Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's time that I have made a post. I have been home since 2 AM Thursday night/Friday morning, and I've procrastinated since then in terms of blogging. I finally figured out what was wrong with my blog. Apparently, mypicgallery decided they could no longer be free and must charge a fee for their service. *cough...bullsh*t* Anyways, I set up an account with PhotoBucket and of course my problems weren't solved. Since I'm home now for Thanksgiving break, I don't have my computer...been using my mom's. So, I don't have any pics on this one obviously. So I tried downloading pics off of my webshot's site, and to make a long story short, I didn't work. ARGH! So, you're just gonna have to wait until I get back to uni on Sunday at which point, I will fix my blog and make it pretty

On a brighter note, I scored an 87 on my intermediate financial acctg II exam last Wednesday. The average was a 72.6 and out of the 89 people that took the exam, only 8 scored higher than me. So, I consider that good. Since I skipped class on Monday (since I'm home and not at uni), I called my friend to see what happened in lecture. The prof added 2 points to our scores, so I really got an 89. YIPPEE. I am waiting for my tax and international business results, but I won't find out until I get back. Both exams were OK. I'm going to die if I failed either one of them. However, if I did decent on both of them, I actually have a shot at attaining another 4.0 GPA this semester since I already have 4 A's in my other classes. Sorry for all the bragging.

It's been sorta nice being home. Although I haven't really been on break per se because I have been catching up on work and even working ahead in some of my subjects because when I get back, it's going to be HELL. My idea of break is winter break when you're in between semesters and new subjects meaning there's absolutely no possible work to do. But, anyways, back to the nice things of being at home. On Sunday, I woke up at 2...yes, I am damn lazy. My wonderful and loving (no sarcasm here...she really is) mother made pancakes and bacon for me. The pancakes were DELICIOUS. They were thick and fluffy...mmmmm. I have also been watching heaps of TV which I rarely have time to do at uni.

Last night, well technically two nights ago cause it's Wednesday 130 am now, I went to two bars with my friend Jill and her friends. It was my first time at the bars in Erie since I have only been home for an entire 3 weeks out of the past 10 months. It's kinda weird cause I sorta have a crush on her for some reason. I have no idea why.

I crush on girls too easily. Rach, I can only imagine what you're thinking right now. lol. To make the story even better, there's this really really hot girl in my international business class, and luckily I know her and talk to her basically every Tuesday and Thursday we have lecture. And yes, I also have a crush on her. She will be working for KPMG in NYC after graduation. (I met her at training in Cali.) She's smart, likes to travel (she went to Spain for study abroad), and beautiful. That's all I want in a girl and the last one isn't even that important. Every guy basically runs the same test, or at least guys in the US. How many drinks would it take to make out with her? Well, I'm obviously looking for zero which is definitely possible because there are plenty of attractive girls at Penn State. Anyways, back to this girl. So, I don't know what I should do. Ask her out or do nothing. I'm hoping my friend Phil will have a Christmas party so that I can ask her to be my date. She's in a sorority which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But, the girls in that sorority are frickin' HOT. Although thinking about it, there are a lot of sororities at Penn State that have a lot of hot girls.....chi o, kappa, pi phi, tri delts, kd's, asa, etc etc. Why do you think Playboy came to Penn State?

Before I left Melbourne, Fang made the prediction that I would be dating an Asian girl by the time winter break came. His prediction has yet to come true.

But, this my Asian. So yes, laugh your head off while I ponder what my next move should be.


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