Thursday, July 28, 2005


This blog is dedicated to ENA and HUIPENG since they blame me for a recent lack of updates....just messin w/ ya girls...I woulda blogged Tuesday night when I had free internet at the hotel, but KPMG tracks every website we go to. I don't want them to know about my blog since I talk about ppl at work. If they were smart though, they could get the address anyways since I visit other ppl's blogs where I'm linked. Hopefully they don't make that kind of effort.

But, I got home about a half hour ago. I was up at 5:30 am to fly home from Florida. Of course, our flight at 8 was delayed until 830. The senior associate and I were supposed to fly out yesterday at 7 pm but the weather in Philly was really bad so they weren't allowing any arrival flights. Even the flight that was supposed to have left at 4:30 was still at the terminal....not a good sign. To make a long story short, we got a hotel room at the Marriott. Cost: $185 USD. Expensive?...Yes...Did we care?...No...Why?...The client gets to pay for it :) One nice thing bout flying home this morning is that we got to fly first class. *SMILE* I've never flown first class. I felt special...haha. There's so much room compared to the economy class. I wish I could fly business/first class all the time, but as an intern and associate you can't. I say BULLSH*T.

But yeah, the senior associate and I were performing a franchise audit near Tampa on a company. I can't give too many details because everything is confidential. I work in the FORENSIC practice. Understand? If I leaked anything, I could be A) Fired, B) Fined, or C) Jailed or a combination of these. Anyways, the company we were auditing has the right to produce a certain product. For every product they produce and sell, they have to pay a royalty fee to the company who granted the right to produce this certain product. Follow me? Probably sounds simple but it can get extremely complex which of course was happening. Luckily, the senior associate knew what she was doing and basically took care of the hard stuff.

It's 7 pm. I am DAMN TIRED. Hungry. And I have work to do for tomorrow before I go in. *SIGH* I thought bout going blading but that idea is out of the question. Way toooo tired now. I'll probably blog later even though I should be in bed sleeping.


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