Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Life right now still sucks, and it's going to suck until late December. All I do is wake up, go to uni, do schoolwork, attend meetings, eat, and sleep. I barely have anytime to relax and wind down. I think I watched about 1 hour of TV today and that's all I did for fun. I hate uni. I just want to graduate RIGHT NOW.

Reading Charissa's blog on her adventures makes me I wish I were having as much fun. But, I guess that was me last semester - goal/focus: have as much as fun as possible without worrying a damn about uni. Now, I'm back to reality where I have to work my ass off. By far, this is the worst semester in terms of the amount of work. I calculated I have to do about 200 pages of reading per week and that's for only four out of six subjects. Then, I still have to do all the accounting-related problems/homework. One problem can take a half-hour. *SIGH* Understand why I'm already super exhausted and stressed out and the semester has barely begun?

But, enough b*tching Mark. Before I know it, the semester will be over. I just need to get C's in my classes. Not good at all compared to previous semesters of all A's and A-'s but it's my last year. My GPA in a few years will mean nothing. I have no intention of attending grad or law school either so that makes my GPA even more worthless in a few years time. All that matters is my little piece of paper that will say I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University and the Smeal College of Business. AMEN to that.

I'm sh*t-faced tired, so it's time to get about 7 hrs of sleep. Bye.


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