Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The past two days have been pretty good for me.

Yesterday, I went to the mall and Peach Street, which is just a street with a bunch of stores on it, equivalent to something like Bourke St. I bought a jump drive so I can transfer all of my music, pictures, and school stuff from my mom's laptop which I'm still using to my desktop.

Rach, you will like this part if you should happen to read this. I went to EXPRESS. *sigh* They had a sale, pretty much everything was up to 60% off. They had soooo much I wanted to buy. They had white pants, only $20. Dress shirts, only $20-$30. Jeans, same. White linen/cotton shorts, $25. Polos, $20. I could have bought the entire damn store if I wanted to. In the end, I resisted the strong urge to buy something and walked out. It's probably a good thing cause I probably would have racked up a $300 credit card bill. Right now, I am completely broke, and I'm in debt. Thank God my internship starts Monday. I need the money soo bad. I owe my mom over a thousand dollars, and I need to save up for my trip for next summer.

After Express, I went to Wet Seal. And guess what kind of store Wet Seal is......women's. Because I like to wear women's clothing. haha, j/k. But really, somehow Ena found out about Wet Seal and said that I must buy her something from the store. So since it was on the way out, I decided to check it out. They had some pretty cool stuff hopefully that she would like, but I felt completely out of place. It felt soooo incredibly weird to be in a women's clothing store all by myself looking at women's clothing. I can only imagine what everyone in the store thought I was doing. If I were with a girl, I would have felt fine, but I was by myself. The sacrifices I make for my friends...hehe.

After my excursion up to the mall and Peach Street, it was time to pick my mom up from work. We came home, and she cooked taco salad for dinner. Too bad I fell asleep before it was ready, but I just ate when I woke up. Around 10 PM, I went to my friend's house, Jill. I showed her some of my pics from Down Under, probably you if you're reading this. She wanted to smoke a cigarette so we decided to drive around, a surprisingly popular thing to do when there's nothing to do. Her mom doesn't know that she smokes, and she has been smoking for the past year. hello?!? We picked up her friend Jenna from her house and went back to Jill's house to chill and talk....a very uneventful evening. sorry for the lack of gossip everyone. My life is so lame right now.

Today, I woke up at 8 AM to take my mom to work. When I came back I talked to some folks on MSN and just screwed around until about 10. I called my friend Jill about rollerblading. So, I went to Presque Isle State Park with Jill and Jenna to rollerblade. I realized how much I have missed blading. Hopefully, I can go tomorrow by myself just to get away from everyone and everything. But Presque Isle is a beautiful area. There's about a 20 km paved path that goes along the bay side and wraps along the lake. A lot of people visit Erie during the summer to take advantage of the area. We also have 12 beaches, so it's definitely a popular place during the summer. It's sorta similar to St. Kilda Beach with the boardwalk and beaches.

After lunch, I met my dad for lunch at a place called Andy's Pub. I had the special which was a chicken finger sandwich with chips. It was pretty good. After lunch, I came home and took a nap cause I was sooo frickin tired from waking up so damn early. I woke up at 5:00 to take a shower and pick my mom up from work.

My mom and I met my godparents at a Mexican restuarant called El Canelo. It was a pretty cool place, at least it was authentic Mexican food. Our waiter, Jesus, was a really cool and nice guy. He was always joking around with us. I had my first alcoholic drink as a 21 year old. When I turned 21 in Fiji, it didn't mean much at all. But the strawberry margarita was good along with the fajitas.

As good as the food and drink was, the conversation was mediocre to say the least. It wasn't that we weren't talking, but it was the content. My mom and godparents were talking about my cousin who has cancer and will probably die eventually. I'm not that close to her so I haven't been affected by it. Then they started talking about other people who either had cancer, had transplants, or people in our family that have been sick and passed away. Isn't something a lil more positive and happy we could have talked about rather than death. I really hate talking about sickness and death. Just the thought of it makes me really depressed. I thought about speaking up and asking if we could talk about something else. It was kind of annoying.

After dinner, my mom and I came home and I have been talking care of some things like emails and folding laundry. what fun. GO PISTONS. Spurs on going down, Fang!


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