Monday, April 24, 2006

One week from today, I will be done with uni FOREVER!!!!...or at least I think forever. If you're in my last semester of uni, which few of you are, you probably know how I feel.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Only 51 days until I leave for Japan!!!!!!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last night was the KPMG Success Dinner for all fulltime and intern hires at Zola's New World Bistro, the nicest restaurant here in State College/University Park. Since there were about 100 of us, they had to close the restaurant to the public! Seriously, you know you're working for someone kinda important when they can close a restaurant to the public for the ENTIRE night man! Some of us guessed it probably cost $10,000 which was confirmed by a KPMG recruiter. Yes, $10,000 divided by 100 people is $100/head.

Although, I was kind of disappointed. Instead of getting the menu like any other night, they made special menus where we could choose from 1 of 3 appetizers, entrees, and desserts. OK, maybe I'm spoiled and being rude, but I really wanted the Asian Calamari Salad again for my appetizer NOT the crab cakes (...hahaha). I also wanted filet mignon which wasn't one of the choices for entree. damn!

After dinner, they took us (for those over 21) to a bar and paid for our drinks! At dinner and Mad Mex, I spoke with Stephanie, a hot blond who will interning in Philly. I basically learned from her that she LOVES to party. Last school year, she claims that she partied 6 out of 7 nights, but this year she's "taking it easy." I could tell the 2nd year student sitting across from me was rather appalled by her drinking behaviour, but I also think he's a goodie-goodie that likes to study. At one point he said, "When I was in my room at 11:15 on Friday night, I could her all the girls heals clicking on the stairs." Seriously dude, get the f*ck out of your room. It's Friday night man! It's kind of funny because it seems like KPMG always hires students that are either HUGE party animals or those that don't drink at all and just like to chill at home and watch a movie or something but nothing in between. Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in because I'm one of the very few people "in between." Some nights I like to go out and party hard and other nights I just feel like staying in and watching a movie, but I'm not at the extremes.

Anyways, enough details. I rate the evening an 8 out 10 based on the food, drinks, and conversation.

BTW, prior to dinner, they had a reception aka drinking time. I tried buying a mojito, but they weren't serving liquor....BAH!!!

It was also funny seeing the former Philly recruiter after dinner ABSOLUTELY trashed which happens to be a recurring theme at Penn State/KPMG recruiting events. She fits into the "party animal" category.

Tonight, I have my organizational banquet...yippee (*slight sarcasm*). I will hopefully have details tomorrow, assuming I don't have a nasty hangover.


Monday, April 17, 2006

OK, one of my friends from back home messaged me on MSN yesterday. I was busy with homework and recovering from my hangover. I told her I would not be able to talk this week until Thursday night when I will have turned in my three assignments, an essay, and my organizational banquet was over.

You would think she would understand that. But, fu**king NOOOOOO!!! Seriously, is it that hard to understand? 3 assignments, an essay, and crap to do for our banquet = no free time for Mark. I told her I couldn't talk. So now, she decideds to message me on Skype. Like WTF? Are you that f**cking stupid. ARGH!!! I hate when people did stupid shi*t like that. If have some free time or feel like procrastinating, I will message you. Then I asked her, "see my msn name?" which reads "revising an essay" and status set to Busy. OK, enough b*itching, Mark...get back to work.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

I haven't blogged in 3 weeks approx. What else is new? Originally, I thought it was laziness and procrastination, but I've become to realize that I've lost my desire for blogging, somewhat. I find myself reading and not writing. There are those blog thats I check eagerly everyday because I know there is at least a 75% chance that a new post is up. There are those blogs that I check everday even though I know that individual(s) doesn't update. And finally, there are those blogs that I check every few days or every week and skim it. But, I have a feeling my blogging activity will increase once I begin my trip, and then once again I will want to share all of my experiences and pictures.

I only have two weeks of uni left! Next week is going to suck. I have assignments due on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I almost have my essay done for Tuesday, but it's complete sh*t. At this point, I don't care but deep inside I do care because of my damn self-pride that always has to get in the way of not caring. Wednesday, KPMG will be having their success dinner for all full-time hires and interns at the nicest restaurant in State College (basically Penn State). I already know that I will be getting the Asian Calamari salad. For the enree, I am still undecided. Probably filet mignon. So I will be racking up a tab of at least $50 and that's just me. They will probably go out drinking afterwards but since I have damn 8 AM's and since I don't want to puke in my fencing mask Thursday morning, I probably won't drink. :(

I've managed to bruise a tendon in my knee or somewhere around the knee, according to the doc. I've been hobbling around campus with a wrap around my leg looking like a gimp. He told me to take 1800 mg of Advil (like panadol) every day which is A LOT. So I've been taking like half that because I don't want to kill myself from overdosing. This is my first sports-related injury ever so it's kinda weird. I managed to get it from intramural soccer when my knee collided with another dude. Probably doesn't sound bad but when you can't walk up and down stairs, there's a problem. I only have an exuse from fencing and work until next Thursday which I know is not enough time. Apparently, one of my friends had the same injury earlier this semester. How I didn't know this is another question since I see my friends at least once a month. Anyways, he said it took him about a month before he felt comfortable running on it...GRRREEEAATTT! So that means when I return to fencing on Thursday, I will probably just re-aggrevate it and push back the healing again.

Ok, I'm falling alseep now in the library and must go back to my essay. I only need 150 more words of bullsh*t...wish me luck.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last night, I went to a bar to meet my friend Jill who I haven't seen in awhile. I was getting kinda bored but then her roomie, Dawn, asked me if I wanted to dance. I said "sure" seeing that I had a little buzz going and it would be better than sitting mute - saying nothing to anyone. It was a lot of fun because I haven't danced in sooo damn long.

Later I danced with Jill and some of her girlfriends (or is it girl friends?). Jill told me that out of all the guys she knows, including her boyfriend (Jim), that I was the best dancer out of them all. I obviously took that as a nice compliment and thanked her. She told me how Jim can't dance at all...haha.

While we were dancing, it appeared as though a guy, while in line for the bathroom, took a picture of Jill's ass with his camera phone. She was wearing short shorts, but that's no reason to be taking a picture of a girl's ass. Although, I have no 100% proof he did what I have said, it was damn suspicious. Open phone, pointed in such a way as to take a pic of her ass, and so forth. I told Jill what I thought the guy did and by her facial expression, I realized I probably shouldn't have told her what happened. We only danced for about a minute more.

It wasn't until this morning, while in the shower, that I realized how I totally messed up, and I became irrate with myself and the dude. I should have gone to the bouncer and asked the bouncer to remove the guy from the bar because of his really f*cked up actions. Seriously, how f*cking perverted can you be? He's probably one of those guys who can never get any, goes home by himself and masterbates over the pic, and remains the desperate person he was before. (sorry to be so blunt here). If the bouncer hadn't removed him, I decided that I would have asked the guy for his phone, proceed to smash it on the floor, and finally punch him in the mouth. I really wish I could go back 20 hours to correct my mistake. Even thinking about it now is causing my heart to beat faster and probably increasing my blood pressure.

So, in short, I will never make that mistake again. I really don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought Jill would have been flattered if a guy was taking a pic of her ass. From now, I am going to be more conscious about defending my friends and even my friend's friends.







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