Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today was a quite an easy day, something I def needed. I went into the office because Geno (the other Forensic intern) and I were supposed to have lunch with one of the Directors in the Philadelphia office. He took us to a place called Marathon Grill....been there before, just at a different one in the city. I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich with chips. It filled me up, and a free meal is always a plus. We went back to the office and finished up with stuff.

Geno and I were supposed to go to the Boys & Girls Club at 1:30 but we didn't get there until 2:30. Oh well, we didn't purposely show up late, Geno was taking care of his business travel arrangements for next week which took an unexpectedly long time. But the Boys & Girls Club was a good time. It's basically a place where poor, low income, inner-city children can go to have fun and be supervised. All of them were black, but that's not necessarily true. It's better that these kids go to places like the Boys & Girls Club than deal drugs on the streets. You would probably be surprised the number of kids, even younger than 13 or 14 that deal drugs. Basically the drug lords get kids hooked on dealing drugs cause if they get caught, they will only be in jail until they turn 18 because at the time of the crime, they are a juvenile. If you're over 18 and get caught, you can quite possibly spend the rest of your life in jail.

Anyways, I had a great time playing with the kids. They kept asking me if I was coming back tomorrow, and I didn't know what to say. I could really tell they enjoyed having all of the KPMG interns be there playing with them. For some reason, every kid wanted to sit on my shoulders, so of course I'll let them. At one point, when one kid was on my shoulders another one jumped on my back. My body, at least my back was sooo sore, but it was all worth it because I knew the kids enjoyed our time there.

After the fun, we went into the auditorium for drinks and food. I was kinda surprised how the one intern (and it was a girl) was b*tching about how the kids wanted to jump on her back and other things. Give me a break...we were there for these kids. Don't b*tch about having to entertain them and TRY to have fun with them. Another girl (intern) was complaining about the same thing in the playground area about how she didn't want the kids on her back or shoulders. Puhlease, get a life, suck it up and play with the damn kids.

Playing with these kids made me realize how much I have and how I take many things for granted. These kida have absolutely nothing and I mean nothing. Their parents work blue-collar jobs probably making just above minimum wage. They live in the inner-city. They wear dirty clothing. They go to school during the regular school year, but academics aren't stressed in the city like in the suburbs. They have no motivation to succeed. Most of these kids, unfortunately, will end up just like their parents in 15 years - working a shit job, and making enough money just to get by.

I found out that receiving my paycheck when I did was not in fact a mistake. I can finally deposit the money in my bank tomorrow, and I will no longer be broke. Well, sorta...cause of the almost $1,600 about $1,200 will be going to my mom to pay her back for my internship housing and to pay my credit card bill. But just to make everyone jealous because I'm such a bastard, I thought I would show you part of the check, specifically the amount, so you can start drooling....hahaha.

I think they actually overpaid me. I should try to correct that, but I've had so many other problems to deal with in the past getting things straight with them that I'm too damn tired to make the effort. It would be the ethical thing to do, but like I said I'm tired of trying to fix everything I have had to so far. If they figure out this summer that they overpaid me, they can just withdraw the money later from another paycheck or I will pay them back.

Tomorrow we are going to the I'm getting paid to go to the zoo! haha. I love how today and tomorrow, we will be doing stuff for about three hours and getting paid for a full 8-hour day. That's def one thing I love about my job.

It's almost 11:30 PM and I'm tired so I'm off to bed.....


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