Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So, I haven't made any posts since I have made this blog. Well, actually since Huipeng made this blog. I have been waiting for it to be finished until I started posting, but I have give up on that idea. Huipeng has promised that she would finish it, but I still need to tell her what I want on it, so it's not her fault.

Anyways, I never thought it would be so hard to leave Melbourne and everything here. I am going to miss my friends so much - Ena, Rachel, Fang, Kristie, Anne, Mel, Naina, Dino, Houston, HIRO (the coolest Jap guy you could probably ever meet, I love his laugh), Lyn, Han, Kevin, Charissa (although I will see her in the US soon), Regine, Kate, Moe, and all the other Singaporeans, Malaysians, and everyone else. If I didn't write your name, please don't be offended cause I still love you as much I love everyone I have listed. See, I just remembered Jarod, my one American that just proves my point. Anyways, I never thought it would be so hard to leave my friends and Melbourne. It's been heaps of fun, and I wish I had more time. Sometimes, I wish I had stayed in Melbourne on the weekends so that I could hang out with them more. But I can't regret that decision cause I've had lots of fun on my trips and seen some great Aussie places.

So I will be leaving Melbourne on Sunday 12 June, leaving IH at 6 AM...argh. Fang is taking me to the airport, and Anne and Rach are supposed to be coming. I am not loooking forward to that time AT ALL. Although, I don't think I will cry in front of them, or at least I hope I don't do so, I just have this strange feeling like I'm going to burst out crying going through security and the guards will be thinking, "What the hell is wrong with this kid?" Ahhh, this sucks so much. I have to leave these people I love so much, and I've only spent a few months with them. For some of them, I have only gotten to know within the past month or so like Anne, my shopping buddy, who went shopping with me yesterday to help me get Ena's gift. It was a lot of fun since we got to chat the entire afternoon. We went to Max Brenner's, possibly the best or one of the best chocolate places known to man. I have a soufle (spelling is probably wrong), a strawberry fondue, and hot chocolate. I almost felt sick afterwards from all the chocolate.

But, yeah, I feel like I haven't spent enough time here. I wish damn US and Aussie accounting standards were the same so that I could just finish my degree here or something. But, my mom would probably have to start living on the street cause I would make her go broke cause IH costs $7,000 AUD which is f*ckin ridiculous...that's an entire year of living at PSU.

Although, I am very sad to leave maybe it's good. I will go back home with lots of motivation. I will want to be the best intern KPMG has ever had. They will hopefully hire me, I will join as a full-time accountant after graduation. I will become one of the best employees at the firm, I will work my way up to partner status. Then, I can make all the calls. I'll say, instead of you going to Singapore (SG), I'm going cause I haven't seen my old mates in the longest time. One of my goals is to work internationally, so I hope I can accomplish this goal.

But speaking of travelling, I plan on saving every dime from my internship. I will probably only go out occassionally, and I will be very frugle with my money. I want to travel after graduation to Toyko to see Hiro and Moe, Singapore to see well let's see big list: Ena, Rachel, Kristie, Anne, Mel, Houston, and who knows who else, and then of course I gotta make my way up to Malaysia to see Fang, Dino, Niro, Maybelle, Kevin, Yen Li, Linda, and all the other cool Malaysians.

If I don't make it to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia next summer because I don't have enough money, I am going to be soooo SAD and DEPRESSED. I will probably just give up on life....not really, but that's how I will feel. I need to see my friends again, especially in their home countries. I want to meet their friends and families, I want to taste homemade Japanese, Singaporean, and Malaysian food (I will eat out too), and I want to see their countries - do everything I tourist would do.

So, it's about an hour from dinner. I've got this damn politics final on Friday that I need to study for which I don't know sh*t about. I have been studying, but it just hasn't been sinking in cause my mind is on a million other things like missing my friends, missing my friends, missing my friends, going back home, and missing my friends. I really don't give a F*CK about this exam, but I really need to get an H3 somehow. Hopefully, I can read someone's essay....hahaha, j/k. But seriously, I have little motivation to study for a stupid politics essays final when instead I could be hanging out with my friends who I won't see in a year. I would much rather enjoy my last hours here with them talking than studying about the Yoshida Doctrine and why the US government is sooo f*cking stupid when it comes to their policy on North Korea. I believe the former is indefinite times more important, but obviously my future employer (whoever it might be) won't think so.

Yeah, so I think that's enough for now. I will probably post something later tonight when I get sick of studying and realize I haven't learned anything from it.



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