Friday, June 10, 2005

This blog is about today. It's Part Two of my blog from about two hours ago.

So, I woke up tonight at about 11. Studied a little and ate lunch while studying. good times. not really actually. Then it was off to the Royal Exhibition Building (REB) with Jarod, Regine, Charissa, Anne, Debra, and Satome (spelling is most likely off). Got there at exactly 2:00 to read the essay questions. Exam start: 215. The girls meaning Charissa, Anne, and Regine insisted that I would be able to write for two hours and in fact two hours wouldn't be enough time. I thought it was shit considering I felt like I knew nothing about the topics. I knew stuff, but I just had no confidence whatsoever because I've never taken an essay exam before at least not at uni back home. I'm so used to just taking multiple-choice exams. So, I began the exam and I couldn't stop writing surprisingly or at least when it came to the question of Japan being "America's new sheriff in the Pacific." I thought it was a decent essay. I then worked on my North Korea essay which was worse in terms of length, content, quality, etc etc. but I still thought it was good enough for a pass mark. Finally, I moved onto the dreaded question, something along the lines of "In Southeast Asia, there is no sharp distinction between domestic and international politics. Focus on post-1998 Indonesia or the role of Islam." I chose Islam, and I'm an American. What a joke, I don't mean that in a rude or disrespectful way whatsoever. It's just that a Muslim would probably laugh at my ignorance and how crappy I answered the question. I basically wrote whatever came to mind which amounted to one page of I don't know what. I still don't know what any of it means. If I were at that particular lecture, I'm sure that would have helped in understanding the situation. Anyways, I walked out of the REB feeling pretty good considering I walked in thinking I was going to fail the exam and that I would have an "F" on my transcript when I am used to seeing A's and A-'s back home which is equivalent to H1's and H2A's here. I will be so pissed if I don't get a pass mark on the exam. If I get an H3 for the entire subject, I am def gonna drink in celebration.

After the REB, I started looking for Anne. We decided before we went in that we would get gelati afterwards. I eventually found her among the throng of 3,000 uni students. We decided against gelati because of the cool and drizzly weather. But instead, she took me to Foodbowl, a Singaporean restaurant, for Kaya toast. It was quite tasty, I've never had it before. I will def eat lots of it when I go to SG. We eventually made our way back to IH.

I had my last IH dinner with Hiro aka the coolest Jap guy ever. I didn't want to eat my last dinner with just some fellow IH-ers that I occassionally talk to. I wanted it to be someone special. Dino was gone. Houston didn't answer his door. Lyn gone. Anne no msn response. Then I remembered my boy, Hiro. I called him up and luckily he didn't leave yet for dinner. So we ate dinner together which was great.

Tonight is my going away celebration. We will be hanging out in Fang's apartment to start out then making our way to F4, a club in the city. I really hope a lot of people come, it would mean a lot but everyone is really tired from exams including myself but I don't let my tiredness stop me esp. when I am leaving so soon. It just started raining so that won't help much. Now, I need to take a shower and get people's contact information. Hasta Luego Amigos!!!


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