Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm coming to! Get ready for the American invasion! (Was it politically incorrect to say that?)

So, I spent four hours yesterday at STA Travel getting my trip priced out and trying to pay and get the damn tix. I was finally able to pick up my tix this morning. My bank was being a big pain in the ass because of security since it's such a huge purchase. It cost me $2,273 but that's nothing for having the chance to reunite with my mates that I miss.

So, here are my trip details.

I leave the US 12 June and arrive in Tokyo 13 June. I'm staying there for 2 weeks, and I'm hoping to visit Beijing for week during that time.

I leave Tokyo on 27 June and arrive into KL the same day. Fang get ready. Dino you better fly your ass over to KL, or I will never talk to you again! Kidding, of course!!! Yen Li, Linda, Kevin, and the rest of the Malaysian crew better be up for long nights of clubbing. Remember Amber? Even though I spent close to $100 that night, it was definitely one of my best nights in Melbourne.

Then I leave KL on 4 July and arrive into SINGAPORE. Ena, Rach, Kris, Anne, Mel, Houston, Hweng, who else am I missing, you all ready??? Charissa, you gon be back by then?

Then I leave SG on 24 July and arrive into Melbourne at 4:45 am 25 July. Fang, my bestest mate, can you pick me up from the airport? hahaha....sorry to make you wake up so damn early. I will buy you some drinks at a club in KL or Melb.

Finally, I leave Melbourne on 1 August and a week later, I will enter the real world and start!!!

So, yeah, it's official. I'm coming. Everyone better be back home, or else I will be living on the streets in your respective city/country. I wanna meet everyone's parents, siblings, and friends and experience your home. I'm getting so excited just thinking about it all.

Forgot one thing. I am still hoping to visit Bangkok during my time in SG....thinking about leaving for a week to visit Lyn and Naina...I haven't forgotten about you guys.

If I haven't mentioned your name. I still love you. I just remembered Niro. Yo Niro, you better be ready to do some laybacks. Fang, your 70 second record is going down. By next year, you will have had the record for a year. It's time to pass the title on to an a deserving individual such as myself. lol.

Ok, that's enough. Hopefully everyone is equally as excited as I am.


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