Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So what have I been up to the last couple of days?

This afternoon I went shopping with my mom. I tried looking for a navy blazer but was unsuccessful. Looking for a lightweight navy blazer isn't exactly the easiest/smartest during the winter season. Anywaaayyyys, I went to one of my favourite stores.....EXPRESS. I bought a pair of jeans which I love. I also put on hold a pair of black dress pants, but I don't think I'm going to buy them. I bought a pair of Arnette sunglasses at Sunglass Hut. I either misplaced my Oakley's, or they were stolen when we had people over at our apartment. Finally, I bought a pair of Adidas kicks, but I think I'm going to return them. They could only hold them until close, so I just charged them on my CC since it was the last pair of 10's. I have been shopping online for some casual kicks, and the Adidas were not on the top of my list. I think I want to buy some Puma's.....something I haven't had before.

From yesterday mid-afternoon to late morning today, my brothers, mom, and I were at a condo at a ski resort. One of my mom's friends owns the condo which they rent out. We walked around the resort, had a drink at one of the bars, and had dinner at a restaurant called French Creek Tavern. We thought about snow tubing but decided not to. After dinner, we came back to the condo....started a (cozy) fire, watched Hide and Seek, and did some family bonding. We then left at 11 am this morning, the time we had to be outta there.

Two nights ago, I went out with my friend Jill to the bars downtown. We started out at a bar called Plymouth which had quarter draft beers. I had three beers and two kamikaze shots. Then we went to Papa George's and had another beer there. Then it was off to another bar called Docksider where I ran into one of my brother's friends at the bar and said my bro was upstairs....went up to see him then came back downstairs. My friend Jill wanted to meet my brother so we went back up and then back down again cause my bro offered to buy a round of shots. I had one beer after that. Buy the time I left Docksider, I was drunk and hungry. Jill and I went to McDonald's because both of us, or least I, get the munchies when drunk. But then, who doesn't? Finally...took Jill home. Driving drunk isn't the smartest thing at all, but I seriously think I am safer driver when drunk. Both of us were drunk and both of us had to get home, so one of us had to drive. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm a retard now and a lunatic.

All in all, winter break has been pretty fun minus working at Wegmans.

P.S. Since my mom is on ancient dial-up internet (ARGGGGGHHHH!!!!!), I will post pics when I get back to uni on 8 Jan.


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