Sunday, September 18, 2005

After my international business lecture on Thursday afternoon, I walked to my next lecture with a student from the intl business class who studied abroad in Rome. I've known her since spring semester 1st year. We were talking about some of our experiences abroad and our plans for employment after graduation. She was explaining to me how she wasn't excited about having to attend the Career Fair this week. I don't blame her. Going through the whole job finding/interview process sucks. She told me she do anything to get back to Rome. She even said that she thought about flying to Rome and then telling her parents she wasn't coming back. (Something I've considered with Oz.) Oh, btw, this girl's name is Jessica....very beautiful girl. But continuing, she mentioned how much happier she would be scooping gelato for the rest of her life. I couldn't agree with her more. It got me thinking about the major I've chosen. Yes, I still believe that I made the right choice by choosing the accounting major. But, do I picture myself working for a public accounting firm or a company for the rest of my life? NO. I too would probably be a lot happier working at a stress-free job such as scooping gelato in Rome. The problem is that I would also be making about 4x (or even more) less than working for a firm or company.

On Friday night, I met up with some friends at a bar called Bar Bleu. I've been told this would be the nicest bar in State College (town Penn State co-exists with) to experience. Well once again, I was a little disappointed but it's at least better than the other bars I've been to. When I walked in, I headed for the bar first instead of trying to find my friends. I ran into someone I knew from one of my previous classes. He also studied Barcelona. Once again, it was refreshing talking to someone who studied abroad and can TRULY understand how you feel. Similar to Jessica, we talked about some of our experiences and life back in the US since those experiences. One of the comments I made to JB was that the nightlife aka the bars in this town suck. He was with some of his friends. In response to my comment he said "I know" and shook his head in agreement. Then in response to his friends who thought my comment was kinda whack said something like "You just have to study abroad to undertand." JB then told me about about a business idea that is supposedly in development. He was explaining a bar in Barcelona to me. The bar's prices are determined by a stock market. I instantly thought of The Trader Bar in Melb. He said that he told his cousin, who works at a venture capital firm, about his idea. Supposedly, they are working on a business plan to develop a stock market bar which would become a "chain" (like Starbucks sorta.) Surprisingly, no such bar exists in the US or not that we are aware of. The fact that a venture capital firm is doing some preliminary research is pretty cool. Maybe I can become a business partner. One of my goals later in life was to own a bar/nightclub. Maybe that dream will be fulfilled sooner than I thought.

Back to reading some business law specifically strict product liability....YUM!


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