Friday, June 10, 2005

Last night was an interesting night to say the least.

It started off with a drink in the IH foyer until everyone got back from dinner. At this point, it was 10:30 and I had a feeling we weren't going to make it out to the club. People were tired from the week's exams and not feeling the best. Eventually it was decided that we would just hang out in Fang's apartment. The club would have been fun, but just hanging out was probably the best thing to do in the end anyways. It's kinda to have a conservation at a club and just hang out with friends, not exactly the most conducive environment. We decided to meet up at midnight, but right before that it seemed like everyone disappeared from IH which made me a little concerned. Where did Dino and his Malaysian posse go to? So, Houston, Hiro, and I went up to Fang's apartment at 12:15. We were hanging out

I was afraid no one was going to show up which would have made me quite disappointed. BUT. People started rolling in around 12:45 or so like lots of people which was great. First, it was Charissa, Niro, and Regine. Then Mabel, Kevin, Kenny, Rahul (where did he come from), Kai aka pukemeister. Lyn and Faith. Rach, Kris, and Mel. Yen Li, Charlene, Dino, and Rachel. And Fang's housemate, Anne. If I forgot you, sorry. But I do have pics of everyone. It was a great time last night having a few drinks and just hanging out with everyone. It probably was definitely better than going to the club because I was able to talk to everyone.

At some point in the night, it got interesting. The toilet became Kai's new best friend. Poor guy drank waaayyy tooo much. He was soo drunk by the time he even came up to the apartment. Yeah, so to make a long story short, him and Rahul needed some assistance back to their rooms. They will probably have really bad hangovers today. haha. I remember those days. It's funny when you get sick from drinking because you always tell yourself that you're never going to drink that much again. But, you're at the next week skulling drinks.

Once everyone left, Anne, Faith, Lyn, and me hung out in Anne's room. We listened to real music and other "music." hahaha. Only they will understand. Girls: "Mmmmm." We talked until 5 AM on just about everything, including who are the hottest IH girls and guys. lol.

I came back to my room and decided to do some more packing. I called my mom. I considered staying up until 9:30 when Gary, Houston, Kris, and I were supposed to go to Queen Vic Market. At 6:30, I decided I was too tired so I went to bed until 10 when I woke up. Called Kristie about Queen Vic, but too tired. So, it was Houston, Gary, and me off to Queen Vic for my first time. The place was crazy busy with all the shoppers, and the place is ridiculously HUGE. You could spend an entire day there shopping for food, clothing, and who knows what else. I did my last touristy thing - Queen Vic. It's kinda surprising I waited this long to go considering everyone usually goes there within the first week of being in Melbourne.

Tonight, I am going to Shoya (an expensive Japanese restaurant) with Dino, Kris, Rach, Hiro, Fang, and the girl posse that you don't wanna mess with (Anne, Faith, and Lyn). I'm really looking forward to tonight, it will be great way to end my time in Melbourne. Ahhh, I don't wanna think about that right now (leaving), so I'm done with this blog. I will post later tonight, probably around 3 AM or so.


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