Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Surprisingly I don't have much work to get done this week. It helped having yesterday off, being Labor Day and all. I've just got heaps of meetings and miscellaneous things to do. In our uni newspaper they had available jobs in the classified section. One of the bars/restaurants (more of a bar though) needs a dishwasher. They only need the person from 11 AM - 4:00 PM. Perfect time for me since I don't have Friday classes and I would still be able to drink my ass off Thursday nights and wake up Friday morning with enough sleep time to recover. I need the money to finance my partying habits and just for general spending. I keep telling myself that the money I made from internship is ABSOLUTELY HANDS OFF because I need that money for my still hopeful trip to Asia next year. I also plan on putting away my $1,500 minus taxes sign-on bonus. So that money is hands off too. My checking account balance is dwindling fast...faster than thought. I'm going to call my mom to get her opinion of what I'm thinking. But she's probably going to tell me that I'm crazy and absolutely not to do it. She'll be like "What about all that money you made over summer." Still after telling what feels to be about 10 million-trillion-zillion times about how much I want to go to Asia next year and how much it would mean to me, she still doesn't understand. Which, of course, baffles me.

I will also need the money to make a trip to UPenn to visit Charissa and to look for apartments for next September.

I was watching ABC's World News Tonight like any other night. Congress believes it will cost $150 BILLION to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Bush, the dumbass, believes a fraction of that will do the job. I believe in the former cause the latter as I have learned since the past 5 years does not know SH*T. It's frustrating, disheartening, sick, f*cked up, and every other negative adjective to think that our stupid-f*ck government can go spend billions of dollars for absolutely nothing. Yes, I know our troops come home and say progress is being made. But honestly, I see no hope for Iraq. It was probably one of the worst decisions a US President has made. Absolutely no good has been achieved in my opinion. So our government can pour billions and billions of dollars into a hopeful "project," and it can't even help its own people.

I like how Bush visited the hurricane hit areas. What a public relations bullsh*t move. He says he feels for the people. Yeah, what a bunch of bullsh*t. He gets to sleep ever night in the cozy warm White House and eat a cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, and probably snacks too. Try being separted from your loved ones, not eating for 3 days, not having anything to return to, and so on. It makes me irate and many other Americans too to see how our government can spend billions of overseas so easily and quickly and how they can move so slowly to help their own people.

F*ck Bush.


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