Sunday, July 31, 2005

OK, I finally was able to load the pictures below...encountered some unexpected problems uploading yesterday trying to make this post.

Anyways, on Friday night, I decided that I would check out Chinatown and the Italian Market Saturday. I woke up at 10 am...showered, ate breakfast, and the like. I left my apartment at noon to go to my car to get the map of Philly. And then, my problems began. In the process of cleaning out my car, I thought it was odd that the passenger side power door lock wasn't working nor would it open all the doors when it should have. So I went to the driver side, same problem...very weird. I was thinking, "what the hell is going on, did someone mess with my car?" Next, I tried turning the car on....nothing happened, absolutely nothing. So I called my mom to tell her about the problem, and we thought it was the battery. I then called AAA, which is an emergency roadside assistance company. I waited an hour at the entrance of the parking garage for the dude to come. I got in his truck and we went up to my car. Before that happened though, he decided to have a road rage incident with some people waking on the sidewalk which I thought was slightly amusing. But to make a long story short again, the battery was dead and no longer any good, he put in a new, and my car is back to normal.

So instead of leaving at noon, I left after 2 because of the car incident. I finally took the subway to Chinatown. I walked around and checked out the scene. Here are some pics of my adventure...

I took a picture of this place. Not sure exactly what it is, but I thought it looked pretty cool so I took a pic.

Picture of egg tart that I bought at bakery #1. (I actually bought two but just took a pic of one.)

Picture of egg tarts that I bought at bakery #2.

Dino gave me some Korean noodles before I left IH. I finally made them for dinner about two weeks ago. They were good, but damn HOT! My lips felt like they were burning. Well when I was roaming through Chinatown, I walked into a random store and what do ya know! They've got the same noodles! I was sooo surprised. I instantly thought of the Malaysian pimp, Dino. So here's a pic that I took in my room of the five packs of noodles. Btw, they only cost 75 US cents each. Is that a good price? On a side note, I was telling the cashier of how I came into contact with these noodles, the Dino story. I told him it was my first time in Chinatown. He asked if I felt alright or comfortable or something along those lines since it was my first time there. Why would a Caucasian feel uncomfortable in Philadelphia's Chinatown? maybe I'm missing something or maybe I just completely misunderstood the guy.

Final picture...

Overall, I had a good time. I'm sure it would have been more fun going with someone, but I have been waiting all summer to go there with my friend's girlfriend all summer...sound dodgey? She said that she would go with me and take me to a Veitnamese restaurant, but this is my last weekend in Philly. I called her Friday for the 3rd time, but she didn't return my call. Oh well, I thought the area was kinda dirty but I was making my comparison to Melbourne's Chinatown which I found to be clean relative to Philly and Philly is kinda dirty in general too. Gotta love it when you see trash stuffed into the bottom of a lamp post.


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