Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just got back from Batman Begins. Great movie except for all the "theatrical" stuff at the beginning of the movie -

First, some guy started talking to his "boy" on his mobile. Everyone "sshed" him, but he obviously continued like a jackass would. This happened again.

Then, some guy wanted to start fighting people in the movie theater. WTF. Who are these people? Security even had to come in to escort the guy out.

I seriously considered walking out of the movie and asking for a refund.

Then as I was walking home and this dude was playing golf at let's see......12:10 A.M. Who the f*ck does that?

I swear Philly is one f*cked up city. If I get a job here, I swear I hope I can get a transfer to the west coast like San Fran.


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