Saturday, September 03, 2005

I've come to the conclusion that the nightlife here in State College/University Park sucks d*ck. Yes, the bars are pretty cheap, but I've noticed the money spent adds up quickly. And yes, it may not be fair to compare the nightlife between Melbourne and here, but I've chosen to. I was thinking once again tonight how I would do anything to get back to Melb. I was thinking of how I could get a job there, but I think I'm sh*t outta luck.

I was thinking my boredom of the nightlife here might be due to the people I'm with, but I don't think that's the case. The only thing I want to be able to do is enjoy myself on the weekend because during the week I will be crazy busy with classes and activities, but it doesn't look the enjoyment is going to be high. I'm already thinking this is going to be a really sh*tty semester and possibly a really sh*tty year which is kind of depressing knowing that this is my last year. I was hoping my last year at uni would be the best yet, but I should probably lower my expectations WAY down.


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