Sunday, September 11, 2005

It just hit me now that today is 11 September which means it's the four year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

I can still remember the exact time and location when I first heard about the attacks. I was in my senior year of high school. The second period of class had just begun so it was just after 9 AM. Our principal came on the intercom and made an announcement that with the permission of teachers we would be able turn on the TVs for something very important. Don't remember her exact words but it was something along those lines. So, of course, our English teacher allowed us to turn on the TV. We couldn't believe our eyes. At that point, one of the WTC buildings was already struck, and we watched the second WTC building get hit by another plane. Unreal. For the remainder of the class, we watched the buildings burn and smoke fill the sky.

At approximately 10 AM, it was time to move to our third period class. Of course, every teacher in the school allowed everyone to watch the news, except for our damn theology teachers who insisted on teaching us about the wonderful Roman Catholic ways (*cough...sarcasm*). Anways, third period was Physics. We basically ran the class because it was our teacher's first semester. We continued to watch the horror of the burning WTC towers. Then, the unthinkable occurred. People were jumping out of the windows, 100 floors up. I couldn't believe it. What a way to end your life...jumping out of a burning building. THEN...the first WTC tower came crashing down from the heat and instability. A few minutes later, the second WTC tower came down. Watching people running for their lives on the streets was another unreal sight. Everything we watched seemed unreal.

I don't have any real connection to a victim of the WTC attacks. The closest is my dad's friend. His brother was a NYC firefighter who was in one of the building as it collapsed. But, that doesn't mean that I wasn't affected.

The Freedom Tower should be built in a few years as far as I know. I think it will be the tallest building in the world at that point until Dubai builds their's.

Back to reading and studying...


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