Sunday, July 31, 2005

THANK YOU for the surprise gift. I really liked it. *WINK* <3


OK, I finally was able to load the pictures below...encountered some unexpected problems uploading yesterday trying to make this post.

Anyways, on Friday night, I decided that I would check out Chinatown and the Italian Market Saturday. I woke up at 10 am...showered, ate breakfast, and the like. I left my apartment at noon to go to my car to get the map of Philly. And then, my problems began. In the process of cleaning out my car, I thought it was odd that the passenger side power door lock wasn't working nor would it open all the doors when it should have. So I went to the driver side, same problem...very weird. I was thinking, "what the hell is going on, did someone mess with my car?" Next, I tried turning the car on....nothing happened, absolutely nothing. So I called my mom to tell her about the problem, and we thought it was the battery. I then called AAA, which is an emergency roadside assistance company. I waited an hour at the entrance of the parking garage for the dude to come. I got in his truck and we went up to my car. Before that happened though, he decided to have a road rage incident with some people waking on the sidewalk which I thought was slightly amusing. But to make a long story short again, the battery was dead and no longer any good, he put in a new, and my car is back to normal.

So instead of leaving at noon, I left after 2 because of the car incident. I finally took the subway to Chinatown. I walked around and checked out the scene. Here are some pics of my adventure...

I took a picture of this place. Not sure exactly what it is, but I thought it looked pretty cool so I took a pic.

Picture of egg tart that I bought at bakery #1. (I actually bought two but just took a pic of one.)

Picture of egg tarts that I bought at bakery #2.

Dino gave me some Korean noodles before I left IH. I finally made them for dinner about two weeks ago. They were good, but damn HOT! My lips felt like they were burning. Well when I was roaming through Chinatown, I walked into a random store and what do ya know! They've got the same noodles! I was sooo surprised. I instantly thought of the Malaysian pimp, Dino. So here's a pic that I took in my room of the five packs of noodles. Btw, they only cost 75 US cents each. Is that a good price? On a side note, I was telling the cashier of how I came into contact with these noodles, the Dino story. I told him it was my first time in Chinatown. He asked if I felt alright or comfortable or something along those lines since it was my first time there. Why would a Caucasian feel uncomfortable in Philadelphia's Chinatown? maybe I'm missing something or maybe I just completely misunderstood the guy.

Final picture...

Overall, I had a good time. I'm sure it would have been more fun going with someone, but I have been waiting all summer to go there with my friend's girlfriend all summer...sound dodgey? She said that she would go with me and take me to a Veitnamese restaurant, but this is my last weekend in Philly. I called her Friday for the 3rd time, but she didn't return my call. Oh well, I thought the area was kinda dirty but I was making my comparison to Melbourne's Chinatown which I found to be clean relative to Philly and Philly is kinda dirty in general too. Gotta love it when you see trash stuffed into the bottom of a lamp post.


Friday, July 29, 2005

It's 11 PM Friday. I probably should be out drinking. Well if I were at Penn State I would be. pong...flip cup...kings...and the rest of all those drinking games. But I'm not. Just chillin and listening to some music.

Just off the phone a lil bit ago with mi amigo Americano Jared. It was great catching up with him. He just got back to the US a few days. It was funny hearing about his trips to NZ and Fiji and laughing at all of his random jokes. Good 'ol Jared Robbins.

I was supposed to find out today if I was receiving a full-time job with KPMG. That didn't happen...I mean we didn't find out yet, neither the other intern nor I. wtf...I better find out before I go to San Fran on Wednesday.

Don't have much to say...usually I have a lot of random crap to say about my day and such. Maybe just too tired to think right now even though I woke up two hours ago from a 3 or 4 hour nap.

Moe sent me this pic yesterday...check it out. The morning I left IH. *sigh*

Fang, where are you?!?! Rach, you hadn't waken up I BUM!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

I have been wanting a white leather belt for the LONGEST time. I don't even remember when I this want not need materialized. About a week, I did an extensive search online for my white leather belt. I was having no luck. I checked all the stores I thought might sell one - Express, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Coach, Gap, FCUK, Abercrombie & Fitch, and so on.

Then I remembered studying Federated Department Stores who owns Bloomingdales and Macy's - the top of the line department store. I went to Bloomingdale's website - nothing.

MACY'S had a white belt. I was shocked. Price: $34. In my mind, CHEAP considering how much I have been willing to get my hands on a white belt I have been desiring for the longest time. So here is the Kenneth Cole belt displayed on Macy's website...

However, I do NOT like the style of the belt. I don't like the two-prong thing going on. I want one. I want something more dressy and classy looking like a regular black belt you would wear with a suit. As the description says on the website: "Punk goes proper in this retro-mod belt." Can someone please tell me why the hell Kenneth Cole is making a punk-looking belt. Puhlease! When I think of Kenneth Cole, I think sophistication, classy, dressy, and more. I was severely disappointed.

I believe it was when I went shopping for Fang's going away present with Niro and Rach that I found a white leather belt at Melbourne Central. The store started with an "M." I forget the spelling but I can sorta picture it in my mind. The belt had black stitching, but I could have dealt with that. I still looked pretty sweet. The belt cost $80AUD. At the time, I thought it was damn expensive for a belt. The most I have spent on a belt is my one from Banana Republic that cost $40USD. At this point, I would pay for a belt that cost that much. I'm desperate. When a person is desparate, they will pay any amount to get their hands on what they want. Or at least, I will or do.

Now that I think of it, I should find the Melbourne Central website for their store listing. Then google the stroe name to see if they have a website. Maybe they sell their stuff in the US? But for now, it's time to eat din din cause it's 9. I'd rather continue napping or rather just go to bed, but I need to fix that DAMN excel spreadsheet. sh*t.



This blog is dedicated to ENA and HUIPENG since they blame me for a recent lack of updates....just messin w/ ya girls...I woulda blogged Tuesday night when I had free internet at the hotel, but KPMG tracks every website we go to. I don't want them to know about my blog since I talk about ppl at work. If they were smart though, they could get the address anyways since I visit other ppl's blogs where I'm linked. Hopefully they don't make that kind of effort.

But, I got home about a half hour ago. I was up at 5:30 am to fly home from Florida. Of course, our flight at 8 was delayed until 830. The senior associate and I were supposed to fly out yesterday at 7 pm but the weather in Philly was really bad so they weren't allowing any arrival flights. Even the flight that was supposed to have left at 4:30 was still at the terminal....not a good sign. To make a long story short, we got a hotel room at the Marriott. Cost: $185 USD. Expensive?...Yes...Did we care?...No...Why?...The client gets to pay for it :) One nice thing bout flying home this morning is that we got to fly first class. *SMILE* I've never flown first class. I felt special...haha. There's so much room compared to the economy class. I wish I could fly business/first class all the time, but as an intern and associate you can't. I say BULLSH*T.

But yeah, the senior associate and I were performing a franchise audit near Tampa on a company. I can't give too many details because everything is confidential. I work in the FORENSIC practice. Understand? If I leaked anything, I could be A) Fired, B) Fined, or C) Jailed or a combination of these. Anyways, the company we were auditing has the right to produce a certain product. For every product they produce and sell, they have to pay a royalty fee to the company who granted the right to produce this certain product. Follow me? Probably sounds simple but it can get extremely complex which of course was happening. Luckily, the senior associate knew what she was doing and basically took care of the hard stuff.

It's 7 pm. I am DAMN TIRED. Hungry. And I have work to do for tomorrow before I go in. *SIGH* I thought bout going blading but that idea is out of the question. Way toooo tired now. I'll probably blog later even though I should be in bed sleeping.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Work was fine today. Although I wasted bout 6.5 hours of my life today doing nonsense trying to reconcile the partner's credit card statements and expense reports. Sound like fun to you?!?!......well, NO! Not one bit! But hey at least they're paying me, but I would still rather be doing meaningful work.

I got a good email this morning. My manager said the partner finally got approval for the other intern and I to go to Montreal for training in August. Originally, I was supposed to be done 3 August but now I will be paid another week...yippee!

Tomorrow I am going to Tampa, Florida for some client work. I FINALLY get to do some travelling. I have been waiting all summer to get out of the damn office. I'm kinda nervous though cause I don't have a total grasp on my assignment and I don't wanna f*ck it up with me finding out on Friday if I get a full-time offer or not. I can leave a good or bad impression in the senior associate's mind about my performance so this job could make me or break me. Plus it would help if I get a good review so it increases my chances of a possible tranfer to San Francisco if I get a FT offer. Say a prayer for me plz.

It's 7:40 pm. Should go review some stuff for tomorrow so that I feel a lil more prepared plus I'm tired and need to get to bed soon. No blogging until Wednesday night when I get back.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

All day, Limewire downloaded A Lot Like Love. Then, I "launch" the file. Windows Media Player said "Error Downloading Codec." So I google codec and download the thing. I play the file again. Same damn error message. ARGH >:

I just wanted to watch a movie tonight. Yes I have FAMILY GUY but I don't feel like watching something funny for some reason. I just want to watch A Lot Like Love. Ena really liked the movie, and I don't feel like waiting until late August to rent it. I thought my dilemma would be solved by downloading but oh no. And then my housemate has been able to download every movie he wishes off of Limewire. He's even got Batman Begins in his collection. WTF.

I could be doing a lot of other semi-productive things like washing dishes, ironing clothes for work tomorrow, cleaning up my room, and so on. But I feel like blogging and posting some more here we go. BTW - these pics are from my friend's friend who finally messaged me so I was able to get her link to her pics...ANYWAYS...check it out...

This is my friend Jeff and me at the Live 8 concert. He's from New Jersey, about a half-hour drive from Philly. The shirt on top of the head didn't do too much to protect me from the sun. Still got sunburnt and sweat like a pig.

This is me before the Live 8 concert hanging onto the light post to get a better view of the stage. I really hate being short. I had to stand on my toes if I wanted to see the performers, but for the most part I relied on the jumbo-tron screens to watch. My feet were hurting just from standing flat, on the toes...painful but it was well worth it.

This pic is definitely my favorite. After the Linkin Park/Jay-Z performance, Jeff, Kristin, and me decided to walk around and see what food they were selling and just to check out the scene. We decided not to go back to our original spots cause they would have been a pain in the ass, so we just chilled where there was plenty of space yet we could still see the jumbo-tron screens and the stage a bit. At about 430 or 5 pm that day, I decided to take a nap on the grass. I wasn't really planning on falling asleep, but I did. I was sooo damn tired from walking up at 7 am that day and standing for 7 hours straight. So Kristin thought it would be funny to take a pic of Mark while he was sleeping. According to Jeff and Kristin, a lot of people that walked by actually took pics of me. I'm not really sure why...what's so funny bout someone sleeping on the grass?

So yeah, you probably noticed by now that this pic is in the "About Me" section. That's the history of the pic.

If you're wondering why the text above is in color: I always check my posts after publishing to make sure everthing is generally ok. Who knows why, but blogger now is deciding to be retarded and changing the color of the text to something you can't read...all on it's magic!


I swear that I LOVE to sleep. It's now 6 PM. I knew I should have set the alarm on my mobile for 430 or 5. I don't feel like rollerblading. So I'm heating up leftovers from last night. I think this is the third day in a row now that I have woken up around 10 or 11 and then taken a nap around 2 or 3 and waking up a couple hours later. You know you're life is uneventful and pathetic when you're blogging about how much you sleep. I was going through some of my old pictures earlier today, and I came around this one.

This is from 1st year, 2nd semester during March. I spent all year growing my hair out to get it long enough for cornrows. I thought it looked pretty sweet when it was finally done. I was the only white guy at uni with cornrows, and everyone looked at me since usually only black people do this to their hair.

But the pic reminded me of Melbourne. I wanted to get cornrows when I was in Melb. So did Anne. I probably called 15 places to see how much they charged. Every single place was going to charge at least $100, most of them were at least $150. I was like WTF. I got it done for free, back in the day, and even if I did have to pay, it wouldn't have been more than probably $50 at the ABSOLUTE most.

It's not 6:22. Time to go to the TV room to watch World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Someone better not be there watching TV...


Lance Armstrong, 7-time Tour de France winner. 1999-2005. Highly doubtful anyone will win the Tour 8 times anytime soon. Will go down as one of the best American athletes, probably even one of the best athletes in the world. Everytime someone accused him of doping, he never failed. He passed hundreds of drug tests. Never once was anything found. He has had something they didn't have - the motivation, drive, ambition to succeed which lead him to train harder than anyone else and look what happened - 7-time Tour winner. And he did it right after facing death.


New Favorite Song: "Your Body" by Pretty Ricky.

Download it or ask me to transfer it over msn.

It's 12:20 am. Time to go play some beer pong in Alan's apartment...


Saturday, July 23, 2005

I received two postcards in the mail today from Ena. THANKS Ena! I would call you/her now but it's only 4 am in Melb right now. Don't think she would like getting a call now, but I can call in about 8 hours when it's noon Sunday in Melb.

One of the postcards is from Singapore (very It's a pic of the Orchard Road District and as quoted on the postcard "one of Asia's most popular shopping areas." The pic def looks nice, hopefully I will be able to find out for myself if it's truly one of Asia's most popular shopping areas.

The other postie is from Bangkok, when she visited Naina. It's a picture of the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) against a tropial sunset. Very nice too.

This is my 3rd blog of the day. You're probably thinking who knows what, well I'm bored right now and I don't feel like going outside in the heat, I would rather just stay in my room in the A/C. A nap sounds pretty good right now actually, feeling kinda sleepy and I LOVE to sleep. I swear I am going to motivate myself to wake up around 5 though to go blading and get some exercise.


DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow & Ciara "Like You"

I would put it under my "Favorite Current Song" section, but I just updated that earlier today.

It's such a summer song. Just picture the following: cruisin in ur Lexus, Acura, Benz, whatever ya got and you're rolling on let' say 20 inch iced out-DUBS with the most beautiful girl by your side with her hair blowing in the wind as you cruise down the interstate highway at 120+ kph and the sun glistening off your car with this song blasting on your at least 2 amp, 2 or 3 subwoofer, 10 speaker sound system in ur car.

Too bad I don't have any of the above - car, dubs to roll on, girl, etc etc....haha BUT you should still download it!


Last night I was just planning on relaxing, taking it easy since Thursday night I was a mess. But, of course, things change.

I received a call on my handphone at about 11 PM. It was my friend Alan. "Mark, do you know where we can buy cups and ping pong balls?" "Why?" "For beer pong." "OHHH, sorry." He asked me if I wanted to come down to his room and I said I would be down in 15 mins.

When I got to his room I met his cousin Billy, who is 16, and Billy's friend Dustin, who is 19. I swear Billy looked like he was 21 and Dustin could have easily passed for 21. I told Alan we should just hit up a bar somewhere. Anyways, Alan said that someone at work told him that places deliver beer. Since when do they do that? But, he couldn't find anything online. He called Marathon Grill, a restaurant/bar, to see if they sold beer. Answer: NO....but they gave us the address of a place that does. SWEET. So Alan and I go to this place, it's a pizza joint. We buy two 12-packs of Coors Light. Cost: $22...kinda expensive but expected for the kind of place. We walk back to our apartment building.

Next goal: get some ping pong balls so that we can actually play beer pong. Before I left my apartment, my housemate told me to just ask for some at the reception desk so that we could play ping pong in the games room. GREAT idea. I def would have never thought of that. So Alan rented the ping pong set which of course we took straight to his room and not the games room. He actually had cups for the beer so we had everything we needed: beer, two ping pong balls, and a table. LET THE BEER PONG GAMES COMMENCE!

Teams: Alan & me and Billy & Dustin. In the end, Alan and I won 5 games to 3. We def kicked some ass. Some of the highlights: Somehow Alan managed to spill 3 cups of beer right when one of the games just started. WTF?!?! So, we were down 6 cups to 2 cups cause they made their first shot. Damnit! We ended up coming back and winning that came cause we f*ckin rocked. Between two games, I made 5 shots in a row which is damn good. Billy and Dustin were getting pissed that I kept making everything, but I loved it.

At this point, everyone probably thinks I'm crazy but if you only knew how much fun beer pong is and how seriously we can take it. Beer pong has become part of the US pasttime. Fathers and mothers play with their children when they visit at uni and other occassions.

Anyways, back to the Beer Pong Olympics. We ended up going through our two 12-packs of Coors. Decision: should Alan and I go back to the pizza joint to buy more beer?................OF COURSE! Another $22. Well it actually didn't come out of my pocket, but I still owe Alan $10. So we go back and play some more pong. We only played two more games when we could have played another 8 or so. Alan was drunk cause he hadn't eaten any dinner and needed to get this morning at 8 to drive Billy, Dustin, and himself to Six Flags, a rollercoaster place. I was drunk for the second night in a row. I came back to my room and ate some food cause I get MAD MUNCHIES when I'm drinking. Then I passed out.

In the end, a night of nothing turned into a drunken fun night. You never know when a friend will call you at 11 PM. Those are the times I miss at my uni. Getting a phone call when you're studying on a Wednesday night and your bro asks you if you wanna play some beer pong when you have class the next morning at 10 and of course you agree to have some fun.

Today, I'm not sure what I am going to do. I wanna go blading, but it will probably be too bloody hot out again. I could lay in the sun and get a tan, but I don't really have any books to read. hmmm. For now, I shall get some food and take a shower.


Friday, July 22, 2005

I have fully recovered from last night and yesterday in general. I haven't had that much fun probably since my last two nights in Melb.

The day started off by going to the KPMG Forensic partner's house. Everyone showed up around 12:30. We ate some lunch and eventually had our 5 minute "meeting." But, the drinking began at 1 in the arvo and continued all night for this dude. At about 3 pm, we went to the golf course to play our lil golf outing. We had 3 foursomes, some people dropped out. On my team, there was Ron (the partner), Matt (a manager), Geno (the other intern), and me. We played a scramble format (dun feel like explaining what that is and it's irrelevant). We were playing in the last group and were even par going into the last hole. While we were playing our second shot on the 9th hole, we found out from the group ahead they shot even par for 9 holes. We had to make birdie to win the tourney, make par for a playoff, or if we made bogey we lost the tourney. Matt drove the ball in the center of the fairway. Matt and Geno's second shots were shit, not even on the green. It was up to Ron and me. Ron put it on the green and I had the go ahead to go after the pin but I actually didn't get it closer cause I suck. On the green, I was the last one to put and the f*ckin ball hit the left side of the hole and "lipped" out. Couldn't frickin believe it. That was for the trophy and bragging rights of the 2nd Annual Wet Whistle Open.

We went onto a playoff. In short, we played had to make an up and down for par. The other team had 4 chances at a birdie putt, and they all missed....mwahaha. So instead of replaying the 9th hole again, we took the playoff to the practice putting green. In the end, we won the lil golf outing.

After the golf, we went into the bar which the director owns or co-owns which means OPEN BAR. Oh, I forgot to mention that we also drank some beer while playing golf...very appropriate for the occassion. But yeah getting back to this open bar. Started out with two Coronas. Then I was like beer is cheap relative to other drinks. So I decided to proceed ordering a gin and tonic. For some reason, I have come to love gin and tonics. Then I ordered vodka and cranberry...kinda a girly drink but I could down those like water. I took it easy for awhile cause I knew I would be driving home and drinking and driving is NOT a good idea. But then the following occurred:

We had a trophy for the winners. On Tuesday one of the other managers, Brian, put me in charge of putting a label (like a plaque thing) on the trophy. So I spent about 10 mins in MS Word making it look pretty, printed it out, and taped it to the trophy. I was also responsible for bringing the trophy to our event.

ANYWAYS, trust me this gets a lil better. I told Brian at some point that I thought the winners should have to drink out of the trophy. So at about 830 or 9, that came up and Brian proceeded to pour his entire gin and tonic in the trophy and told me to drink it. I got "called out," and I wasn't about to back down. I think everyone was surprised that I actually starting drinking from the trophy. Dana, the director, got her Treo out and took a picture of me drinking from it, so hopefully I will get that pic soon from her so I can put it up. BTW - did I mention I really want a Treo? Basically every upper-level business professional in the US has one or at least it seems so. It almost seems like a status thing. It shows that you're higher up in the firm or company. But back to the drinking. I wasn't drunk at all, a lil high. However, some of my co-workers were def drunk byt the time we left at about 9 pm or so. But they didn't have to drive the next day. I luckily made it home OK which means I didn't get into a crash or get pulled over by the cops which equals death.

NOW, to the better part of the blog, or at least I think so.

I got home around 9:45 or 10. I walked by my housemate's room and he said something like "Yo Mark, the girls across the hall are going out and they invited us to come." Now, let me explain. There is this one girl from Montreal that lives in that apartment who is F*CKIN HOT or as I would say with my friends here in the US, F*CKIN BANGIN'. So I was like "Martin, I'm game." I took a two minute shower and cleaned up. Martin and I went over to their apartment. She, meaning the Canadian, came to the living area and I was like DAAAMMMNNNN. She looked so good. OK enough bout this girl. So, Martin, me, Marta (the Canadian), Sarah, and Jenny got a cab and went downtown.

We went to a lounge where you could smoke shisha or sheesha, whatever the spelling is. It was not a hookah lounge. It was a lounge where you could do so if you wished. The night was pretty crazy. I was downing Rum and Cokes like water. In the end, I had about 5 and before we left I had a shot of something and don't forget that I had been drinking throughout the day. So I was a complete drunk by the time I left. But let me back up. The girls started dancing on the tables, and the DJ told them to keep "workin" it or as we like to say "TWERKIN' " At one time, I had to use the bathroom and on the way there this group of black people were chillin by the DJ. I think they were his friend. So one of the girls just started grinding/freakin with me, and I started doing the same with her. I think they liked me one move cause they all yelled "AHHHHH........shit" hahaha.

I smoked shisha for the first time last night. On the first go round, I passed. But the 2nd time round, I tried it. It was pretty cool. Well, I must have really liked it cause by the time I left I was SOOOOOOOOO F*CKED UP. Between the shisha and all the drinking, I was messed up. Earlier in the night, I noticed a couple of HOT Asian bartenders (can only imagine what everyone is thinking right now). I wanted to talk to them, but they were busy pretty much all night. But later in the night, things finally slowed down and the one was just kinda standing around. I wanted to talk to her, but I was too f*cked up to get up and make some moves. She would have known I was drunk, and I probably would have just made a fool of myself.

I smoked so much shisha and drank so much. I honestly thought I was going to vomit. That's how messed up I was. But I kept drinking and hitting the shisha cause I had so many thoughts running through my head throughout the night, that I thought it would get rid of the thoughts. But, it didn't. Towards the end, I just closed my eyes, put my hands on my head, and kinda leaned over while sitting. People were asking if I was OK. I got a lil annoyed. I was bloody OK, OK? I have been FAR WORSE than last night, and on those nights I had to take care of myself. No one was there to help me out/take care of me.

In the end, it was a really fun night besides getting too f*cked up and not talking to the Asian bartenders. About the Canadian, I never talked to her. I didn't know what to say to her. I was speechless for some reason. I didn't know how to break the ice. But, anyways it doesn't really matter cause she was talking to all her guys throughtout the night so I didn't even really have the opportunity to talk to her.

I woke up this morning at 9. I was sleeping on my left side, I proceeded to roll over to my right side to look at the clock. The dizziness hit me immediately and I closed my eyes and rolled back over to my left side and cuddled with my tazzie devil stuffed animal ena got me. I snuggle/cuddle with it everyone night. And I know I'm a guy and I should be ashamed to admit that, but it's true.

Luckily, it's about 4 PM now and I have fully recovered from last night and yesterday. I deposited my paycheck into my checking account. I came back to my room, and I have just been lounging all day. I'm thinking about taking a nap but also considering blading soon, but it's too BLOODY HOT to do so. Hmmm, nap sounds good right now.....


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just finished talking on msn with Grace, who I haven't talked to in a long time. It was good catching up with her. From Grace, "She likes gay men." Next line, "She wants to marry a gay man." HAHAHA. Soooo funny.

Before that Grace called me a "Gossip Monger." sheessh. tsk. J/K Grace, I thought it was still really funny!

Man, if I only I were going back to Melb like everyone else. I've been getting info about the new Americans at IH, doesn't sound good.....sorry ppl.


I don't really have much to blog about. Tomorrow night I will have a good blog to write after our "office festivities." I actually probably won't be able to blog about until Friday morn since I will be getting home late on Thursday and plus I will have something to do while I recover from my hangover Friday morn.

Update on my lost debit card...since I am an idiot, I decided to take the money and receipt from the ATM, but I somehow forgot to take my card with me. I think this is how transactions work at all ATMs worldwide where they ask you if you would like another transaction. Well, when I picked up my ATM card from the bank (since no one was able to take it) I found out that after about 30 seconds, the ATM sucks your card back into the machine if you do nothing. However, if someone were standing behind me, they could have drained my account which at that time equaled about $1,500. If that happened, I would have died. I dun know what I would have done. But, I learned my lesson. Even if you're in a rush, always remember your card....seems simple but obviously some of us (meaning me) don't think so.

Tomorrow is going to be heaps of fun. Everyone, well almost everyone (about 16 out of 18) from the Forensic practice is going to the partner's house for lunch. We will have a meeting there. Afterwards we have our golf outing and then we'll have dinner. Finally, the director in the practice owns a bar so we'll finish our night there. Did I mention everyone will be drinking starting at lunch and continuing throughout the day. Everyone is going to be so drunk. Everyone is getting really hyped about it. I can't wait to hear what comes from everyone's mouth once they're drunk, it should be interesting. I haven't figured out how I will be getting home yet cause driving home drunk isn't the smartest thing in the world with getting pulled over by cops although I've done it before and I feel like a seasoned veteran doing it. Shame on me! So until then, wait for the much anticipated Golf Outing/Beer Bash blog in two days to come.


Monday, July 18, 2005

I cannot believe I left my debit card in the ATM. I am such a STUPID F*CK! ARGH! >:o


Sunday, July 17, 2005

This is a continuation of my last blog, so if you don't understand read the bottom portion of my previous blog.

Previously, I was talking about materiality and now I feel like talking about women, well not exactly. I'm just going to describe what I want in a woman.

So, I want a woman who is:

1. educated
2. employed - making some money to live on own, which partially leads to...
3. independence
4. ambitious
5. goal-minded, in terms of career and life
6. moderately good-looking - preferably with dark hair and curly (but the latter is not necessary)...blonde, no.
7. loves to travel, which leads me to....
8. I can say, "Baby, we're leaving in 5 hours to go to Italy. Pack your bags." Personally, I think most women would probably have a panic attack realizing they have to pack bags and pack the proper clothing at which point they may even know what would be proper. Skirts? Long pants? MAKEUP? But, who cares! In the end it doesn't matter. If I have enough money for us to go to Italy, I will buy what you need in Italy. To be quite honest, I would wanna say the following:

Me: "Baby, we're leaving in a half hour to go to Italy."
Girlfriend/Wife: "Whaaa, are you serious?"
Me: "We don't have time to pack, I just bought the tickets on a whim."
Girlfriend/Wife: "OK, I don't care."

[ Mark and his girlfriend/wife subsequently fly off to Italy.]

You're probably laughing at this now, including me. But, I'm being serious.

9. I can't think of anything else at this point.

I forgot to mention in my last blog how I bought a watch. I lost or misplaced my last Fossil watch, I have no idea what happened to it. Not exactly happy bout it. It was a nice watch. It cost about $100, not exactly cheap and I had only had the watch for about 2-3 years. So, as Alan and I were walking through the King of Prussia mall last night, we walked by the Fossil store. He asked if I wanted to go in and I said sure. I wasn't even thinking about buying a watch, but the display in the front window caught my eye. I checked them out. Very nice. Classy. None of them were more than $80 - even better. I looked at the watches in the back of the store. I tried three watches on. This is the one I bought.

According to the Fossil website, this watch is for the "sophisticated gentleman." So I guess that makes me a sophisticated gentleman. J/K.

As you probably know, you can choose a tin box for your new watch for free. So I chose this one, supposedly a game from Atari. It just looked cool to me. The first pic is the top side. 2nd pic is the bottom side.

Now, here are some pics of the watch I purchased. Only $65. In my mind, good buy.

This pic is from the Fossil website. It appears as though the wristband they have displayed is different than mine.

So what do you think of the new watch? For now, I only plan on wearing to work and going out, not around the apt. just to protect it for awhile.

Gotta take care of laundry now which means ironing...ARGH!


Last night was fun.

My friend and I went to King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall on the east coast of the U.S. We went to a restaurant called Houlihon's or something like that. I haven't had a steak in the longest time so that's what I ate for din din. However, before eating, we were talking and at one point I thought it was odd that a waiter never came to our table to take our drink orders. Finally, some waiter realized that we were just sitting there and asked if anyone had helped us at which point, we said no. He said he would be back in a minute, but eventually another waiter finally came to take our drink and meal orders. We waited five minutes, 10 at the absolute most. I ordered the 1 liter long island iced tea. Alan had the three mini martinis. These guys inc. their kids who were male saw what we ordered and inquired about the drinks. They were impressed that I had this HUGE ass mug, remember 1 L, and Alan had his three martinis. After we got our drinks, the manager came over to our table. I thought he was going to ask for ID since our waiter never did cause the waiter seemed new, he seemed kinda nervous. Anyways, the manager said our first round of drinks were on the house since we were just sitting there for our waiter initially. I was like "Whaaa, are you serious?" But, I wasn't about to argue with the guy. Any time someone offers me a free drink, I'm all over that. Alan and I did not mind one bit that were waiting 5, maybe 10 minutes. We were chatting about whatever not even realizing how much time was passing. FREE drink + tasty steak dinner = good start to the night.

I don't think I've ever walked out of a restaurant a lil high. So that's a first, but I haven't exactly had many chances to do so since I don't eat out that much and I just turned 21 relatively recently. After dinner, we walked around the mall. One of our first stops was BANANA REPUBLIC. *sigh* Alan bought his approx. $150 brown dress shoes and his three undershirts for $39. The shoes were a nice choice, but I could not have spent that much on shoes, at least right now. Maybe in 14 months when I'm working full-time. However, I was surprised that he bought the 3 t-shirts for $39. They're just undershirts. Go to a department store and buy a 3-pack of Hanes for about $15. What's the difference - NONE, except for the name on the shirt. Seriously, I like nice clothing, coats, jackets, accesssories, and so on. My black shoes and a belt, which I love, are from Banana Republic. But why buy undershirts from BR when they'll just eventually get dirty and you'll have to throw them away? Doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me, but it's not my money so he can spend it however he wishes, BUT this leads me to my next two discusssions....

First, I want to take about materiality and then about women (haha). First, about materiality. Alan seems to be turning into a material guy. Buying all this BR stuff, which is OK. But he was telling me about his co-workers and how they were shopping online at work for $300 Diesel Jeans and how they owned a pair. We got talking about this. Personally, I don't understand the point of owning a $300 pair of jeans. The most I will ever pay for a pair of jeans is $100 from Express and not even Express charges that much. Alan said that according to his co-workers, the money they make allows them to afford such a lifestyle. We continued talking about cars. After about 2 or 3 years of working, Alan plans on buying an Audi. I was really surprised by this comment. You're going to buy an Audi after 2 or 3 years of working? Seriously? Maybe it's just me and the way I am but there is no way in hell I will be buying an Audi after 2 or 3 years. Maybe after 10 years I will consider it. I told Alan I would much rather spend money on something that I will enjoy like travelling and travelling around the world. Why spend at least $30,000 when you can spend $20,000 on a decent car. So, when Alan buys his at least $30,000 Audi (probably more like $40,000 Audi) , I will buy my $20,000 whatever car and spend the $10,000 - $20,000 difference on travelling around the world experiencing stuff he probably will never experience. Maybe my thinking is just irrational, but I personally think I know where to spend my money. Cars - not important. House - moderate. Travelling - High. Clothing - low to moderate.

This question gets me to my next discussion which I believe deserves it's own space as I new blog so look above....


Saturday, July 16, 2005

I just woke up, it's 12:37 right now.

I had a dream. It wasn't a good dream, but it wasn't necessarily bad either. I think the dream reflects the truth though which is unfortunate from my end, the other end probably doesn't care. But I guess life goes on. I had a feeling it would have happened eventually anyways so I might as well deal with it now.


Just got back from Batman Begins. Great movie except for all the "theatrical" stuff at the beginning of the movie -

First, some guy started talking to his "boy" on his mobile. Everyone "sshed" him, but he obviously continued like a jackass would. This happened again.

Then, some guy wanted to start fighting people in the movie theater. WTF. Who are these people? Security even had to come in to escort the guy out.

I seriously considered walking out of the movie and asking for a refund.

Then as I was walking home and this dude was playing golf at let's see......12:10 A.M. Who the f*ck does that?

I swear Philly is one f*cked up city. If I get a job here, I swear I hope I can get a transfer to the west coast like San Fran.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

At about 2:00 P.M. today I received a phone call and this is how I felt afterwards:



I was disappointed in myself for leading you on when I didn't know for sure, so I should have spoken more cautiously.

"You" probably includes you if you're reading this even if you think it doesn't. Confused?

She still doesn't understand how important it is to me. She said something like "sometimes things just don't go the way you want them to." THANKS! That made me feel sooo much better *cough - sarcasm*

I couldn't get much work done because my mind was too distracted from the phone call I was hoping I wouldn't receive delivering the bad news with its consequences.

I feel a tiny bit better now, now that some time has passed but each moment where I have time to think about it (like right now), I will probably slip into a deep coma of depression and disappointment.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Last night, I went up to the "Sky Lounge" on the top floor with my friend Alan. There are some tables and couches to do some homework (for students) or to chill (for Alan and me). It was pretty cool, you have about a 270 degree view of the city. Some girl was talking very loudly about some guy which was kinda annoying and at one point I thought about asking her to shut the hell up. But here are some pics of the Philadelphia downtown skyline. They didn't turn out that great considering I was taking them from inside a building but at least you can get an idea of what's it like.

It looks like the 1st and 3rd pictures turned out the best. So how bout today and my wonderful day at work...

It was a pretty boring day, what else is new? I read through a 60-page legal document in the morning which was sorta a pain because it's written by lawyers and their technical bullsh*t. In the afternoon, I read through a 130-page annual report which I kept falling alseep to. I'm wondering if they're really going to give me the opportunity to travel outside of Philadelphia to a client, or they're just going to keep telling me that so I stay interested. Who knows what will happen. One thing I know for sure is that it's def not a good thing that I already don't really look forward to going into work or think it's a drag to do so...this is only my 3rd week. It will be interesting to see how I feel about the firm at the end of the internship, and if they give me a full-time job....only time will tell I guess.

After work, Alan and I went to Chili's (a restaurant/bar) for happy hour. I ordered a strawberry margarita, only $3 which is damn good. We just chilled, talked, watched some TV including our BOY, LANCE ARMSTRONG who is back on top of the tour. GO LANCE!!!

In a few minutes I need to wash dishes and go to the supermarket to buy some essentials like milk. I bet everyone can guess what I ate for dinner and what I will be buying at the supermarket....


A gold star if you guessed right.

Thinking about watching some TV tonight. I think the MLB All-Star game is on. I also need to call my mom - haven't talked to her in a couple of days. I'm out...keep it real!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Today was a decent day at work. I actually did some "actual" forensic work. At the end of the day when I put my assignment on the director's desk, I felt like I finally accomplished something and contributed to the firm. It will be another thing if the director thinks I did a good job or not. He went over this new assignment that I have to start tomorrow. I really dun know how I am going to pull it off, but maybe I should just be more confident in myself about my ability to do a good job.

A senior associate, Ron, who works in audit took me to lunch. I went to high school with his brother, and Ron went to Penn State so that's the connection. He took me to a restaurant called Bleu. BTW, I love it when I get to go out to lunch for FREE. Anyways, the restaurant was supposedly rated as having the 4th best burger in the US. I didn't think it was THAT great. The cheese, whatever kind it was, was too fancy for a burger. It tasted like some kind of cheese you would have with some dinner that runs about $50. It basically destroyed the taste of a proper-tasting burger. I still ate it though so it wouldn't go to waste. Ron asked me if I agreed with the rating, but as politely as I could say I thought it was good but not that good.

I came home from work, put down my things, checked email, and went to the TV lounge area to watch "World News Tonight." I like to catch up on national and world events in a half-hour TV program which is easier than reading the paper (partly b/c I'm lazy). I'm cooking some pasta right now. You would think I would get SICK and TIRED of eating pasta from the past two weeks, but it has yet to happen which I guess is a good thing cause it's the cheapest thing to buy at the supermarket.

I'm still trying to figure out why my paycheck still has YET to hit my checking account. For some reason, my available balance is $79.99 when it should be about 25 times that amount. Oh well. If need be, I can call the bank to see what's goin on.

I need to think of something better to blog about. I always just write about my days. I've thought about putting quotes on my blog, but I haven't been reading any books lately so that idea kinda goes down the drain. Any ideas ppl????


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tomorrow is the start of a new work week.....BLAH!

Maybe if I were going out of town to a client this week like the other intern, I would be more excited about going to work this week, but I'm not. I will be sitting at my desk for eight hours finishing up training which means staring at my laptop, clicking the arrow to move forward a screen, and taking the occassional test which I'll probably fail. I'll finally be able to do some "real" work too this week, but it's not nearly as fun as doing on-site client work. Well, that's enough b*tching.

The highlight of my day had to be talking to Rachel on the phone this morning. I haven't talked to her in probably two weeks so it was nice catching up with her.

I woke up this morning at 5:45 to volunteer for the American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon. Every year that have this bike ride to raise money for cancer research. It felt good giving my time at such an early hour on behalf of my employer and for such a cause, but it was def a rough time trying to wake up that early. After talking with Rach, I decided it was time to take a nap. I set my alarm for an hour long nap which would wake up at around noon but of course I didn't wake up until about 3:30 pm.

Didn't do much else for the rest of the day. Downloaded some stuff illegally, ate some dinner, bought some essentials at the supermarket, watched TV, and got ready for work (yippee).

Since it's 12:03 am and I have to be up in 7 hours, it's time for this fella to hit the hay...


Saturday, July 09, 2005

MY LIFE IS SOOO PATHETIC. I have done absolutely nothing today, absolutely nothing. I have become a big, lazy lard of I dun know what. I'm such a waste of a

I woke up today at 11 AM. I was supposed to call Rach, but decided not to cause it would have been 11 PM in SG. So now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to do that, when I'll be up at 5:30 AM....ARGH! I told myself last night that I would get out today and do something. Who the hell was I trying to fool? I did nothing until about 3. I just sat on my chair like I do every night after work and browsed the internet, talked to some people on msn, and that's about it. I must quote my one msn conversation, but the person asked to remain anonymous (understandably so) but the quote actually came from his friend....but this is how it goes:

"some are like toyota....unexciting, decent looking, but low maintainence and trouble free. some are like BMW.... flashy and eye catching....but high maintainence."

I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm sure if you're a girl reading this, you might be rolling your eyes right now. So yeah, my early afternoon consisted of nothing.

I checked everyone's blogs about five times today even though I know their blogs haven't been updated in the longest time or won't be updated for awhile. I know Charissa last updated her blog on 17 June early in the morning, Jarod updated last time on 20 June (I think), Hiro last updated on 26 June, Rach last updated on 22 June. This is how pathetic my life is. I've checked Ena's blog but she's in BKK, so why do I bother? I checked Anne's blog but she's in KL, so why do I bother? My life is so boring and uneventful...*sigh*

So at about 3 PM, I decided to take a stroll outside. I called my mom and talked with her for about 40 minutes about how sad my life is right now and how I have nothing to do. Afer that, I came back to my room, surfed the net for a bit and then fell asleep on my bed around 4:30 or 5 and woke up about an hour ago (it's 9:30 the math...heh).

Last night I went out with my friend Alan. We went to a restaurant called Dave and Buster's. It's a huge restaurant with an arcade...decent place, nothing special. Although Alan seems to think highly of the place. I had BBQ chicken breasts w/ mashed potatoes and green beans. It was pretty good. We both had a Long Island Iced Tea, but it was kinda strong....not so good. After dinner we headed over to the arcade. Alan had a free card with about $50 on it from a previous company event at the place. We played this horse racing game, some car racing games, then b-ball which I sucked at of course. After getting back to UPenn, we went to a couple of bars and got some drinks. I spent about $50 last night which I wasn't expecting to do, but I guess it was worth it just to get out for awhile since my life is pathetic right now.

The highlight of this night had to be talking to HIRO. It was probably the highlight of this week, actually. He's finally back from his trip! I haven't talked to him in about two or three weeks. However, long it has been, it seems like it has been FOREVER. He said that he's going to give me a call sometime soon. I really hope he does. It would be great to hear his voice. Hopefully he will call after I have a bad day at work because I know hearing his voice would make my miserable day turn into a great, happy day.

Well, it's time to wash dishes and take a shower.....what fun! *sarcasm*


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today was a quite an easy day, something I def needed. I went into the office because Geno (the other Forensic intern) and I were supposed to have lunch with one of the Directors in the Philadelphia office. He took us to a place called Marathon Grill....been there before, just at a different one in the city. I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich with chips. It filled me up, and a free meal is always a plus. We went back to the office and finished up with stuff.

Geno and I were supposed to go to the Boys & Girls Club at 1:30 but we didn't get there until 2:30. Oh well, we didn't purposely show up late, Geno was taking care of his business travel arrangements for next week which took an unexpectedly long time. But the Boys & Girls Club was a good time. It's basically a place where poor, low income, inner-city children can go to have fun and be supervised. All of them were black, but that's not necessarily true. It's better that these kids go to places like the Boys & Girls Club than deal drugs on the streets. You would probably be surprised the number of kids, even younger than 13 or 14 that deal drugs. Basically the drug lords get kids hooked on dealing drugs cause if they get caught, they will only be in jail until they turn 18 because at the time of the crime, they are a juvenile. If you're over 18 and get caught, you can quite possibly spend the rest of your life in jail.

Anyways, I had a great time playing with the kids. They kept asking me if I was coming back tomorrow, and I didn't know what to say. I could really tell they enjoyed having all of the KPMG interns be there playing with them. For some reason, every kid wanted to sit on my shoulders, so of course I'll let them. At one point, when one kid was on my shoulders another one jumped on my back. My body, at least my back was sooo sore, but it was all worth it because I knew the kids enjoyed our time there.

After the fun, we went into the auditorium for drinks and food. I was kinda surprised how the one intern (and it was a girl) was b*tching about how the kids wanted to jump on her back and other things. Give me a break...we were there for these kids. Don't b*tch about having to entertain them and TRY to have fun with them. Another girl (intern) was complaining about the same thing in the playground area about how she didn't want the kids on her back or shoulders. Puhlease, get a life, suck it up and play with the damn kids.

Playing with these kids made me realize how much I have and how I take many things for granted. These kida have absolutely nothing and I mean nothing. Their parents work blue-collar jobs probably making just above minimum wage. They live in the inner-city. They wear dirty clothing. They go to school during the regular school year, but academics aren't stressed in the city like in the suburbs. They have no motivation to succeed. Most of these kids, unfortunately, will end up just like their parents in 15 years - working a shit job, and making enough money just to get by.

I found out that receiving my paycheck when I did was not in fact a mistake. I can finally deposit the money in my bank tomorrow, and I will no longer be broke. Well, sorta...cause of the almost $1,600 about $1,200 will be going to my mom to pay her back for my internship housing and to pay my credit card bill. But just to make everyone jealous because I'm such a bastard, I thought I would show you part of the check, specifically the amount, so you can start drooling....hahaha.

I think they actually overpaid me. I should try to correct that, but I've had so many other problems to deal with in the past getting things straight with them that I'm too damn tired to make the effort. It would be the ethical thing to do, but like I said I'm tired of trying to fix everything I have had to so far. If they figure out this summer that they overpaid me, they can just withdraw the money later from another paycheck or I will pay them back.

Tomorrow we are going to the I'm getting paid to go to the zoo! haha. I love how today and tomorrow, we will be doing stuff for about three hours and getting paid for a full 8-hour day. That's def one thing I love about my job.

It's almost 11:30 PM and I'm tired so I'm off to bed.....


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm so FRUSTRATED right now. I'm probably gettting stressed out about the smallest things, but that's just how I am and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. I was in a fine mood after our intern week seminar, but when I went back to my cubicle, the f*ckin headache began.

F*ckin KPMG Ethics and Compliance said I didn't finish the requirements. The stupid f*cks somehow didn't realize that I did all of that sh*t last week. So I spent about a half hour or longer trying to solve that problem over the phone and email, and I don't even know if the problem is resolved because when I read the email from the f*ckers, I don't think they understood my email. I really don't give a f*ck anymore. Let them figure the sh*t out. I did all of the requirements, so they're screwing up, NOT ME! ARGH! I really need something to vent my frustration and anger, but I don't.

Next problem, I received an email from the Time and Expenses group. I didn't submit anything for the time period ending 15 June. SH*T. I thought this one was my fault initially too. I'm not going to explain this into detail cause it would take forever, so here's the gist of the story. My senior helped me last week with it. I changed some things in my Time and Expenses report but in the end they will have no effect. However, I didn't submit time from 13-15 June, which my senior didn't tell me to do. I could tell towards the end she was getting frustrated with helping me. How am I supposed to know this stuff? I haven't been told sh*t about anything, so you have to expect me to ask questions even if they are really stupid.

My first paycheck was sent to my mom's house, so she sent it to me. I received it today. The gross pay was just over $2,200 but since the firm decided that they didn't want me to fill out a W2 form for tax purposes, they decided I wanted zero allowances instead of probably 1 or 2. Basically, the more allowances that you have the less taxes that are deducted. So, I had a whopping $627 worth of taxes. My net pay was about $1,600. Almost $630 worth of taxes represents 28% of my gross pay....are you f*ck*n kiddin me?!?! So, now I have one more thing to take care of - tell them to change my allowances so I can get more $$$$ rather than giving to the damn US government.

I'm so frustrated, tired, and hungry right now that I don't even know what the rest of my problems are. Oh, my left me problems....just GREAT! Well since I have no food in my apartment and I need to cook din din for myself, I should probably head off to the supermarket....

Hopefully tomorrow my ENTIRE day will be good. I just want ONE, just ONE day where I don't have anything to B*TCH about, I just wanna talk about how truly GREAT of a day I had.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I just got home from a fabulous restaurant called TANGERINE. It's one of the top 10 restaurants in Philadelphia. KPMG took us there, so of course I didn't pay a dime. The place was soooo nice.

If only I had a significant other to take there. It would be such a great place to take a girl. I LOVED the lighting...they had candles all over...and the interior design was beyond impressive. Whoever designed that place probably made a fortune.

Go to to check out the restaurant. Click on "Restaurant Tour" then on "Private Dining" to see the room I ate it. All the lights on the wall were candles, and all the pictures are kind of deceiving because it wasn't nearly as bright which I liked. If any of you come to the US, that is if you're a girl and you're reading this, I will take you to this restaurant.

Dinner was really good. It sort of had a Yum Cha concept to it - we had four appetizers and four entrees which we shared among the table. I ate tuna, filet mignon, duck, and who knows what else, but it was SOOO DELICIOUS. It definitely beat cooking pasta for dinner.

Today was the beginning of intern week which means the entire week will be easy. There's nothing better than getting paid for basically doing nothing. On Thursday, we are volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club and Friday, we are going to the zoo. I am getting paid to go to the ZOO! hahahaha. I know everyone probably hates me

Of course in the morning, I checked out the girls. I have no intentions whatsoever of dating a girl in the firm. Dating someone from the workplace is SUCH A BAD IDEA! After we counted off from 1-8, we went to our assigned table with the rest of our assigned group. I was a "2." There was a really cute Asian girl named Kaylee at my table...I can only imagine what everyone is thinking right We talked a lot when we had free time. She seems really sweet and like I said she's very cute. However, as I just mentioned, dating in the workplace is a no-no in my books, so I won't do anything. Plus, knowing my luck, she probably has a boyfriend anyways.

Last night was a fun night. It was the 4th of July which means cookin on the barbie and going to fireworks once it gets dark. I went to my friend Jeff's house. He lives about a half hour away in New Jersey aka DIRTY JERSEY.....hahaha, if only you lived in the US, you would understand the joke. Anyways, after arriving at his house, I met his folks again and we were off to his friend's house - Ron. Drove to Ron's house and then went to the supermarket to buy some burgers, chips, and pound cake. Now that we're legal, with the exception of Ron, of couse we made an ALCOHOL stop. I didn't have my ID on me so Jeff went inside and took care of business. As Ron and I waited in the car, the FUNNIEST thing happened. But it wasn't funny for me. A car was backing up, a truck was pulling in, and neither vehicle realized what was happening which = an accident in the parking lot. It was sooo funny watching it unfold, I definitely thought one of the drivers would have realized the other driver and stopped....but OH no. The truck had no damage whatsoever to its front bumper, BUT the right rear end of the car was really messed Shortly, the cops showed up. For some reason, the whole thing was highly entertaining for Ron and I.

After the food and alcohol run, we went back to Ron's house to cook the food on the barbie. Their other friends showed up, and our beer drinking games commenced. We played f*ck the dealer, golf, kings, and some other ones. I got a lil high from it all, it was def a good time. We could have watched fireworks in their town, but instead we watched Elton John perform at the Museum of Art, the same place as the Live 8 concert on Saturday. The fireworks after the concert were really cool, but they def would have been better in person. Eventually, Jeff drove me back to his house around midnight so that I could drive back to Philly.

I was somewhat concerned about driving home because I wasn't drunk, but I definitely had alcohol in my body. If I got pulled over by a cop, I would have been F*CK'd BIG TIME. The blood alcohol content (BAC) laws are soo damn strict that you can basically only have one beer in you. I had six which means I was way over the limit. Luckily, I made it home safely...whew.

So that's been the life of Mark Jordan Marasco for the past two days, more to come on intern week in the days to come....


Well, I just got home from my 4th of July celebration/party. Being slightly intoxicated that I was, I was probably lucky to get home safely without getting pulled over by "the five 'o' " aka the "po-po" aka the POLICE. I've driven before under the influence of alcohol which isn't the smartest thing to do at all, but I swear I think I'm a better drive when driving under the influence plus when you gotta get home, you don't have much choice. I would have preferred to pass out at Ron's house, a friend of my friend Jeff, but I need to be at work in about 7 hours, so that was unfortunately not much of an alternative. We have a drunken good time so I'll maybe have some more details tomorrow night, but for now I need to get some much needed sleep....G'NIGHT!


Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm so damn lazy. I have basically nothing except sit in my chair for the past four hours and browse the internet....what a waste of four hours of my life. But maybe it's good that I have done nothing cause I have been all over the past few weeks - Melb to LA to Erie to Philly - and it's been tiring.

I made some dinner for myself. cooked pasta AGAIN. I have been living off of pasta the past week. Last night, I decided to "mix" it up by eating at Macka's which is damn healthy. I really should just go $50 further in debt and buy a George Foreman grill so that I can make some more stuff. I just don't like buying stuff unless if I really need it, esp. considering the fact that I will have to pay my mom $1,300 for my housing this summer and pay a $530 credit card bill coming soon. I need MONEY! and I need it NOW! If you would like to donate some money to the Mark Marasco Fund, lemme know...heh.

I decided to put the pics up on Webshots of the Live 8 concert. I organized some of my other pics so hopefully I can post them later. At the end of the blog, I am going to put up a special picture of myself. I can't wait to see how everyone reacts. My mom couldn't stop laughing, and my friend Jill was kinda freaked out. I'll let everyone figure out when the pic was taken and hopefully understand it....haha. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the night.

I just trimmed my arm hair. Grossed out? Well, I actual "manage" my body hair all over. The length of my arm hair was just getting to me. Sometimes I really hate being Italian, and this is one of them. Ena, remember the convo we had the night before you left. Well, actually it was between Jarod and I, but obviously you heard everything. To explain to everyone else....somehow Jarod noticed my stomach and how it appeared as though I had shaved my stomache. So I went on to tell him how I shave my chest and stomach cause I hate body hair. Then we took the convo another step and I told him how I "took care" of myself "down under".....hahaha. I can't believe I am blogging about this. I pushed my pants or shorts or whatever I was wearing far enough down to prove my point, but not too far as to reveal my "stuff." Jarod was shocked cause only one of his other friends does this same thing and his friend does it for his girlfriend. Poor Ena overheard everything, and she couldn't avoid it...haha.

So I don't think I can beat that last paragraph with something more interesting so here's the pic y'all have been been waiting for....


I'm really bored right now. It's almost noon. I somehow motivated myself to go for a run. I am so out of shape....thank god that I have high metabolism that I can just eat as much as i want and I somehow can burn the fat off from just

I want to go to kelly drive to rollerblade, but the area is probably still blocked off from yesterday's Live 8 and will probably be blocked off until Tuesday because of tomorrow's 4th celebrations. I don't know what to do. It's such a beautiful day right now, and I feel like I should be outside enjoying it. The beach is too far away. ARGH plus I am way too sunburnt from yesterday. I can't even motivate myself to take a shower right now, I just wanna sit in my chair and do nothing or at least lay down.

Ena just called me which was definitely a nice surprise. It's so much better hearing someone's voice rather than reading an email or an instant messge.

I just ate my Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch, and I'm about to eat some Triscuits b/c I'm still hungry. I'll probably wash both down with some OJ since I have no milk in the frig. :(

I have just been watching planes take off from Philadelphia International Airport all morning. That's how bored I am right now. However, I wonder where the planes are going and where people's ultimate destinations are - maybe sg, kl, or melb. If one of these, so jealous....what i would do to get a seat.....

Baby I just don't get it
Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smelled the perfume the make-up on his shirt
You don't believe his stories You know that they're all lies
Bad as you are you stick around and I just don't know why

If I was yo man, baby you
Never worry bout, what I do I'll be coming home, back to you
Every night doin' you right
You're the type of woman, deserves good thangs
Wish for the diamonds, I have the ring
Baby you're a star, I just want to show you, you are

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

Your true beauty's description looks so good that it hurts
You're a dime plus ninety - nine and it's a shame don't even know what you're worth
Everywhere you go they stop and stare
Cause you're bad and it shows from your head to your toes
Out of control baby you know

You deserve better girl, you know you deserve better
We should be together girl, baby
With me and you it's whatever girl
So can we make this thing ours?

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT directed towards anyone, but it's how I have felt many times throughout my life and I like the song.

Time to finally take a shower...


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 was AMAZING! Words can't describe how RIDICULOUS it was! Linkin Park and Jay-Z were definitely the best performance in my mind, but Will Smith came in a very close second. I'm sure every Philly resident thought their hometown boy was better, but I'm still sticking with LP and Jay-Z. Kayne West was "off the hook." He performed Jesus Walks and All Falls Down.

Anne, the first two pics of Live 8 are for you. Can you tell who it is?!?! I'm sure you're saying right now, "I hate you sooo much, Mark." hehe.

I couldn't believe how many people were there. Over 1 MILLION people were there. It was sooo crazy. And I would say they definitely achieved their goal of raising awareness about the problems in Africa. Everyone was really surprised when Will Smith said that every 3 seconds, a child dies. It's pretty hard to fathom what that actually means.

But the concert was definitely kick @$$! I'm so tired right now that I can't even remember who performed. Stevie Wonder was a great and classy closing act.

I will put all the pics I have up on my WEBSHOTS site. So click the link on the bottom left to see the rest of the pics and the same ones above.


Friday, July 01, 2005



Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decisions....but then again who doesn't?







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