Friday, June 10, 2005

This blog is about yesterday. After dinner tonight(Friday), I am going to blog about today

Jarod and I went to Pancake Palour for lunch around noon. It was our last time at some male bonding. He is leaving today(Friday) for Sydney, and he doesn't get back until next week at which point in will be in the US. The food was great as usual. Jarod had a two-for-one coupon on the short stack which was a ripper....haha...I can't believe I just used that word, and we also got the Jaimacan pancake dish. I brought my camera with me, but I was a complete retard and forgot to put the battery in before I left. No camera with no battery = no good. But we still had heaps of fun or at least I did. It was nice just chilling with him and takin it easy. But, I was still quite distracted knowing Ena was leaving today, politics final to study, and of course the fact that I would be leaving in 3 days.

After Pancake Palour, I went to Myer in attempt to buy clothing for my internship training so that my mom wouldn't have to ship some to the resort. I tried a dress shirt on, but it just didn't look right. It's so much easier and more fun shopping with woman that by yourself. Women know always know if something looks good on you or not. So, I gave up and decided to leave.

I came back to IH to make my study guide which I guess came in handy for today. It took all afternoon to make that damn thing. I went to dinner, and I took a two hour nap afterwards. I woke up at ten and realized I needed to do some major studying. However, knowing that Ena was leaving this morning at 6:30 didn't help. Ena if you should read this, don't feel bad. If anything it's a compliment about how much I care about you. Anyways, on top of that, I was continually sad about leaving myself. It just felt like everything that could possibly snowball on top eventually did. I tried studying, but it just wouldn't go in. I kept reading Islamization, horizontal contestations, Laskar Jihad, and so on, but I really felt like I had no idea what anything meant. None of it was making any sense to me.

The time came for Ena and I to exchange gifts. I went up to her room first to chit-chat with her and Jarod. Then she came down to my room after she did her laundry. She gave me a Tasmanian Devil stuffed animal and a Tasmanian Devil mug from the Warner Bros. store, presumably the one in Crown. I thought both were really cute. My mom and dad used to call me the Tasmanian Devil, based on the cartoon character (if you couldn't figure that out), because I had a huge temper when I was younger and was occassionally rebellious. The time came for her to leave my room so she could say good-bye to others. After she left, I just broke down, like in tears. Sorry Ena again if you should read this. It was the combination of many things: Ena leaving, me feeling like I didn't know sh*t for my exam today, and knowing that each minute that passes reduces my time here and eventually I will have to leave everything here aka my friends.

After that whole incident, I tried to do some studying but pretty much unsuccessful. Eventually I went back to Ena's room so that she could burn some pics onto a CD. She also burned a CD with some music that I am waiting to listen to on the plane home. Hiro came up to say good-bye, and the three of us hung out. I came back to my room. I looked at the breakup of Indonesia and how Islam has been affected post-9/11. I just kept looking over the words more and more, and it still wasn't making any sense. Eventually Jarod came to my room so that he could look at my reader and start studying. Poor Jarod, some @$$hole in Ohio committed credit card fraud, and he initially couldn't charge his flight to Sydney to his credit card because of the fraud. He stayed here until about 4:30. I stayed up until 6:15. Called Hiro to wake him up so that he could say good-bye to Ena. I went up to her room, but she was in the shower. She said that she would get me before she left. So, I unfortunately fell asleep and then all of a sudden I got a phone call at 7:00. It was Ena, and I couldn't believe I had fallen asleep. I was thinking "Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t." How did I fall asleep when I knew she would be leaving shortly? So I woke up, and I was about to walk up to her room when I thought I heard her voice downstairs. So, I walked down, and she was there. I gave her and Naina a hug good-bye. I was really sleepy, so it didn't hit me that she was actually leaving me for awhile. We will have our reunion next June/July when I go to SG. I'll be damned if someone tells me that I can't go even if it's my parents. I will max out my credit cards so that I can go. I sometimes don't take "No" for an answer, and this is one of those times. I will make it to SG next year!

After saying good-bye, Hiro and I got some OJ in the dining hall since it just opened. I came back to my room at around 7 and hit the sack for a few hours, it would basically be a long nap for me not really good sleep.

It's dinner time now, so I'm going to get dinner. I just realized this will be my last IH dinner, how sad. I won't necessarily miss the food, but I will miss going to the dining hall, sounds weird but anyways, I'm out for now. Returning soon to blog about today.


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