was a bundle of joy. *cough, sarcasm* The line was long as hell like really f*ckin long. I was in no mood whatsoever to deal with a long line. I noticed self check-in booths for e-tickets. So, I tried using one, but I couldn't locate my damn e-ticket number on my paper printout. So, I gave up. However, I looked harder and found it. I went back to the booth and went through the procedures. Of course knowing my luck, it wouldn't go well. The ticket of course got jammed. "You gotta be f*ckin kiddin me" was exactly what I was thinking. I tried getting one of the employees attention, but he didn't respond. I was bout to go off on him soon if he didn't realize I needed his help. Eventually some woman helped me out. However, of course again my luck wouldn't go my way. She claimed she couldn't do anything because she wasn't signed into a computer which pissed me off further. Finally, she used one of the other employee's computers. I gave them my luggage. The b*tch wanted to charge me for being overweight. I basically went off on her and told her how ridiculous it would be to charge me. If Air Pacific helped me out, why couldn't United? I told her how I flew from Australia via Air Pacific and didn't get charged. Why couldn't they do the same? She asked for proof of my flight from AUS to LAX, and it was funny how she immediately started sucking up to me once she realized she made a mistake. I had about 4 hours to wait for my flight so I got some lunch, listened to music, and took a nap.

My plane ride to Palm Springs was short, only an hour. I finally made it to my final destination - Palm Springs for KPMG National Training.

On the bus waiting to be dropped off at the Hyatt Resort, I told a girl how I would rather be in IH and Melbourne than in Palm Springs right now. It's how I honestly felt. When I was at the airport in LA for my flight, I called my mom to let her know I was alright. She asked if I wa happy to be home. I said 25% of me was happy, and the other 75% of me would be happier in Melbourne. This girl on the bus said that Palm Springs would be fun. However, she didn't understand. She has obviously never been to Melbourne. She has never lived at IH for a semester. SHE HAS NEVER MADE THE FRIENDS I HAVE MADE.

More on training to come in the near future. In the mean time, I miss and love you guys...


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