Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Because I am bored and because I had a three hour nap earlier in the night, I've decided it's "Picture Time" since I probably won't get to bed for another two's 2:30 am now.

So here are the pictures:

The wall near my desk, and the pictures I look at every day along with Mafia poster, posties from Rach, Ena, and Hiro, and Melb Uni thingy (forget what it's called). So send me a postcard, and I will add it to the wall! My address is:

222 W Beaver Ave. Apt #601 State College, PA 16801 United States of America

My messy desk area. The poster says, "Beer....Helping White Guys Dance Since 1842!" Hopefully you understand. If you don't, white guys can't dance relative to black guys. Think of me dancing for a second. Now, think of Usher dancing. Understand?....Good.

Close-up picture of the pictures on the wall. I tried putting everyone up, but I've realized I missed a couple of people....sorry.

Some girls gettin' "dirty" in the apartment. I was playing a strip drinking game with the brunette, another girl not pictured, and three other guys after the football game. Yes, the odds were not in the guys favor, but we still won. The girls had nothing on except their thongs. That is not a typo error, you heard right. Although they covered themselves up as much as possible with their arms and And, I'm sure some of you are absolutely appalled, grossed out, and lost respect for me, but to be honest I don't care because you have to live life to the fullest and have some fun once in awhile. Who says Penn State doesn't know how to party? Playboy actually rated Penn State as one of the best party unis in the U.S. which helps explain the strip drinking game. Even though uni sucks with all the work I have to do, nights like that make it all worth it. Moving on....

Our football stadium, better known as BEAVER STADIUM. My friend is the video manager for the team, and this is where he tapes the games. Ridiculous view. We were playing the University of Wisconsin that late afternoon/early evening.

All of those people in the white...are the students (20,000 in all) you're looking at the best student section in the country. In fact, ESPN rated Penn State's student section as the best in the U.S. Fang, please explain to the girls what ESPN is.

The alumni section of our stadium with the press box above.

Our mascot, the Nittany Lion, dancing to a Michael Jackson song while getting camera time courtesy of ABC Sports. Hweng, wanna operate a camera like that?

Yes, look closely...The Nittany Lion is doing Michael Jackson's moon-walk. It's called the moon-walk, right? Or, something else? Ok, I don't really care cause it's 3 am, but nevertheless he's doing MJ's singature dance move.

"We want the Lion." The chant we yell so that we can pass the Lion all the way up the student section.

The Lion passing right by us.

Ok, that's it for the pictures. I hope everyone enjoys them.


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