Friday, July 22, 2005

I have fully recovered from last night and yesterday in general. I haven't had that much fun probably since my last two nights in Melb.

The day started off by going to the KPMG Forensic partner's house. Everyone showed up around 12:30. We ate some lunch and eventually had our 5 minute "meeting." But, the drinking began at 1 in the arvo and continued all night for this dude. At about 3 pm, we went to the golf course to play our lil golf outing. We had 3 foursomes, some people dropped out. On my team, there was Ron (the partner), Matt (a manager), Geno (the other intern), and me. We played a scramble format (dun feel like explaining what that is and it's irrelevant). We were playing in the last group and were even par going into the last hole. While we were playing our second shot on the 9th hole, we found out from the group ahead they shot even par for 9 holes. We had to make birdie to win the tourney, make par for a playoff, or if we made bogey we lost the tourney. Matt drove the ball in the center of the fairway. Matt and Geno's second shots were shit, not even on the green. It was up to Ron and me. Ron put it on the green and I had the go ahead to go after the pin but I actually didn't get it closer cause I suck. On the green, I was the last one to put and the f*ckin ball hit the left side of the hole and "lipped" out. Couldn't frickin believe it. That was for the trophy and bragging rights of the 2nd Annual Wet Whistle Open.

We went onto a playoff. In short, we played had to make an up and down for par. The other team had 4 chances at a birdie putt, and they all missed....mwahaha. So instead of replaying the 9th hole again, we took the playoff to the practice putting green. In the end, we won the lil golf outing.

After the golf, we went into the bar which the director owns or co-owns which means OPEN BAR. Oh, I forgot to mention that we also drank some beer while playing golf...very appropriate for the occassion. But yeah getting back to this open bar. Started out with two Coronas. Then I was like beer is cheap relative to other drinks. So I decided to proceed ordering a gin and tonic. For some reason, I have come to love gin and tonics. Then I ordered vodka and cranberry...kinda a girly drink but I could down those like water. I took it easy for awhile cause I knew I would be driving home and drinking and driving is NOT a good idea. But then the following occurred:

We had a trophy for the winners. On Tuesday one of the other managers, Brian, put me in charge of putting a label (like a plaque thing) on the trophy. So I spent about 10 mins in MS Word making it look pretty, printed it out, and taped it to the trophy. I was also responsible for bringing the trophy to our event.

ANYWAYS, trust me this gets a lil better. I told Brian at some point that I thought the winners should have to drink out of the trophy. So at about 830 or 9, that came up and Brian proceeded to pour his entire gin and tonic in the trophy and told me to drink it. I got "called out," and I wasn't about to back down. I think everyone was surprised that I actually starting drinking from the trophy. Dana, the director, got her Treo out and took a picture of me drinking from it, so hopefully I will get that pic soon from her so I can put it up. BTW - did I mention I really want a Treo? Basically every upper-level business professional in the US has one or at least it seems so. It almost seems like a status thing. It shows that you're higher up in the firm or company. But back to the drinking. I wasn't drunk at all, a lil high. However, some of my co-workers were def drunk byt the time we left at about 9 pm or so. But they didn't have to drive the next day. I luckily made it home OK which means I didn't get into a crash or get pulled over by the cops which equals death.

NOW, to the better part of the blog, or at least I think so.

I got home around 9:45 or 10. I walked by my housemate's room and he said something like "Yo Mark, the girls across the hall are going out and they invited us to come." Now, let me explain. There is this one girl from Montreal that lives in that apartment who is F*CKIN HOT or as I would say with my friends here in the US, F*CKIN BANGIN'. So I was like "Martin, I'm game." I took a two minute shower and cleaned up. Martin and I went over to their apartment. She, meaning the Canadian, came to the living area and I was like DAAAMMMNNNN. She looked so good. OK enough bout this girl. So, Martin, me, Marta (the Canadian), Sarah, and Jenny got a cab and went downtown.

We went to a lounge where you could smoke shisha or sheesha, whatever the spelling is. It was not a hookah lounge. It was a lounge where you could do so if you wished. The night was pretty crazy. I was downing Rum and Cokes like water. In the end, I had about 5 and before we left I had a shot of something and don't forget that I had been drinking throughout the day. So I was a complete drunk by the time I left. But let me back up. The girls started dancing on the tables, and the DJ told them to keep "workin" it or as we like to say "TWERKIN' " At one time, I had to use the bathroom and on the way there this group of black people were chillin by the DJ. I think they were his friend. So one of the girls just started grinding/freakin with me, and I started doing the same with her. I think they liked me one move cause they all yelled "AHHHHH........shit" hahaha.

I smoked shisha for the first time last night. On the first go round, I passed. But the 2nd time round, I tried it. It was pretty cool. Well, I must have really liked it cause by the time I left I was SOOOOOOOOO F*CKED UP. Between the shisha and all the drinking, I was messed up. Earlier in the night, I noticed a couple of HOT Asian bartenders (can only imagine what everyone is thinking right now). I wanted to talk to them, but they were busy pretty much all night. But later in the night, things finally slowed down and the one was just kinda standing around. I wanted to talk to her, but I was too f*cked up to get up and make some moves. She would have known I was drunk, and I probably would have just made a fool of myself.

I smoked so much shisha and drank so much. I honestly thought I was going to vomit. That's how messed up I was. But I kept drinking and hitting the shisha cause I had so many thoughts running through my head throughout the night, that I thought it would get rid of the thoughts. But, it didn't. Towards the end, I just closed my eyes, put my hands on my head, and kinda leaned over while sitting. People were asking if I was OK. I got a lil annoyed. I was bloody OK, OK? I have been FAR WORSE than last night, and on those nights I had to take care of myself. No one was there to help me out/take care of me.

In the end, it was a really fun night besides getting too f*cked up and not talking to the Asian bartenders. About the Canadian, I never talked to her. I didn't know what to say to her. I was speechless for some reason. I didn't know how to break the ice. But, anyways it doesn't really matter cause she was talking to all her guys throughtout the night so I didn't even really have the opportunity to talk to her.

I woke up this morning at 9. I was sleeping on my left side, I proceeded to roll over to my right side to look at the clock. The dizziness hit me immediately and I closed my eyes and rolled back over to my left side and cuddled with my tazzie devil stuffed animal ena got me. I snuggle/cuddle with it everyone night. And I know I'm a guy and I should be ashamed to admit that, but it's true.

Luckily, it's about 4 PM now and I have fully recovered from last night and yesterday. I deposited my paycheck into my checking account. I came back to my room, and I have just been lounging all day. I'm thinking about taking a nap but also considering blading soon, but it's too BLOODY HOT to do so. Hmmm, nap sounds good right now.....


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