Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Because I am bored and because I had a three hour nap earlier in the night, I've decided it's "Picture Time" since I probably won't get to bed for another two's 2:30 am now.

So here are the pictures:

The wall near my desk, and the pictures I look at every day along with Mafia poster, posties from Rach, Ena, and Hiro, and Melb Uni thingy (forget what it's called). So send me a postcard, and I will add it to the wall! My address is:

222 W Beaver Ave. Apt #601 State College, PA 16801 United States of America

My messy desk area. The poster says, "Beer....Helping White Guys Dance Since 1842!" Hopefully you understand. If you don't, white guys can't dance relative to black guys. Think of me dancing for a second. Now, think of Usher dancing. Understand?....Good.

Close-up picture of the pictures on the wall. I tried putting everyone up, but I've realized I missed a couple of people....sorry.

Some girls gettin' "dirty" in the apartment. I was playing a strip drinking game with the brunette, another girl not pictured, and three other guys after the football game. Yes, the odds were not in the guys favor, but we still won. The girls had nothing on except their thongs. That is not a typo error, you heard right. Although they covered themselves up as much as possible with their arms and And, I'm sure some of you are absolutely appalled, grossed out, and lost respect for me, but to be honest I don't care because you have to live life to the fullest and have some fun once in awhile. Who says Penn State doesn't know how to party? Playboy actually rated Penn State as one of the best party unis in the U.S. which helps explain the strip drinking game. Even though uni sucks with all the work I have to do, nights like that make it all worth it. Moving on....

Our football stadium, better known as BEAVER STADIUM. My friend is the video manager for the team, and this is where he tapes the games. Ridiculous view. We were playing the University of Wisconsin that late afternoon/early evening.

All of those people in the white...are the students (20,000 in all) you're looking at the best student section in the country. In fact, ESPN rated Penn State's student section as the best in the U.S. Fang, please explain to the girls what ESPN is.

The alumni section of our stadium with the press box above.

Our mascot, the Nittany Lion, dancing to a Michael Jackson song while getting camera time courtesy of ABC Sports. Hweng, wanna operate a camera like that?

Yes, look closely...The Nittany Lion is doing Michael Jackson's moon-walk. It's called the moon-walk, right? Or, something else? Ok, I don't really care cause it's 3 am, but nevertheless he's doing MJ's singature dance move.

"We want the Lion." The chant we yell so that we can pass the Lion all the way up the student section.

The Lion passing right by us.

Ok, that's it for the pictures. I hope everyone enjoys them.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The old saying goes, "You learn something new every day."

What did I learn in my international business lecture today:

Singapore's standard of living has increased 14% since 1950 while Latin American countries only increased a modest 2-3%.

Now you just learned something new too but probably completely worthless information.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am back at uni aka Happy Valley. Kinda sad to leave my mom but like I said before, only three weeks left. I have partially fixed my blog. As you can obviously see, I have replaced the pic of me with a very cute picture of Dino and I from the apartment "party" before I left....the night when what's his name decided to puke in the bathroom and pass out sitting on the toilet...oh the memories! LOL.

The pic kinda looks messed up, but I did my best adjusting the height/width thing. I just couldn't get it right. If you look closely, it's kinda funny because it looks like a missing tooth. I also look pale as hell...I should probably consider going tanning. Yes, guys go tanning too, and I have done it before.

I couldn't get the other side fixed up because I am html incompetent. Maybe someone could help me out. *cough...ENA*

time to bounce.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

I head back to uni tomorrow morning. It's been a nice Thanksgiving Break, but it's time to go back to reality. Luckily, only two more weeks of class then a week of finals. Then, home sweet home again for 3 weeks.

I had a feared conversation with my dad when I went out to his house. Surprisingly, he was quite reasonable in what he said which kind of surprised me. I'm glad he's not choosing to be an idiot. So, I will continue to talk to him.

On a side note, I HATE Proquest. The stupid database never emailed me all of the articles I requested. So pissed! Being the smart mom that she is, she recommended going back into my history to track down the articles again. I don't mind taking the extra time to do it, but I looked at a lot of fricking articles, and I don't really remember all of the ones I chose to be emailed to myself. Oh well...what can you do?....Nada.


I really wish I could fast forward into time because I wish it were a certain date right NOW. I guarantee you won't be able to guess that date so don't even bother trying. However, one person might be able to. "Who is that person?", you may ask. I'm not going to say. ;)


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today was Thanksgiving Day which means one of the best meals of the year, football, napping after a very good meal, and quality time with family. It was a traditional Thanksigiving dinner (all wonderfully cooked and prepared by my mother) with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, croissants, and pumpkin pie for dessert. I'm probably missing a few things but that's what I ate. Sorry for no pics, but I left my digi cam at uni which really sucks because I can't take pics of all the snow either. :( But, hopefully there will be snow at uni.

Of course, the night wouldn't be "complete" without a "heated" discussion between my mom and dad (who are divorced, if you didn't know already). And, the subject matter - me. I don't really feel like getting into the details of it all, but my dad can really really piss me off. I'm not sure if anyone really knows, but I don't really have much of a relationship with my dad. So far, when I was at uni, I think I only talked to him three times one of which only dealt with him possibly picking me up and bringing me back home for break. Whereas, I talk to my mom on a weekly basis. I have a much better and stronger relationship with my mom which I am very happy about. I wish my relationship were better with my dad, but I don't think it will ever be. If I should get married and have children, I have a fear that I will be like my father which I don't want to turn into.

But, back to the conversation b/t my 'rents. It basically dealt with my finances. My mom takes care about 90% of things, like my tuition, apartment rent, and money for groceries when she makes about half or even a third of what my dad makes.....make sense?....No. My dad, on the other hand, takes care about 10% of things which both my mom and I don't think is asking a whole lot. So when he put forth his "idea" tonight, it really pissed my mom and I off. It was another episode where I said to myself (referring to my dad): "I don't what anything to do with you anymore, and I never want to talk to you ever again."

I will be a lot happier in 9 months when I am working and making in the upper-$40's (thousands) and hence, completely financially independent of my parents. I will be paying all of my bills - rent, health insurance, car insurance, food, paying off student loans, contributing to retirement plan, etc. etc. - from ALL of MY hard-earned money. I will no longer need to depend upon my father for the little that my mom and I ask of him now.

On a brigher note, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on those things which you are grateful and appreciative for. Here is my list:
1. My always supportive, loving, caring, "always there for you in the roughest times" mother.
2. My father (even though I'd love to punch in the face, shake him, and ask him, "What the f*ck are you thinking about sometimes?")
3. My brothers.
4. My health.
5. My friends, especially the ones that are about 15,000 miles away.
6. The fact that my mom has been able to pay for most of my college expenses and has given me the opportunity to succeed in life.
7. The simple things in life that you don't even notice on a day-to-day basis, such as clothing, a place to call "home," and food.
8. My cat. RIP Blackjack.
9. That God has give me the following qualities (not to brag): motivation, perseverence, trust, hard-working, and responsibility/accountability.
10. That I had the opportunity to work at an international accounting firm this past summer and received a full-time job offer a year ahead of my start date. :)
11. That I will be able to provide for my mother in future years when she has made the most sacrifices for me all my life. If it weren't for my mom, I wouldn't have been able to:
A. Attend a private, Catholic, all-boys high school which prepared me extremely well for uni.
B. Attend The Pennsylvania State University, one of the top-50 uni's in the U.S.
C. Visit France during spring break 2nd year which opened my eyes to culture and exposed my love for traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures..
D. Study abroad across the globe and experience something I will never experience in my life again and make some of the best friends I could ever ask for.
E. Grow into a man. You may laugh at that but it's true.
F. Finally, she somehow instilled the traits of respect, motivation, hard-work, perseverence, trust, among others in me.

It's almost 2AM, and I'm sure I will wake up tomorrow morning remembering many things I have forgotten to mention which I am grateful for. But, for now, it's time to catch some Z's.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's time that I have made a post. I have been home since 2 AM Thursday night/Friday morning, and I've procrastinated since then in terms of blogging. I finally figured out what was wrong with my blog. Apparently, mypicgallery decided they could no longer be free and must charge a fee for their service. *cough...bullsh*t* Anyways, I set up an account with PhotoBucket and of course my problems weren't solved. Since I'm home now for Thanksgiving break, I don't have my computer...been using my mom's. So, I don't have any pics on this one obviously. So I tried downloading pics off of my webshot's site, and to make a long story short, I didn't work. ARGH! So, you're just gonna have to wait until I get back to uni on Sunday at which point, I will fix my blog and make it pretty

On a brighter note, I scored an 87 on my intermediate financial acctg II exam last Wednesday. The average was a 72.6 and out of the 89 people that took the exam, only 8 scored higher than me. So, I consider that good. Since I skipped class on Monday (since I'm home and not at uni), I called my friend to see what happened in lecture. The prof added 2 points to our scores, so I really got an 89. YIPPEE. I am waiting for my tax and international business results, but I won't find out until I get back. Both exams were OK. I'm going to die if I failed either one of them. However, if I did decent on both of them, I actually have a shot at attaining another 4.0 GPA this semester since I already have 4 A's in my other classes. Sorry for all the bragging.

It's been sorta nice being home. Although I haven't really been on break per se because I have been catching up on work and even working ahead in some of my subjects because when I get back, it's going to be HELL. My idea of break is winter break when you're in between semesters and new subjects meaning there's absolutely no possible work to do. But, anyways, back to the nice things of being at home. On Sunday, I woke up at 2...yes, I am damn lazy. My wonderful and loving (no sarcasm here...she really is) mother made pancakes and bacon for me. The pancakes were DELICIOUS. They were thick and fluffy...mmmmm. I have also been watching heaps of TV which I rarely have time to do at uni.

Last night, well technically two nights ago cause it's Wednesday 130 am now, I went to two bars with my friend Jill and her friends. It was my first time at the bars in Erie since I have only been home for an entire 3 weeks out of the past 10 months. It's kinda weird cause I sorta have a crush on her for some reason. I have no idea why.

I crush on girls too easily. Rach, I can only imagine what you're thinking right now. lol. To make the story even better, there's this really really hot girl in my international business class, and luckily I know her and talk to her basically every Tuesday and Thursday we have lecture. And yes, I also have a crush on her. She will be working for KPMG in NYC after graduation. (I met her at training in Cali.) She's smart, likes to travel (she went to Spain for study abroad), and beautiful. That's all I want in a girl and the last one isn't even that important. Every guy basically runs the same test, or at least guys in the US. How many drinks would it take to make out with her? Well, I'm obviously looking for zero which is definitely possible because there are plenty of attractive girls at Penn State. Anyways, back to this girl. So, I don't know what I should do. Ask her out or do nothing. I'm hoping my friend Phil will have a Christmas party so that I can ask her to be my date. She's in a sorority which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But, the girls in that sorority are frickin' HOT. Although thinking about it, there are a lot of sororities at Penn State that have a lot of hot girls.....chi o, kappa, pi phi, tri delts, kd's, asa, etc etc. Why do you think Playboy came to Penn State?

Before I left Melbourne, Fang made the prediction that I would be dating an Asian girl by the time winter break came. His prediction has yet to come true.

But, this my Asian. So yes, laugh your head off while I ponder what my next move should be.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Right now, I am fucking pissed and I need to vent my frustration. I fucking hate my international business professor. He is a fucking prick. Also, what the fuck is wrong with my blog and "Account Expired." What is that sh*t? Can someone please explain that to me?

But back to my international business professor. I fucking hate him. He's such an asshole. Fuck you Terrance. I hate everything about you. You can't fucking learn from a bunch of fucking charts about GDP and whatever else you put into your shit powerpoint slides. You have one slide of text and the rest are charts which mean absolutely nothing to everyone.

I'm really screwed for this exam tomorrow. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. And, of course, my accounting exam earlier tonight was a b*tch, and I had a huge headache afterwards. So that means even though I studied for about two hours, it did absolutely nothing because my head was spinning and is still spinning.

OK, I need something else to vent frustration. I need a punching bag or something. I need someone to talk to, but unfortunately the ppl i would like to talk to, aren't on msn. aahhh. It's kind of funny how the only people that make me feel better are the people from last semester and my mom. I don't even talk to my friends anymore about anything. *sigh*

I'm going to pop a few pills, like Advil (similar to panedol). Wish I had something stronger though. And, I wish I was just tired so I could go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning feeling fresh and the beginning of a new day.
Good night everyone.


Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm taking a break from reading tax in my fav. place...the library. *sarcasm*

When I left my apartment, I obviously had to wait for the elevator. As I waited, some of my neighbors, who happened to be girls, walked down the hall. The conversation went something like this:

Girls: Do you have any porn?

At this point, I was thinking "Are you serious?" But, in that short two seconds, I realized they were not joking. Anyways, back to the convo.

Me: ...On my computer.
Girls: Oh no, like on DVD?
Girls: Why not?
Me: Why buy it when you can download it for free?
Girls: True...good point.
Me: If you want, I can burn some on a CD for you though.
Girls: Ehhh, no.
[Short pause in the convo as they tried to figure out what to do.]
[As they went to a neighbor's door (guys live there)....I said the following]
Me: Just have the guys there burn some porn on a CD for you.

I then proceeded to get onto the elevator.

So, yes everyone, now you know I have porn on my computer. And, I am not ashamed of it either. Quite frankly, I think I have a pretty good selection...hahaha. But nothing f*cked up.

If you'd like and this only applies to girls....when I come to visit, I can put some on my laptop that I will (hopefully) have at that time and we can eat some popcorn and watch it together. hahaha.

I can only imagine what everyone thinks of me now.

Back to reading tax and the wonderful world of tax credits. *sarcasm*


Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm coming to! Get ready for the American invasion! (Was it politically incorrect to say that?)

So, I spent four hours yesterday at STA Travel getting my trip priced out and trying to pay and get the damn tix. I was finally able to pick up my tix this morning. My bank was being a big pain in the ass because of security since it's such a huge purchase. It cost me $2,273 but that's nothing for having the chance to reunite with my mates that I miss.

So, here are my trip details.

I leave the US 12 June and arrive in Tokyo 13 June. I'm staying there for 2 weeks, and I'm hoping to visit Beijing for week during that time.

I leave Tokyo on 27 June and arrive into KL the same day. Fang get ready. Dino you better fly your ass over to KL, or I will never talk to you again! Kidding, of course!!! Yen Li, Linda, Kevin, and the rest of the Malaysian crew better be up for long nights of clubbing. Remember Amber? Even though I spent close to $100 that night, it was definitely one of my best nights in Melbourne.

Then I leave KL on 4 July and arrive into SINGAPORE. Ena, Rach, Kris, Anne, Mel, Houston, Hweng, who else am I missing, you all ready??? Charissa, you gon be back by then?

Then I leave SG on 24 July and arrive into Melbourne at 4:45 am 25 July. Fang, my bestest mate, can you pick me up from the airport? hahaha....sorry to make you wake up so damn early. I will buy you some drinks at a club in KL or Melb.

Finally, I leave Melbourne on 1 August and a week later, I will enter the real world and start!!!

So, yeah, it's official. I'm coming. Everyone better be back home, or else I will be living on the streets in your respective city/country. I wanna meet everyone's parents, siblings, and friends and experience your home. I'm getting so excited just thinking about it all.

Forgot one thing. I am still hoping to visit Bangkok during my time in SG....thinking about leaving for a week to visit Lyn and Naina...I haven't forgotten about you guys.

If I haven't mentioned your name. I still love you. I just remembered Niro. Yo Niro, you better be ready to do some laybacks. Fang, your 70 second record is going down. By next year, you will have had the record for a year. It's time to pass the title on to an a deserving individual such as myself. lol.

Ok, that's enough. Hopefully everyone is equally as excited as I am.







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