Friday, September 23, 2005

Haven't blogged in awhile so it's go time now. Been sick the past two/three days but feeling slightly better today. Have four exams next week - one Monday, one Tuesday, and two Wednesday. Hoping I feel better by Sunday night so I can do well on them.

Bought Kayne West tickets today. Was in line for the student tickets which cost $30. At least 1,000 people ahead of us waiting to get their's. Waited an hour and the line was barely moving. Convinced my friends to pay the extra money just to buy them on the internet at full price instead of waiting for at least another 2 hours and getting crappy seats. So, yes, paying an extra $15 was well worth not having to wait in line, especially when you're sick and you just wanna lay on your couch back home. And, we got decent seats. At least they're better than the nose-bleed seats we probably would have gotten.

The concert is October 28th. I can't wait. Definitely going to kick ass. Kayne rocked the house at Live 8 in Philly so I expect as good a performance. Also performing is Common, Fantasia - the American Idol winner - who I don't care about, and Keynesia Cole whom I've never heard of. I just wanna see Common and Kayne.

This weekend is going to be especially lame and boring. Tonight, instead of being out partying, I will be laying on the couch reading about diluted earnings per share and about the uniform commercial code...yippee. Tomorrow - more of the same and hopefully watching the Nittany Lions kick some Northwestern ass in football.


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