Sunday, January 29, 2006

The following post will be somewhat gross, so you may not want to read it. But, of course indulge if you'd like.

Last night around 3:30, I woke up to a noise. I couldn't determine what this noise was at first since I was awoken very suddenly. As I listened for about 30 seconds which gave me time to comprehend what the hell was going on, I realized it was my roomie puking. Next question to hit me: is it in the bedroom or the bathroom? As I began to wake up more, I realised he was in the bedroom at the foot of the double bunk (I'm on top.) About one minute had passed from the point I woke up to realising he was puking in our bedroom. I was like WTF!!!! I couldn't fall asleep for awhile but eventually I heard him pass out. I rolled over to the foot of my bed and shined my iPod over him (iPods are good flashlights ;) to see the disaster. He was laying on some of my clothes. WTF again!!! I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to deal with it all in the morning.

So I woke up this morning, put some drops in my eyes so I could see better, and then looked at the damage. There was puke on my Rip Curl shirt, of all f*cking shirts, he had to puke on that one. I just shook my head in disbelief and was sooo pissed at that moment. My roomie saw me check out the deadly scene and I looked at him in scorn. I took my shower. While I was in the shower, I could hear him cleaning. When I got out of the shower, he apologised for what happened even though I didn't wanna hear that sh*t...."Oh, I'm sorry for what happened last night. I don't even know how I got there." He said some bullsh*t like that. He also put my shirt in the wash to hopefully get it cleaned. However, I left before I could see if it was still stained or not. I am assuming it will be, and you better believe I am going to make him pay me for the cost of the shirt. Even if the shirt gets cleaned, I don't know whether or not I will ever want to wear it again. Instead of being one of my things from Australia, it will be one of things from Australia AND the night when my roomie puked on it. WTF man!

In short, I hate when people pull sh*t like my roommie did. Did I mention he was only three feet from the bathroom metre man! How the f*ck could you not make it a few more feet. Seriously, I have been drunk off my ass so many times, in a mental state of mind where I had no f*cking clue where I was or how I got there. For example, I visited the University of Pittsburgh my 1st year over spring break. One of my friends belonged to a frat and we started drinking at 6 pm and didn't stop until 1 we drank for 7 hours straight. We somehow stumbled back to his place and I woke up in the morning passed out in the bathroom. Basically, everytime I have been trashed beyond comprehension, I have always made it to the bathroom to spew. Maybe God helps me out or something. I don't know. I am about to implement a three strike limit before I flip out on my roomie. This would have the second strike. Just waiting before I can't hold in my frustration anymore....


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wednesday I went snowtubing thanks to KPMG. KPMG had a snowtubing social at Tussey Mountain, a "ski resort" about 15 minutes. It was my first time snowtubing on a "mountain" and it was heaps of fun. I keep putting things in quotations cause Tussey Mountain isn't really a mountain, more like a big hill and it's not really a ski resort, I don't they even have condos to rent out.....but then again, who the hell would come to central Pennsylvania to go skiing? one. Anyways, we had the entire snowtubing area to ourselves. The employees were being asses and wouldn't allow us to tie the tubes together so we would go down the hill faster. But it was still fun. Too bad no pics.

Last night I played some poker and of course I didn't even come close to winning. At least I wasn't the first one out in either round. After that, I went to a bar to meet up with some friends. It was OK....just chatted. Then the girls insisted that we go to a nightclub, Player's Nite Club. Once I got there, I realized the b*tch bartender at the previous bar never gave me the right amount of change. She shorted me $10....I was soooo pissed. So, as a return favour, I will never ever tip Bar Bleu ever again since that f*cker stole my money. How do I know this? Well, I ordered a $5 drink...gave her a $ the change w/out counting it....threw down $1 for a tip. When I got to the nightclub, I only had the ones, no ten dollar bill. WTF!!!!! Anyways, it's not a biggie but still man, wouldn't you be slightly pissed if they ripped you off. Plus, the bartender was a huge b*tch anyways. I asked if they had $5 pitchers of Miller Lite. She said no. I asked if they had any specials. She said $5 circo drinks or sth like that. What the f*ck is a circo drink? She had a huge attitude problem and maybe she forgot that they had $5 pitchers of Miller Lite every Friday night last semester. I hate rude people.

Today, I had to wake up at 9 am to attend this fencing competition as part of my attendence and then I had to write a one page paper about WTF again. It's a damn gym class, can you explain to me why we have to write again? I don't care if it's one page or ten's writing.

OK, enough b*tching from me. This upcoming week is probably going to suck tho. Wednesday I have my advanced financial accounting exam. Last semester, the exam average on the first exam was a 50. But, even if it goes badly, I will go to Club Love on Thursday for $10 all-you-can-drink entry, get extremely drunk to drink my problems temporarily away, and I'll celebrate turning the big 2-2 and my friends bday too. Time to hit the sack...


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some pictures from the past...

Old Main Building - just an administrative building where our uni president and other important uni people work but it's one of the first buildings on our campus so it has a lot of symbolic importance.

From the middle of Pattee Mall looking up to Pattee Library, which is connected to Paterno Library, our newer library built about 10 years ago.

From Pattee Library looking all the way down Pattee Mall.

My fat cat, Lexus, who squinted due to the flash. Like my blanket and pillow design? hahaha.

The condo at the ski resort that we stayed at for one night. I was the fire bug in charge of making sure the fire stayed strong. The fire was not as strong as it looks....for some reason the camera made it look really big.

No more pictures....I just realized the pictures were pretty boring looking but I guess better than nothing.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

As I logged into blogger, I realised that this is my 100th post. Happy 100th post to my blog! I've decided to put aside the massive procrastination and finally make a post after abt four weeks. I think I'm just going to write abt my latest happenings. I just remembered I promised to post pics so I need to get on top of that....maybe later tonight if the procrastination doesn't hit too strong. Anyways, here we go.

I started my last semester of uni last Monday. I'm so glad it's my last semester. I am ready for a change in my life right now. The whole going to lecs, doing hw 24/7, studying, going to meetings, and even going to bars on the weekend-nightlife scene has gotten really old QUICK. I can't even enjoy myself anymore on the weekends. Most of it has to do with the fact that I live in a town of 40,000 people excluding the 40,000 students here which doubles the population during the school year....which means that there is nothing to do here. It's not like Philly, NYC, Boston, DC, Atlanta aka ATL, or Miami where you can always find something to do. If I had my choice, I would have graduated last semester, taken this semester off, and started working in August as is currently planned.

One of the more exciting things in my life is my fencing class. The only thing I hate abt it is the 8 am start. I absolutely hate 8 am's....and don't say who doesn't cause there are ppl that do like 8 am's. Anyways about fencing. So far we have just been conditioning which kicked my ass today. I actually had to stop towards the end of the class because I've had the flu since last Thursday and I started feeling dizzy. Luckily, the coach seems pretty understanding abt things. But, I'm actually looking forward to the whole conditioning thing more than actually learning about foil fencing. Why? Becuase I don't exercise which means I'm totally out of shape so hopefully fencing will get my back into shape.

I'm thinking of working to support my drinking habits and to save a bit of money for my trip. I need to submit the application tomorrow for working at the cafe/bistro in the business building. I'm hoping that if I get the job, they will schedule me right before or after my classes so that I can either go straight from lecs to work or visa-versa....ALL in the SAME BUILDING! Talk abt convenience. But how often do things actually work out as you intend. So, I don't really count on getting the schedule I want...if I even get the job.

Today in my international business lecture, I almost got into an argument with a fellow student. The professor had us fill out a survey he felt all managers in multinational enterprises (MNE's) or in business in general should be able to answer. Some of the questions were subjective, such as the one I wanted to fight this kid over. The question was "Do US policymakers pay too much/too little/just the right amount of time on global issues?" One girl raised her hand by saying that we do too much. She cited the case of Iraq where our government failed to think through the whole thing and how our government didn't really have a plan for after the initial invasion. Our government rushed into the situation without taking the time to develop fully a plan for invasion and peaceful reconstruction which has been a legitimate criticism of the Bush Administration. I should mention before I move on that our class had discussed briefly the whole issue over Iran. So this stupid f*ck dude raised his hand and said he disagreed with her opinion. He said these "crazy" leaders referring to Hussein and the Iranian president need to be removed from power. And yes, he said crazy. I quickly raised my hand in complete disagreement and frustration. I felt the girl made a better analysis of the Iraqi and current Iranian situations where we run to such quick judgments/decisions. I also said you can't call the leaders of these countries "crazy" when they're some of the smartest people and think through things very strategically. Many, in the US, call Kim Jong Il a crazy and dangerous person when in fact he's just the opposite. Very few people, in the US, understand that maybe if the US didn't f*ck up the 1994 Agreed Framework whereby North Korea promised to dismantle its "WMD" program and in return the US government would provide the North Korean government with light water reactors for eletric generation or sth like that, that maybe the North Koreans would even be threatening to develop WMD's currently. I also don't understand why my government can't give the North Korean government the security guarantee they want - that the US government will not invade North Korea. Some political issues are so damn frustrating concerning my government.

Basically, in short, this is what I'm trying to say. I call the guy's comments the "American ignorance/bias." I continually see people failing to look at issues from one side....usually from the American perspective, always failing to look at issues from an international perspective. Why can't people pose the question, "OK, As an American, I would react this way. But how would these actions appear to the French, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, etc. etc." Granted I was probably guilty of what I call the "American ignorance/bias" before, but after being in Australia for four months, I finally learned to look at things more from an international perspective. And, I expected this of my fellow students, most of whom have studied abroad like me.

Ok, time to do a lil research on why I think globalization is irreversible.







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