Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its about 2 PM Friday. A taxi is picking me up at 5 to take me to the airport. Originally, I was supposed to leave at 2:15 cause that's when the last shuttle is leaving the resort. Then, I began talking to a hotel employee, and he said that a taxi could take me later at 5 so that I wouldn't have to sit around the airport. I said that I didn't think I could get reimbursed for the taxi ride. But, he surprised me and said that the resort would pay for the taxi. sweet deal.

So, I just got some lunch. I had a little daddy aka bacon cheeseburger at this place, a basket of chips (known as french fries in this country), and a cup of water. The service was pretty slow, but the food filled me up which is a good thing because I won't be eating for awhile. I read the notes everyone wrote to me in my book. Even though I have already read some of them, I started from the beginning and went all the way through. At the end, I thought I was gonna start crying, but I didn't. Probably a good thing with people around. When I got my bill, I realized again why this country sucks. You have to tip, and you basically have to tip for everything. Man, the good 'ol days in Melbourne when you can go to a Japanese restaurant like Shoya, have a bill over $200, and not have to pay one cent in a tip. If that happened here, the tip would have been around $40 or more. While I was sitting after I ate and continued reading the notes to me, I began to think once again how cool it would be to live in Melbourne. As I mentioned in my last blog, I don't feel like I have much here in the US besides my family, which is basically my mom. I don't have much of a relationship with my dad. My one brother lives in Denver, CO whom I rarely talk to, and my other brother that lives in Erie, I only see and talk to him occassionally, usually when I go out to my dad's house to visit my dad.

Yeah, so it would be sooo much better if I were still in Melbourne or better yet, just living in Melbourne. Sh*t, they need accountants just like the US. I could probably get PR relatively easy or so I have been told. Maybe I should look into it. My mom would obviously discourage me since I would only be 10,000 miles away, but it's my life and I need to do what's going to make my happy. The last time I was happy was at Fang and Anne's apartment Friday night and then the next night at Shoya but before I realized how soon I would be leaving....about 9 hours at that point. So, yeah, who knows when I will start feeling happy again. Maybe next summer if I can make it to Sg, Malaysia, Toyko, and Melbourne.

I really don't know what I am going to do for the next three hours. I need to write one of my professors an email, so I am going to do that next. But, I will probably be blogging again in a couple of hours. Peace out.


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