Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm really getting into the habit of blogging at 1, 2, or 3 in the morning. Right now it's 2:30 AM Thursday night/Friday morning. Take your pick.

Things I have done today (pretty much in this order):

1. Mowed lawn at my mom's work - paid $80 Wooohooo! My mom's boss is really cool, he gave me extra money for my trip to Philadelphia on Friday & Saturday.

2. Called credit card company about bill and subsequently paid bill.

3. Took a shower.

4. Bought international stamps at the post office.

5. Mailed a bday card.

6. Played golf with my friend Phil. I haven't seen him in six months. He studied abroad at Leed's University in England. It was cool talking to him about our experiences. And, finally, someone who understood me. Although he's been home for about five weeks now, he said how it felt quite weird to be home when he first arrived and how it took a lil time to adjust back to the "normal" life here. We had a beer together, on me since he beat me on the last hole, after our round of golf. It was only my second alcoholic drink of LEGAL age. lol.

7. Took a nap.

8. Picked my mom up for work.

9. Took another nap.

10. Packed up for Philadelphia, inc. laundry

11. Watched the NBA Finals. Damn you, Spurs! Good effort though Pistons. Larry Brown is one of the best coaches ever to live, and it was demonstrated by Popovich's gestures at the end of the game.

12. Dad stopped by to say goodbye. We chatted and watched the game.


Tomorrow, or today, I leave for Penn State. It will take about 3 and a half hours maybe longer due to construction. I will finally get my new mobile phone, I've been waiting so that I can get my Penn State discount. I'm staying overnight at my friend's apartment (Jill). Saturday I will drive to Philadelphia, the home of the cheesesteak, and move into my new home at UPenn for the next two months.

Saturday night, I am supposed to be meeting up with one of my friends from Dirty Jersey. One of his friends is playing at a bar somewhere in the city and according to Jeff, there will be "hot" girls. When he told me that, all I thought were "groupies."

Monday, I start working for KPMG Forensic Services on the 30th floor at 1601 Market Street. I'm pretty excited but also nervous cause I hope I don't do anything stupid or f*ck up so that maybe I can get a full-time job. I can't wait to read all of the perverted and sick emails people write at our clients. FYI - be careful what you write in your emails.

Right now, it's 2:41 AM and the dryer buzzer just went off so I gotta bounce...


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