Saturday, July 09, 2005

MY LIFE IS SOOO PATHETIC. I have done absolutely nothing today, absolutely nothing. I have become a big, lazy lard of I dun know what. I'm such a waste of a

I woke up today at 11 AM. I was supposed to call Rach, but decided not to cause it would have been 11 PM in SG. So now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to do that, when I'll be up at 5:30 AM....ARGH! I told myself last night that I would get out today and do something. Who the hell was I trying to fool? I did nothing until about 3. I just sat on my chair like I do every night after work and browsed the internet, talked to some people on msn, and that's about it. I must quote my one msn conversation, but the person asked to remain anonymous (understandably so) but the quote actually came from his friend....but this is how it goes:

"some are like toyota....unexciting, decent looking, but low maintainence and trouble free. some are like BMW.... flashy and eye catching....but high maintainence."

I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm sure if you're a girl reading this, you might be rolling your eyes right now. So yeah, my early afternoon consisted of nothing.

I checked everyone's blogs about five times today even though I know their blogs haven't been updated in the longest time or won't be updated for awhile. I know Charissa last updated her blog on 17 June early in the morning, Jarod updated last time on 20 June (I think), Hiro last updated on 26 June, Rach last updated on 22 June. This is how pathetic my life is. I've checked Ena's blog but she's in BKK, so why do I bother? I checked Anne's blog but she's in KL, so why do I bother? My life is so boring and uneventful...*sigh*

So at about 3 PM, I decided to take a stroll outside. I called my mom and talked with her for about 40 minutes about how sad my life is right now and how I have nothing to do. Afer that, I came back to my room, surfed the net for a bit and then fell asleep on my bed around 4:30 or 5 and woke up about an hour ago (it's 9:30 the math...heh).

Last night I went out with my friend Alan. We went to a restaurant called Dave and Buster's. It's a huge restaurant with an arcade...decent place, nothing special. Although Alan seems to think highly of the place. I had BBQ chicken breasts w/ mashed potatoes and green beans. It was pretty good. We both had a Long Island Iced Tea, but it was kinda strong....not so good. After dinner we headed over to the arcade. Alan had a free card with about $50 on it from a previous company event at the place. We played this horse racing game, some car racing games, then b-ball which I sucked at of course. After getting back to UPenn, we went to a couple of bars and got some drinks. I spent about $50 last night which I wasn't expecting to do, but I guess it was worth it just to get out for awhile since my life is pathetic right now.

The highlight of this night had to be talking to HIRO. It was probably the highlight of this week, actually. He's finally back from his trip! I haven't talked to him in about two or three weeks. However, long it has been, it seems like it has been FOREVER. He said that he's going to give me a call sometime soon. I really hope he does. It would be great to hear his voice. Hopefully he will call after I have a bad day at work because I know hearing his voice would make my miserable day turn into a great, happy day.

Well, it's time to wash dishes and take a shower.....what fun! *sarcasm*


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