Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I've been home now for 4 days. I have been very lazy. I haven't even been able to motivate myself to blog. I started working yesterday, and I work 34 hours this week. I work at a supermarket called Wegmans. I work inside as a cashier and outside pushing the carts back inside. Yes, a highly quality job (*sarcasm*) paying little. But, this job has given me the motivation to work hard in uni and get the grades I needed to get the job I wanted. I look at some of the people that work there, especially those that graduated high school and never went to uni or those that graduated from uni and never got a job related to their degree, and I don't see much future for them...not to be a d*ck or anything. I don't really see much of a future for my brother either who works as a bricklayer for a construction company. My mom was the first one to say it. He will most likely be performing hard physical labor for the rest of his life just getting by.

Anyways, today at work was enjoyable. I made $18 in tips loading customer's groceries into their cars. We're not supposed to accept tips, but I do because we're paid sh*t and the other employees do the same. The highlight though was watching the cops take a woman (in handcuffs) out of the store and into their car...hahahaha. She supposedly shoplifted. She appeared to be in her 20's, and for some reason her friend (and accomplice) was let go. People are sooo stupid. There are sooo many cameras in the store that it is probably one of the worst places to shoplift. Security can watch you enter the store, follow you around the store, and watch you leave the store. Who knows what this girl was thinking. My mom said maybe she was desperate like a bum or poor or something, but I don't think so. She was dressed pretty well. Just stupid.

I finally know what my semester GPA is. Here is a breakdown of my marks on my final exams (not to brag obviously):
Tax: don't know b/c we don't get our grade over email
Marketing: 94
Intermediate Financial Acctg II: 90
Commercial Transactions/UCC (Bus Law): 87
Supply Chain: 82.....not happy one bit about this grade. Anything below an 85 I consider to be a disappointment.
International Business: same reason as tax

So what did I get in my subjects then as final marks for the semester?:
Tax: B+
Marketing: A
Intermediate Financial Acctg II: A
Commercial Transactions/UCC: A
Supply Chain: B+
International Business: A

For the semester, I attained a 3.79 GPA which means I made Dean's List (need a 3.5 to get on)
My cumulative GPA is 3.72.

So now that you all think I am bragging and being arrogant and so on and so on, I'm not. Just don't know what else to blog abt.

Tomorrow I work 7:30 am to 4 pm. Yikes. But, I need the money for that trip....ya know THE trip!


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