Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, I got a call yesterday. It was from one of the managers in the Philly office. I didn't receive an offer from the San Fran office. Kind of disappointed, but I guess it makes my decision easier. I still think I am going to accept my offer from the Philly office. I was happy with the internship, and I really don't feel like going through the stressful and time-consuming interview process again.

Today was my first day back at uni - 4 lectures from 11 am - 5 pm...busy day. This semester is going to suck! Taking 6 subjects is going to take up a lot of time and they are upper-level, intense subjects which equals no fun for Mark this semester. Some people say they are not ready to graduate because uni is too much fun. Well I think I'm ready. Uni is fun and all, but all the work associated with it sucks...*sigh* I always get nervous and feel overburdened at the beginning of every semester so I hope things smooth out like they always have.

Very hungry...time to make some dinnner.


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