Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm so FRUSTRATED right now. I'm probably gettting stressed out about the smallest things, but that's just how I am and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. I was in a fine mood after our intern week seminar, but when I went back to my cubicle, the f*ckin headache began.

F*ckin KPMG Ethics and Compliance said I didn't finish the requirements. The stupid f*cks somehow didn't realize that I did all of that sh*t last week. So I spent about a half hour or longer trying to solve that problem over the phone and email, and I don't even know if the problem is resolved because when I read the email from the f*ckers, I don't think they understood my email. I really don't give a f*ck anymore. Let them figure the sh*t out. I did all of the requirements, so they're screwing up, NOT ME! ARGH! I really need something to vent my frustration and anger, but I don't.

Next problem, I received an email from the Time and Expenses group. I didn't submit anything for the time period ending 15 June. SH*T. I thought this one was my fault initially too. I'm not going to explain this into detail cause it would take forever, so here's the gist of the story. My senior helped me last week with it. I changed some things in my Time and Expenses report but in the end they will have no effect. However, I didn't submit time from 13-15 June, which my senior didn't tell me to do. I could tell towards the end she was getting frustrated with helping me. How am I supposed to know this stuff? I haven't been told sh*t about anything, so you have to expect me to ask questions even if they are really stupid.

My first paycheck was sent to my mom's house, so she sent it to me. I received it today. The gross pay was just over $2,200 but since the firm decided that they didn't want me to fill out a W2 form for tax purposes, they decided I wanted zero allowances instead of probably 1 or 2. Basically, the more allowances that you have the less taxes that are deducted. So, I had a whopping $627 worth of taxes. My net pay was about $1,600. Almost $630 worth of taxes represents 28% of my gross pay....are you f*ck*n kiddin me?!?! So, now I have one more thing to take care of - tell them to change my allowances so I can get more $$$$ rather than giving to the damn US government.

I'm so frustrated, tired, and hungry right now that I don't even know what the rest of my problems are. Oh, my left me problems....just GREAT! Well since I have no food in my apartment and I need to cook din din for myself, I should probably head off to the supermarket....

Hopefully tomorrow my ENTIRE day will be good. I just want ONE, just ONE day where I don't have anything to B*TCH about, I just wanna talk about how truly GREAT of a day I had.


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