Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today was Thanksgiving Day which means one of the best meals of the year, football, napping after a very good meal, and quality time with family. It was a traditional Thanksigiving dinner (all wonderfully cooked and prepared by my mother) with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, croissants, and pumpkin pie for dessert. I'm probably missing a few things but that's what I ate. Sorry for no pics, but I left my digi cam at uni which really sucks because I can't take pics of all the snow either. :( But, hopefully there will be snow at uni.

Of course, the night wouldn't be "complete" without a "heated" discussion between my mom and dad (who are divorced, if you didn't know already). And, the subject matter - me. I don't really feel like getting into the details of it all, but my dad can really really piss me off. I'm not sure if anyone really knows, but I don't really have much of a relationship with my dad. So far, when I was at uni, I think I only talked to him three times one of which only dealt with him possibly picking me up and bringing me back home for break. Whereas, I talk to my mom on a weekly basis. I have a much better and stronger relationship with my mom which I am very happy about. I wish my relationship were better with my dad, but I don't think it will ever be. If I should get married and have children, I have a fear that I will be like my father which I don't want to turn into.

But, back to the conversation b/t my 'rents. It basically dealt with my finances. My mom takes care about 90% of things, like my tuition, apartment rent, and money for groceries when she makes about half or even a third of what my dad makes.....make sense?....No. My dad, on the other hand, takes care about 10% of things which both my mom and I don't think is asking a whole lot. So when he put forth his "idea" tonight, it really pissed my mom and I off. It was another episode where I said to myself (referring to my dad): "I don't what anything to do with you anymore, and I never want to talk to you ever again."

I will be a lot happier in 9 months when I am working and making in the upper-$40's (thousands) and hence, completely financially independent of my parents. I will be paying all of my bills - rent, health insurance, car insurance, food, paying off student loans, contributing to retirement plan, etc. etc. - from ALL of MY hard-earned money. I will no longer need to depend upon my father for the little that my mom and I ask of him now.

On a brigher note, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on those things which you are grateful and appreciative for. Here is my list:
1. My always supportive, loving, caring, "always there for you in the roughest times" mother.
2. My father (even though I'd love to punch in the face, shake him, and ask him, "What the f*ck are you thinking about sometimes?")
3. My brothers.
4. My health.
5. My friends, especially the ones that are about 15,000 miles away.
6. The fact that my mom has been able to pay for most of my college expenses and has given me the opportunity to succeed in life.
7. The simple things in life that you don't even notice on a day-to-day basis, such as clothing, a place to call "home," and food.
8. My cat. RIP Blackjack.
9. That God has give me the following qualities (not to brag): motivation, perseverence, trust, hard-working, and responsibility/accountability.
10. That I had the opportunity to work at an international accounting firm this past summer and received a full-time job offer a year ahead of my start date. :)
11. That I will be able to provide for my mother in future years when she has made the most sacrifices for me all my life. If it weren't for my mom, I wouldn't have been able to:
A. Attend a private, Catholic, all-boys high school which prepared me extremely well for uni.
B. Attend The Pennsylvania State University, one of the top-50 uni's in the U.S.
C. Visit France during spring break 2nd year which opened my eyes to culture and exposed my love for traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures..
D. Study abroad across the globe and experience something I will never experience in my life again and make some of the best friends I could ever ask for.
E. Grow into a man. You may laugh at that but it's true.
F. Finally, she somehow instilled the traits of respect, motivation, hard-work, perseverence, trust, among others in me.

It's almost 2AM, and I'm sure I will wake up tomorrow morning remembering many things I have forgotten to mention which I am grateful for. But, for now, it's time to catch some Z's.


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