Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I just got home from a fabulous restaurant called TANGERINE. It's one of the top 10 restaurants in Philadelphia. KPMG took us there, so of course I didn't pay a dime. The place was soooo nice.

If only I had a significant other to take there. It would be such a great place to take a girl. I LOVED the lighting...they had candles all over...and the interior design was beyond impressive. Whoever designed that place probably made a fortune.

Go to http://www.tangerinerestaurant.com to check out the restaurant. Click on "Restaurant Tour" then on "Private Dining" to see the room I ate it. All the lights on the wall were candles, and all the pictures are kind of deceiving because it wasn't nearly as bright which I liked. If any of you come to the US, that is if you're a girl and you're reading this, I will take you to this restaurant.

Dinner was really good. It sort of had a Yum Cha concept to it - we had four appetizers and four entrees which we shared among the table. I ate tuna, filet mignon, duck, and who knows what else, but it was SOOO DELICIOUS. It definitely beat cooking pasta for dinner.

Today was the beginning of intern week which means the entire week will be easy. There's nothing better than getting paid for basically doing nothing. On Thursday, we are volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club and Friday, we are going to the zoo. I am getting paid to go to the ZOO! hahahaha. I know everyone probably hates me now...lol.

Of course in the morning, I checked out the girls. I have no intentions whatsoever of dating a girl in the firm. Dating someone from the workplace is SUCH A BAD IDEA! After we counted off from 1-8, we went to our assigned table with the rest of our assigned group. I was a "2." There was a really cute Asian girl named Kaylee at my table...I can only imagine what everyone is thinking right now...lol. We talked a lot when we had free time. She seems really sweet and like I said she's very cute. However, as I just mentioned, dating in the workplace is a no-no in my books, so I won't do anything. Plus, knowing my luck, she probably has a boyfriend anyways.

Last night was a fun night. It was the 4th of July which means cookin on the barbie and going to fireworks once it gets dark. I went to my friend Jeff's house. He lives about a half hour away in New Jersey aka DIRTY JERSEY.....hahaha, if only you lived in the US, you would understand the joke. Anyways, after arriving at his house, I met his folks again and we were off to his friend's house - Ron. Drove to Ron's house and then went to the supermarket to buy some burgers, chips, and pound cake. Now that we're legal, with the exception of Ron, of couse we made an ALCOHOL stop. I didn't have my ID on me so Jeff went inside and took care of business. As Ron and I waited in the car, the FUNNIEST thing happened. But it wasn't funny for me. A car was backing up, a truck was pulling in, and neither vehicle realized what was happening which = an accident in the parking lot. It was sooo funny watching it unfold, I definitely thought one of the drivers would have realized the other driver and stopped....but OH no. The truck had no damage whatsoever to its front bumper, BUT the right rear end of the car was really messed up...lol. Shortly, the cops showed up. For some reason, the whole thing was highly entertaining for Ron and I.

After the food and alcohol run, we went back to Ron's house to cook the food on the barbie. Their other friends showed up, and our beer drinking games commenced. We played f*ck the dealer, golf, kings, and some other ones. I got a lil high from it all, it was def a good time. We could have watched fireworks in their town, but instead we watched Elton John perform at the Museum of Art, the same place as the Live 8 concert on Saturday. The fireworks after the concert were really cool, but they def would have been better in person. Eventually, Jeff drove me back to his house around midnight so that I could drive back to Philly.

I was somewhat concerned about driving home because I wasn't drunk, but I definitely had alcohol in my body. If I got pulled over by a cop, I would have been F*CK'd BIG TIME. The blood alcohol content (BAC) laws are soo damn strict that you can basically only have one beer in you. I had six which means I was way over the limit. Luckily, I made it home safely...whew.

So that's been the life of Mark Jordan Marasco for the past two days, more to come on intern week in the days to come....


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