Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today - another easy day at the office. Obviously worked for 8 hours, but if I had worked in an efficient time manner, the work I completed in 8 hours, I could have completed in 5. But then I wouldn't have any work to do tomorrow. I need to look like I'm busy, and it looks bad if you're not doing anything. Plus the firm has to pay no matter what, whether I work slow or not. It's their fault, not mine, if they don't have work for me to do. When I've got a couple of assignments to do, I work crazy...getting everything done quickly. I also took a nap today at work...leaned back in my chair and kicked my feet up on the file cabinet under my desk...result - a lil siesta. I also wasted about a half hour browsing the internet checking google email, reading up on the six party talks, etc etc. Thinking about it, I'm about 95% sure I did this more than once.

Tomorrow I only have to work until 1:30 or so. YIPPEE!!! Then, I'm off to SAN FRANCISCO for my uni-related conference. I can't wait to go to San Fran. Everyone at work that has been there has said that the city is incredible. When I think of San Fran, I think clean, pretty safe, nice, and other positive adjectives. When I think of Philly, I think dirty, smelly, unsafe, and other negative adjectives. I'm really hoping I get to visit the KPMG office in San Fran on Thursday. I'm supposed to find out tomorrow if it's happening or not, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully I will have the chance to relocate there if I get a full-time offer next week.

So there most liley won't be any blogging until Sunday morning when I return. But be assured, I will have plenty of details and pictures too. Peace out!


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