Thursday, June 30, 2005

UGH, the past two days of work. *SIGH* I never thought some parts of training could be so stressful. I have been doing these online tutorials and then I have to take a test after each one. The Code of Conduct, Respect and Dignity, and a couple others were easy, but holy shit was independence soooo frickin' difficult. Basically, I have know things like how I can't own stock in a client engagement I am working on, but it's 100 times more complex than that. It probably took me three hours to go through the tutorial. Then I took the most difficult test I have ever taken. I failed the test about six times. Because of the way the damn bastards set up the test, the questions change or at least the wording for each question changes each time you take the test. I began to get a huge headache which didn't help one bit. Even my senior helped me at the end of the day (yesterday), and I still failed the exam. ARGH!!!! I couldn't take it any longer and went home.

I was honestly fearing going into work because I had no confidence whatsoever passing the exam. But, somehow, luck was on my side or maybe my mom was right and praying does actually work. Somehow I got an 80% on the first try of the morning. All I needed was a 70%. WHEW!! I told the other Forensic intern, Geno, that I should have brought a six-pack into work to Then I moved onto my specific Forensic training. I needed to complete Forensic I and II. Because Forensic I didn't want to cooperate with opening properly, I moved onto II. I was moving along OK...finished chapters 1 and 2 fine. Then once again, I couldn't pass the exam after Chapter 3. I couldn't believe it. Again, I couldn't pass one of these damn exams. But somehow when I went back to Forensic I, it opened fine and I was able to complete all 8 chapters by 5:15 and I got out of the office by 5:30. Now, I just need to finish Forensic II next week....somehow. :(

KPMG is cool. They are giving us tomorrow (Friday) off, and they are paying us! Even interns get the day off, and we paid too! What a sweet deal. I am thinking of checking the outlet malls out tomorrow and buying some stuff that I need. They are needs not wants. So far, I have been pretty frugal with my money.

So how is everyone doing? Ena? Houston? Dino? Fang? Rach? Kristie? Anne? Lyn? Yen? Kev? Linda? Jarod? ummm....who else...I can't remember everyone. Hopefully all of you been checking in once in awhile. I have been trying to do the same with your blogs, just haven't been making many comments.

Well I'm going to see if the water is finally running again in my apartment, so I can cook some pasta for dinner. Peace out.


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