Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don't really have much to blog about. Tomorrow night I will have a good blog to write after our "office festivities." I actually probably won't be able to blog about until Friday morn since I will be getting home late on Thursday and plus I will have something to do while I recover from my hangover Friday morn.

Update on my lost debit card...since I am an idiot, I decided to take the money and receipt from the ATM, but I somehow forgot to take my card with me. I think this is how transactions work at all ATMs worldwide where they ask you if you would like another transaction. Well, when I picked up my ATM card from the bank (since no one was able to take it) I found out that after about 30 seconds, the ATM sucks your card back into the machine if you do nothing. However, if someone were standing behind me, they could have drained my account which at that time equaled about $1,500. If that happened, I would have died. I dun know what I would have done. But, I learned my lesson. Even if you're in a rush, always remember your card....seems simple but obviously some of us (meaning me) don't think so.

Tomorrow is going to be heaps of fun. Everyone, well almost everyone (about 16 out of 18) from the Forensic practice is going to the partner's house for lunch. We will have a meeting there. Afterwards we have our golf outing and then we'll have dinner. Finally, the director in the practice owns a bar so we'll finish our night there. Did I mention everyone will be drinking starting at lunch and continuing throughout the day. Everyone is going to be so drunk. Everyone is getting really hyped about it. I can't wait to hear what comes from everyone's mouth once they're drunk, it should be interesting. I haven't figured out how I will be getting home yet cause driving home drunk isn't the smartest thing in the world with getting pulled over by cops although I've done it before and I feel like a seasoned veteran doing it. Shame on me! So until then, wait for the much anticipated Golf Outing/Beer Bash blog in two days to come.


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