Monday, August 01, 2005

Today was an example of the kind of day of work that I love. Roll into work a lil after 8:30. Finish up some easy client work and work on some smaller easy, meaningless assignments. Take an hour and a half long lunch break and of course someone else pays. I've only had to take care of myself at most one day out of each week...gotta love it when a manager, director, or partner pays. Get back after lunch and do some work for about an hour. Leave the office at 2:30 to play golf with some co-workers when you're supposed to be working until 5:30. And, once again, the manager picks up the tab for golf - green fees and cart. LOVin' it. I wish everyday at work were like today - easy, relaxed, stress free, fun, etc. We'll see what tomorrow brings...


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