Monday, July 25, 2005

Work was fine today. Although I wasted bout 6.5 hours of my life today doing nonsense trying to reconcile the partner's credit card statements and expense reports. Sound like fun to you?!?!......well, NO! Not one bit! But hey at least they're paying me, but I would still rather be doing meaningful work.

I got a good email this morning. My manager said the partner finally got approval for the other intern and I to go to Montreal for training in August. Originally, I was supposed to be done 3 August but now I will be paid another week...yippee!

Tomorrow I am going to Tampa, Florida for some client work. I FINALLY get to do some travelling. I have been waiting all summer to get out of the damn office. I'm kinda nervous though cause I don't have a total grasp on my assignment and I don't wanna f*ck it up with me finding out on Friday if I get a full-time offer or not. I can leave a good or bad impression in the senior associate's mind about my performance so this job could make me or break me. Plus it would help if I get a good review so it increases my chances of a possible tranfer to San Francisco if I get a FT offer. Say a prayer for me plz.

It's 7:40 pm. Should go review some stuff for tomorrow so that I feel a lil more prepared plus I'm tired and need to get to bed soon. No blogging until Wednesday night when I get back.


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