Monday, July 11, 2005

Today was a decent day at work. I actually did some "actual" forensic work. At the end of the day when I put my assignment on the director's desk, I felt like I finally accomplished something and contributed to the firm. It will be another thing if the director thinks I did a good job or not. He went over this new assignment that I have to start tomorrow. I really dun know how I am going to pull it off, but maybe I should just be more confident in myself about my ability to do a good job.

A senior associate, Ron, who works in audit took me to lunch. I went to high school with his brother, and Ron went to Penn State so that's the connection. He took me to a restaurant called Bleu. BTW, I love it when I get to go out to lunch for FREE. Anyways, the restaurant was supposedly rated as having the 4th best burger in the US. I didn't think it was THAT great. The cheese, whatever kind it was, was too fancy for a burger. It tasted like some kind of cheese you would have with some dinner that runs about $50. It basically destroyed the taste of a proper-tasting burger. I still ate it though so it wouldn't go to waste. Ron asked me if I agreed with the rating, but as politely as I could say I thought it was good but not that good.

I came home from work, put down my things, checked email, and went to the TV lounge area to watch "World News Tonight." I like to catch up on national and world events in a half-hour TV program which is easier than reading the paper (partly b/c I'm lazy). I'm cooking some pasta right now. You would think I would get SICK and TIRED of eating pasta from the past two weeks, but it has yet to happen which I guess is a good thing cause it's the cheapest thing to buy at the supermarket.

I'm still trying to figure out why my paycheck still has YET to hit my checking account. For some reason, my available balance is $79.99 when it should be about 25 times that amount. Oh well. If need be, I can call the bank to see what's goin on.

I need to think of something better to blog about. I always just write about my days. I've thought about putting quotes on my blog, but I haven't been reading any books lately so that idea kinda goes down the drain. Any ideas ppl????


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