Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm taking a break from reading tax in my fav. place...the library. *sarcasm*

When I left my apartment, I obviously had to wait for the elevator. As I waited, some of my neighbors, who happened to be girls, walked down the hall. The conversation went something like this:

Girls: Do you have any porn?

At this point, I was thinking "Are you serious?" But, in that short two seconds, I realized they were not joking. Anyways, back to the convo.

Me: ...On my computer.
Girls: Oh no, like on DVD?
Girls: Why not?
Me: Why buy it when you can download it for free?
Girls: True...good point.
Me: If you want, I can burn some on a CD for you though.
Girls: Ehhh, no.
[Short pause in the convo as they tried to figure out what to do.]
[As they went to a neighbor's door (guys live there)....I said the following]
Me: Just have the guys there burn some porn on a CD for you.

I then proceeded to get onto the elevator.

So, yes everyone, now you know I have porn on my computer. And, I am not ashamed of it either. Quite frankly, I think I have a pretty good selection...hahaha. But nothing f*cked up.

If you'd like and this only applies to girls....when I come to visit, I can put some on my laptop that I will (hopefully) have at that time and we can eat some popcorn and watch it together. hahaha.

I can only imagine what everyone thinks of me now.

Back to reading tax and the wonderful world of tax credits. *sarcasm*


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