Sunday, June 26, 2005

Right now it's 11 PM Sunday. I should be preparing for work like ironing a shirt and pants and making sure everything is in order, but since I haven't had internet access for the past couple of days, I have been experiencing blog withdrawal. So, blogging has taken on a higher priority than preparing for my first day of work.

The past two days in Philly have been basically hell and back and then back to hell. Many times I thought I would "go off" on someone out of frustration. But, I haven't cause that's not my style, I don't like yelling at people. But, seriously, could UPenn at least tell us some of the things I needed to know for move-in. I sometimes wish I just found an apartment downtown. Yeah, so UPenn definitely sucks some major d**k when it comes to helping people out. When I moved in yesterday, I was told that I would need an ID card. I already knew this, but the ID office was clsoed of course. I need the damn card to gain access to my building and get my computer registered for internet access. So, I went down to the lobby today and was talking to them because I was about to start screaming at them for their stupidity and then they decided to tell me that the ID office is open from 2-4 so I finally got my ID card.

Now to parking. I had to pay $20 yesterday to park in my car in a garage. Parking was free today since it was Sunday so luckily, no fees. Tomorrow, however, I have to park my car back in the garage which will cost about another $20. At my lunch break tomorrow, with the permission of my boss, I have to come back to UPenn so that I can go to the transportation building to get a parking pass so that I can park in the upenn parking garage which means that I will have to stay at work until 6 or later instead of getting out at 5. Granted this isn't that big of a deal, but why wouldn't upenn ask their parking/transport people to be open today like the ID office when lots and lots of students are moving in. Maybe I'm just asking a lot, but it's also reasonable. These stupid f*cks here knew interns were living here. Did it not hit them at some point that: A) these interns are moving in on the weekend, B) the parking office is closed on the weekend, C) interns work 8-5 which are the same business hours as the parking office so in essense we're f*cked. So it boils down to a conflict not in my favor.

I had dinner with my friend Alan tonight. He's also an intern staying here at upenn. We were talking about how Penn State really spoils us and that maybe we just expect that same out of everyelse and everywhere we go. Honestly though, I have thought about moving out of this sh*thole already. It's definitely not worth the $180/week that I pay. Anyways, about dinner....we went to Chili's. I had a bacon burger with fries. I really prefer the word chips, but no one would understand me. There are a lot of words that I discovered in Oz that I prefer over the US counterpart. For example, why say university when you can say "uni." Why say shady when you can say "dodgey." There are many other examples, too many to list. I prefer the Aussie language, and I find each time I carry a conversation with someone I want to speak Australian but halfway through a sentence I go back to the US way. Little things like this have made my transition back home more difficult.

Back to dinner again, I keep going off on these tangents. I also had a mango margarita which was really good. The waitress didn't card us, which was a surprise.

Now back to upenn. I don't feel like going into every little detail about why I think this place sucks c*ck right now cause I could be here for another hour when I should be preparing for work tomorrow. But at least I will have some good MSN conversation in the near future. But be forewarned, depending if upenn decided to suck like they have been so far or if I had a bad day at work, I will probably be in major B*TCH mode. But, isn't that what are friends are for, so that we can b*tch about why our lives suck sometimes? We always feel better once we get it all out. My friends have done this to me before and they apologize for being in b*tch mode, but I understand because we need to get our frustrations out rather than letting it just continually build up inside.

I'm hoping upenn can get my internet running tomorrow. Of course, they have a popup blocker on this damn comp so I can't sign into msn web messenger. And of course, they have an old version of msn messenger so I can't sign into this either. I just wanna talk to the people that will make me feel better. I have been experiencing blog and msn withdrawal the past two/three days and I want it to end.

I need to check email now, so I'm signing off, until next time...take care...


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