Sunday, October 30, 2005

Some pictures (finally) and a post after two weeks of being way too damn busy.

Kayne West performing. One of the best concerts I've been to.

It looks like the stage is on fire (...sorta)....gotta love the lighting effects.

My roomie, Don, and me at the bar. We were giving a very happy pose. And, yes, I am growing a beard (...or at least trying to...haha) BTW, some random guy gave us that pitcher of beer for free.

Some other randon dude (not the one that gave us the pitcher of beer) who sat on a wet seat and got his ass wet.

Me (self-explanatory)....looking at my roomie.

Me, on the way home, posing with the turned over newspaper stand. LOL.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Yesterday had to be probably one of the worst days so far. As I mentioned earlier, our football team lost in a ridiculous way. Now you're probably thinking it's just footy, but no it's not. The loss was worse than anything I have ever experienced in my sports playing career. Nothing comes even close to comparing.

Then, on my way to the library around 1 pm, I called my mom to let her know that I arrived back at Penn State safely. She said she had bad news. I knew immediately what was going to come out of her mouth as much as I didn't want to hear it. She had to put our cat, Blackjack, to sleep on Saturday because of his kidney failure. For the past two months or so, Blackjack had been vomiting, not eating right, and some other stuff. But, since we have another cat (Lexus) we thought it was her because she had been the one that always puked in the past. Anyways, before I came to uni, my mom and I had figured out that Blackjack was the one causing the destruction in the house a.k.a. vomiting so then we knew something was up. Then it was time for me to come to uni. My mom kept close watch on him and noticed he wasn't eating properly. So about a month ago, my mom took him to the vet. They ran some blood work but it turned out fine. Then the vet ran some additional tests which revealed that he had kidney failure. The vet gave my mom some medicine for Blackjack but he said it was only a waiting game before it would be time to put him to sleep. So, on Saturday, my mom took Blackjack to the vet to put him to sleep. She said that he was getting very weak and didn't want him to go through any more pain. He was 13 years old and one of the best pets I could have asked for. I still remember how we got Blackjack. At our old house in the suburbs, our neighbor caught a stray cat but didn't want to keep it. Well, being the young kids that my brother and I were, we convinced my mom to adopt the cat.

After the trip to the vet to get the "sleeping juice," my mom took him out to my dad's house. My brother buried a hole in the woods and gave him a headstone. You may think this is odd and weird but thinking about it, I'm glad my mom and brother did it. Otherwise, Blackjack just would have been put into a pet bag and tossed in the dumpster and taken out to the landfill (literally, that's what they do.)

So I knew the bad news about Blackjack would be coming eventually, but I was hoping that I would somehow get to see him during Thanksgiving Break...about a month away. I was almost about to cry on the way to the library except all the people walking by prevented me from doing so. That's how much he meant to me and our family. He wasn't just a cat; he was part of the family.

Well, I should probably get back to studying financial accounting for my exam on Wed.

RIP Blackjack 10/15/2005


Sunday, October 16, 2005

So I just got back from the road trip to the University of Michigan to see Jared and to watch our Nittany Lions battle on the football field. We were supposed to stay there tonight but after a devestating, demoralizing, and extremely depressing loss, we decided to head back to Penn State. People have said that it's just football, well I don't wanna hear that it's "just football." Yes, there are more things to life than collegiate football, but our team has sucked the past two years. We deserved to win that game and should have won that game. Except for our special teams sucking complete @$$.

I don't even know what to say anymore. The fact that Michigan scored a winning touchdown with one second left in the game was just completely unfathomable. F*CK! Hopefully I'll get heaps of pics up soon for everyone to look at. My bed is calling me.


Friday, October 07, 2005

I haven't blogged in ages, or at least it seems like that once again. Last night, I had my tax exam that went pretty well. I only guessed on a few questions out of 25. Not bad according to my standards. It could have been better but it also could have been a lot worse like those managerial accounting exams. After the exam, I came back to my place, got two slices of pizza for a second dinner, and headed to the bar with a friend to meet another one.

The bar is called Saloon. It's decent. But nothing in this town can compare to Australia and the good times I had at Heat and Amber. So, anyways, Saloon has $5 Monkey Boys every Thursday night from 9-midnight. We rushed our asses there cause we thought the special ended at 11 so by 10:45 we were almost running so we wouldn't miss the "last call." As it turns out, it ends at midnight....woohoo! So we got our monkey boys and just talked, chilled, and checked out the scene (not that many hot girls).

On the way to the bar, a girl smacked my ass. I looked at her and I was like "Eh, thanks but no thanks." LOL. She was moderately attractive. Maybe if I were high or drunk, I would have said or done something...haha.

Anyways, my friends and I are just chilling when I see a girl that I think I recognize. I thought she graduated last May since it was her 4th year then. Then I started thinking maybe she did graduate and she's just back for the weekend for the football game considering that thousands of alumni come back every home football weekend. So I go up to her and start talking. As it turns out, no she didn't graduate last May cause she has a 5th year to sh*t. We had class last fall semester and always sat next to each other and always walked and talked after class....aww how cute, huh? So we continued talking for awhile until it was time to go to the next bar. But, before I left I got her number. Her number was ***-999-****. Of course, I didn't think she was lieing when she gave me her number. But, you gotta understand that some girls definitely lie when they give you a number cause they don't wanna be mean and say no, so they just give you a fake #. So, when my friends and I got to the second bar, it hit me that this could have been the case. I recognized the area code. But the next three numbers, -999-**** seemed really odd and my friends thought the same thing. Who the hell has 999 in their number. We definitely thought she was lieing. So my friend called the number but for some reason the call didn't go through or something. Dodgey. So I called the number. It rang. And finally, her voicemail came on. So to make a long story short, she didn't lie about her number.

I just remembered the best part of the story. While I was talking to her, it hit me that I had forgotten her name somehow. I was like "Ssshhhiiiiiitttttt." I was quickly trying to determine what to do while at the same time keep talking to her and not act like I wasn't paying attention. I leaned over to my friend Brian to tell him the awkward situation. So finally, I just told myself to ask her for her name even though I was going to feel like the biggest jackass. So I asked her and apologized too for forgetting. But I honestly forgot other people's name when I came back from Melb since I was away for over 8 months.

Yeah, so I don't know what I should do - call or not to call. She's pretty good looking but I feel like something is lacking. What do you think?







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