Thursday, July 28, 2005

I have been wanting a white leather belt for the LONGEST time. I don't even remember when I this want not need materialized. About a week, I did an extensive search online for my white leather belt. I was having no luck. I checked all the stores I thought might sell one - Express, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Coach, Gap, FCUK, Abercrombie & Fitch, and so on.

Then I remembered studying Federated Department Stores who owns Bloomingdales and Macy's - the top of the line department store. I went to Bloomingdale's website - nothing.

MACY'S had a white belt. I was shocked. Price: $34. In my mind, CHEAP considering how much I have been willing to get my hands on a white belt I have been desiring for the longest time. So here is the Kenneth Cole belt displayed on Macy's website...

However, I do NOT like the style of the belt. I don't like the two-prong thing going on. I want one. I want something more dressy and classy looking like a regular black belt you would wear with a suit. As the description says on the website: "Punk goes proper in this retro-mod belt." Can someone please tell me why the hell Kenneth Cole is making a punk-looking belt. Puhlease! When I think of Kenneth Cole, I think sophistication, classy, dressy, and more. I was severely disappointed.

I believe it was when I went shopping for Fang's going away present with Niro and Rach that I found a white leather belt at Melbourne Central. The store started with an "M." I forget the spelling but I can sorta picture it in my mind. The belt had black stitching, but I could have dealt with that. I still looked pretty sweet. The belt cost $80AUD. At the time, I thought it was damn expensive for a belt. The most I have spent on a belt is my one from Banana Republic that cost $40USD. At this point, I would pay for a belt that cost that much. I'm desperate. When a person is desparate, they will pay any amount to get their hands on what they want. Or at least, I will or do.

Now that I think of it, I should find the Melbourne Central website for their store listing. Then google the stroe name to see if they have a website. Maybe they sell their stuff in the US? But for now, it's time to eat din din cause it's 9. I'd rather continue napping or rather just go to bed, but I need to fix that DAMN excel spreadsheet. sh*t.


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