Thursday, August 25, 2005

I came downstairs to the basement/rec room to come online, and I just witnessed one of the most disgusting things EVER. My cat began to vomit. That didn't bother me...he must have been sick at that moment. BUT, then...he started to lick his own puke...EWWWWWW. I yelled at Blackjack (my cat's name) to stop but he continued so I removed him from the area.

On a brighter note, today was my last day of work. THANK GOD. I don't have to return to that hell hole until Thanksgiving break...abt 3 months away. What a reprieve.

Tomorrow I have heaps of errands to run. Gotta call various people at kpmg about various things. gotta pick up paycheck and of course cash it. gotta mow the lawn at my mom's work. gotta pack up for uni...moving saturday (FINALLY...yippee *no sarcasm...actually serious*). gotta do laundry...blah. gotta do who knows what else.

Time to sleep...


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