Sunday, July 24, 2005

All day, Limewire downloaded A Lot Like Love. Then, I "launch" the file. Windows Media Player said "Error Downloading Codec." So I google codec and download the thing. I play the file again. Same damn error message. ARGH >:

I just wanted to watch a movie tonight. Yes I have FAMILY GUY but I don't feel like watching something funny for some reason. I just want to watch A Lot Like Love. Ena really liked the movie, and I don't feel like waiting until late August to rent it. I thought my dilemma would be solved by downloading but oh no. And then my housemate has been able to download every movie he wishes off of Limewire. He's even got Batman Begins in his collection. WTF.

I could be doing a lot of other semi-productive things like washing dishes, ironing clothes for work tomorrow, cleaning up my room, and so on. But I feel like blogging and posting some more here we go. BTW - these pics are from my friend's friend who finally messaged me so I was able to get her link to her pics...ANYWAYS...check it out...

This is my friend Jeff and me at the Live 8 concert. He's from New Jersey, about a half-hour drive from Philly. The shirt on top of the head didn't do too much to protect me from the sun. Still got sunburnt and sweat like a pig.

This is me before the Live 8 concert hanging onto the light post to get a better view of the stage. I really hate being short. I had to stand on my toes if I wanted to see the performers, but for the most part I relied on the jumbo-tron screens to watch. My feet were hurting just from standing flat, on the toes...painful but it was well worth it.

This pic is definitely my favorite. After the Linkin Park/Jay-Z performance, Jeff, Kristin, and me decided to walk around and see what food they were selling and just to check out the scene. We decided not to go back to our original spots cause they would have been a pain in the ass, so we just chilled where there was plenty of space yet we could still see the jumbo-tron screens and the stage a bit. At about 430 or 5 pm that day, I decided to take a nap on the grass. I wasn't really planning on falling asleep, but I did. I was sooo damn tired from walking up at 7 am that day and standing for 7 hours straight. So Kristin thought it would be funny to take a pic of Mark while he was sleeping. According to Jeff and Kristin, a lot of people that walked by actually took pics of me. I'm not really sure why...what's so funny bout someone sleeping on the grass?

So yeah, you probably noticed by now that this pic is in the "About Me" section. That's the history of the pic.

If you're wondering why the text above is in color: I always check my posts after publishing to make sure everthing is generally ok. Who knows why, but blogger now is deciding to be retarded and changing the color of the text to something you can't read...all on it's magic!


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