Saturday, July 23, 2005

Last night I was just planning on relaxing, taking it easy since Thursday night I was a mess. But, of course, things change.

I received a call on my handphone at about 11 PM. It was my friend Alan. "Mark, do you know where we can buy cups and ping pong balls?" "Why?" "For beer pong." "OHHH, sorry." He asked me if I wanted to come down to his room and I said I would be down in 15 mins.

When I got to his room I met his cousin Billy, who is 16, and Billy's friend Dustin, who is 19. I swear Billy looked like he was 21 and Dustin could have easily passed for 21. I told Alan we should just hit up a bar somewhere. Anyways, Alan said that someone at work told him that places deliver beer. Since when do they do that? But, he couldn't find anything online. He called Marathon Grill, a restaurant/bar, to see if they sold beer. Answer: NO....but they gave us the address of a place that does. SWEET. So Alan and I go to this place, it's a pizza joint. We buy two 12-packs of Coors Light. Cost: $22...kinda expensive but expected for the kind of place. We walk back to our apartment building.

Next goal: get some ping pong balls so that we can actually play beer pong. Before I left my apartment, my housemate told me to just ask for some at the reception desk so that we could play ping pong in the games room. GREAT idea. I def would have never thought of that. So Alan rented the ping pong set which of course we took straight to his room and not the games room. He actually had cups for the beer so we had everything we needed: beer, two ping pong balls, and a table. LET THE BEER PONG GAMES COMMENCE!

Teams: Alan & me and Billy & Dustin. In the end, Alan and I won 5 games to 3. We def kicked some ass. Some of the highlights: Somehow Alan managed to spill 3 cups of beer right when one of the games just started. WTF?!?! So, we were down 6 cups to 2 cups cause they made their first shot. Damnit! We ended up coming back and winning that came cause we f*ckin rocked. Between two games, I made 5 shots in a row which is damn good. Billy and Dustin were getting pissed that I kept making everything, but I loved it.

At this point, everyone probably thinks I'm crazy but if you only knew how much fun beer pong is and how seriously we can take it. Beer pong has become part of the US pasttime. Fathers and mothers play with their children when they visit at uni and other occassions.

Anyways, back to the Beer Pong Olympics. We ended up going through our two 12-packs of Coors. Decision: should Alan and I go back to the pizza joint to buy more beer?................OF COURSE! Another $22. Well it actually didn't come out of my pocket, but I still owe Alan $10. So we go back and play some more pong. We only played two more games when we could have played another 8 or so. Alan was drunk cause he hadn't eaten any dinner and needed to get this morning at 8 to drive Billy, Dustin, and himself to Six Flags, a rollercoaster place. I was drunk for the second night in a row. I came back to my room and ate some food cause I get MAD MUNCHIES when I'm drinking. Then I passed out.

In the end, a night of nothing turned into a drunken fun night. You never know when a friend will call you at 11 PM. Those are the times I miss at my uni. Getting a phone call when you're studying on a Wednesday night and your bro asks you if you wanna play some beer pong when you have class the next morning at 10 and of course you agree to have some fun.

Today, I'm not sure what I am going to do. I wanna go blading, but it will probably be too bloody hot out again. I could lay in the sun and get a tan, but I don't really have any books to read. hmmm. For now, I shall get some food and take a shower.


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